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Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht May 2nd 2008

On our second (and last) full day in Paris we went to the Louvre in the morning. We got the about an hour before it opened and were within the first 100 people in line, so that was great. It was raining when we were waiting outside, so that sucked, but it was totally worth it! Once we got in, we decided to head straight for the Mona Lisa to see it before the rest of the crowd. It was an adventure. Emily and I were pretty much running through the Louvre trying to follow our map that will lead us to the Mona Lisa. We got there and we got the be right up next to it. It was not that impressive... It is really small and it especially looks that way when it's on ... read more
the winged victory
inside before it got busy
the Mona Lisa

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht April 13th 2008

After arriving at the Frankfurt Hahn airport, dropping off the car, checking in, going through security, having a coffee then going to the gate we discover that our Ryan Air flight is over 6 hours delayed. This meant the connecting flight in London Stansted to Amsterdam would be missed. Hot on the laptops to find alternatives and getting our bags returned, we managed to get into Frankfurt central train station and catch an express train directly to Utrecht. How lucky was that! At the station was Giovanna waiting for us! We had a lovely walk back in the warm, sunny weather to Bastiaan's place, her boyfriend. It was really cool of him to let us crash there. She met Bastiaan in Saba when she was a dive instructor... a special island it certainly is. We were ... read more
Bastiaan's after dinner
Girly talking..
Bastiaan, Giovanna, Vivi and I in the Hague

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht April 6th 2008

Na maanden gereisd te hebben, is het nu tijd voor een inburgeringscursus in Holland. Heeft iemand een goed adres? Uiteraard wederom met foto's in de gallery!... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht January 12th 2008

We spent friday night and saturday morning at this picturesque fishing village with some awesome families. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht November 13th 2007

There were many reasons for us moving to live here in London - travelling, international work experience, building our indepenence, providing accommodation for travelling friends... but another important reason was for us to be able to build relationships with our families who are in Europe. And this has been the pinnacle of our time recently. On Saturday 6th October we rose at a dreadful 2am to be on the night bus at 3am to get to Stansted airport at 5am for our 7am flight to Eindhoven in Holland to arrive at 9am local time and to be greated by Kate's second cousin Ingrid. Wow what a start to a very emotional weekend. The reason for our trip was to attend an annual family reunion. As some of you who read our blog know, Kate's mum's family ... read more
The Dom tower, Utrecht
the house where the Napoleon's Baron lived
Utrecht canals

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht November 6th 2007

Welkom op mijn Travel Blog! Groetjes, Lisette... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht September 11th 2007

Today we visited my great auntie Joop at her home just outside Utrecht. We had a good chat and Rochelle played hostess making us coffee, soup and lunch then more coffee. Joop told us some of our family history and told us how to find the house where she and my Opa (grandfather) grew up. After lunch we left Joop and set off to find the house. We found the road without too much trouble and think we found the right house. We took a few snaps of the house and the surrounding area then had a look around the nearby village whicg was nice, though everything was closed by this time. There was a neat old windmill on the road too which was a treat since they seem to be a bit thin on the ... read more
Another shot of the farmhouse
Opposite view of the farm house

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 19th 2007

(Check de filmpjes bij deze entry) 6 juli is verjaardag van de Dalai Lama, de geestelijk leider van de boedhisten. Na zijn gevaarlijke tocht door de bergen naar India volgden velen Tibetanen hem naar Dharamsala. We besluiten via Amritsar naar Dharamsala te gaan om in Amritsar de Gouden Tempel te bezoeken wat de heiligste plaats is voor de Sikhs. Uiteindelijk belanden we in McLeod Ganj, een klein dorpje iets hoger in de bergen bij Dharamsala waar de meeste gevluchte Tibetanen wonen. Zonder dat we het van te voren wisten blijkt de Dalai Lama vanwege zijn verjaardag aanwezig te zijn en maken we de "longlife puja" mee die door een andere Lama aan de Dalai Lama wordt gegeven. De lach en humor van de Dalai Lama zijn aanstekelijk en maken je stil. Er zijn zoveel monniken bij ... read more
Amritsar  2
Amritsar 3
Dharamsala 1

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht June 2nd 2007

MOTOTOUR 2007 Day 2-3: Køge (Denmark) to Utrecht (Netherlands) Distance: 710 km (of 8,667 km total) Marion woke up in Køge at 7 am. Zak was up earlier because of birds singing in the trees. The sky was grey and it was drizzling lightly. We packed up and were ready to go by 9 am. We weren't too impressed with ourselves that it took 2 hours to get going. We went looking for breakfast in the center of Køge, and discovered a charming little town with typical Danish houses. Brecky was coffee and some Danish pastries. We finally got going by 10 am. It was a very long and tiring ride all way to Utrecht, rain and grey skies for most of it. We crossed into Germany by taking the 45-min ferry from Rødby to Puttgarden, ... read more
Cathedral courtyard
Shopping district

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht April 19th 2007

-2. The count down is almost over... two more days and we are back on the road. A new adventure. A long expected one. Down Under - in one month! Possible? We will see... One thing is true: we are looking forward to it... even to the endless, 22h flight to get there! Toedeledoki! ... read more

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