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Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 12th 2012

Just landed in Amsterdam about an hour ago! So far: it's cold, but the architecture is very interesting. People are so far very nice, their accents are fun to listen to. Everybody seems to speak English, and even a lot of the signs are mainly in English with Dutch sub titles. I already missed my connecting tram to Nijmegen, but (luckily) there's another in about 10 minutes. Also, apparently this transit system works mostly off of cash (and the honor system, as there's nobody checking for tickets at anytime). Everything costs pretty much the same if you think of it in USD, except I realized if I'm paying 4Euro for something that's really about... 6USD? Already broke my camera too, but will buy another and start posting the pictures I already got. I miss everybody! Tim ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 8th 2012

So last Friday, I decided that I would try to find the Ikea. The bedding they're selling here was 52 Euros, and I figured I could find cheaper at Ikea, and then having my own sheets would make me feel a little more at home. I used Google maps to figure out how to take the bus down to Ikea, and it couldn't have been easier - get on bus 71 at the University, take it all the way to Stadscentrum, and Ikea is a little walk from there, but should be visible. I should mention that last Friday was a snowpocalypse in Utrecht. I would estimate that maybe 5cm of snow fell over the course of the entire day. In Canada, this is a normal amount of snow, and in February, we'd probably be thrilled ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 5th 2012

So February 1 finally rolled around, and I was finally able to get the keys to my apartment! It was a super hectic day, but it all got worked out in the end, thank goodness, meaning I have my own super beautiful place! The morning of the first, I had to move out of the hostel and take my luggage with me to school, because I couldn't get my keys until 2pm. So I'm rushed, panicking (just a little...) and trying to corral all my things and get out and get to class for 9am. So this is fine, except when I lug all my worldly possessions on this side of the world to the bus stop, we have a problem. In Utrecht, 1/3 citizens is a student. That's right. In this enormous city of 300,000 ... read more
time machine

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht January 30th 2012

It has to be said - I am not a hostel person. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not sleep anywhere except my own bed, and a very select few other places, including my parents' house, my boyfriend's parents' house and that's really about it. It's actually one of the big reasons that I don't like drinking. I hate not being able to get home and being forced to sleep somewhere weird. And by weird, I just mean anywhere that is not the three places listed above. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for travelling. And if I was backpacking around Europe, then hostels would be amazing. I would know that I should expect this, and as such I would be mentally prepared. However, in Utrecht, I am paying very good money for my ... read more
narrow stairs!
common room
spiral stairs

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht January 27th 2012

So I left Calgary at 3.35pm Mountain Standard Time. My parents dropped me off - both of them, since they couldn't decided between them who would drop me off (cute, right?). My mom cried at the security check and watched me until she couldn't see me anymore... she's so sweet. :) We arrived in Amsterdam at 8am their time (midnight Calgary time). We all filed off the plane and headed to customs/passport control/baggage check. Can I tell you how efficient Amsterdam Schipol is?! The part that took the longest was waiting for my suitcase. Everything else was a breeze! After I grabbed my bags, I headed to the far end of the airport where the train station is located. Okay, that's a lie. It wasn't really that far. It was pretty much right outside the arrival ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht January 24th 2012

there is lots more to discover...... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht December 31st 2011

After sleeping in this morning, we went out to do a little grocery shopping to get ready for New Year's Eve. Sander and Mike bought Oliebollen (basically very big Timbits) and Appelflappen (basically apple turnovers) from a few local markets. Those are both traditional New Years Eve foods in the Netherlands - they are also both deep fried and artery blocking (but, hey, who are we to break with tradition?!?). Annelie and Elysia went for a short bike ride to the Vuurwerk (pronounced Vvvuur-verk) shop to buy Vuurwerks. What are vuurwerks, you ask? Fireworks of course! On the way to the firework shop, Annelie ran into a bit of trouble with a fellow country-woman... Suffice to say that she sorted it out with a few sharp comments! Later in the day, we walked through downtown Utrecht, ... read more
Fresh Appelflappen
The Fireworks Begin
More Fireworks

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht December 30th 2011

Today we boarded our British Airways flight in Toronto to start our latest adventure! Our plane left about an hour late because it was snowing quite hard in Toronto, and the plane needed to be de-iced. We were worried that we would miss our connection in London, but luckily, we made up most of the time in the air. Unluckily, once we arrived in London, the plane had to circle the airport a few times waiting for a chance to land... so we did miss our connection. They booked us on the next flight though, so we were only an hour late getting into Amsterdam. And, British Airways gave us £20 to spend at Starbucks, for our inconvenience, so we loaded up before we got on our next flight. Sander and Annelie met us in the ... read more
Who's that beautiful chap in front?
Some WWII Bunkers

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 29th 2011

I did not realise just how long it's been since I posted- a whole week! Sorry, guys... we've done a lot of driving and stuff. Saturday, July 23. We headed north to Scotland. We took a coastal route along the Scottish waters, and stopped at Sweetheart Abbey, an old church from 1273. We got a look at tidal plains- a few km2 of sea bottom in one spot. We also stopped to see a lighthouse and walked on the rocky, shellful beach. We stopped at a restaurant for- scones! They were FANTASTIC! We were given buckets of jam and cream to drench them with, which mom happily did. Sunday, July 24. We took our time and headed to the lovely rocks on the beach- it's very sunny for once. We drove for 8 HOURS all the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht March 12th 2011

Wednesday 9 March to Friday 11 March 2011 John started work in earnest on Wednesday, with a meeting in Brussels which went well. Ali recuperated from the hectic schedule by staying in the big round bed all day - reading and eating John's share of the Pim's biscuits! Once John finished work, we spent the evening wandering around Brussels a bit more, including the flash Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (in the Wallonian) or Koninklijke Sint-Hubertusgalerijen (to give it the Flemish name). It gets really confusing sometimes when there are two names for everything! We finished the day with dinner at La Fin de Siècle - a very cool cafe style restaurant that is obviously popular with locals and visitors (thanks again Lonely Planet). Off early next morning by train to Utrecht (in the Netherlands) via Rotterdam. We ... read more
The [i]Domtoren[/i]
The [i]Domkerk[/i]

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