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Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht March 23rd 2007

so where do I begin...lets see I'm never staying in a hostel again. Yeah I sure wasn't feeling it in Utrecht. It was too open for me. No locks on the bed room doors kind of like the sugar bowl (for those of you who know it) but hostel style. I dunno I'm just stick of not sleeping in my own bed now and I'm at the point where I've spent enough money I would just like to go home where well everything is comfortable to anywayz enough about my sad sappy story. Ok I seriously need to stop with the shoes. I came to Holland with 3 pairs and I've leaving with 7 now!!! I just bought a really rad pair. They are slip on shoes with old school japanese tattoos designs on ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 17th 2007

We just had the dive show in Holland and I must say, it was a success. Unfortunately we forgot to bring our camera to the show, but Joost was nice enough to let us use his for a bit. So we did take some pics, and maybe some of you might recognize someone. There were a lot of people and a lot of former customers from Curacao; let's see if they are planning to visit in Costa Rica. We are back in Costa Rica for 2 days now and I have received quit a few emails from Dutch divers whom we met at the show. We had snow and rain and both of us are walking around with a cold. We are ready for a new season here in Costa Rica. The new crew handled the ... read more
Catalina island
Marlous en Marieke
the artist

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 15th 2007

hey everyone! i finally got my ass in gear to start up this blog! should make it easier to let u all know what im up to and show some pictures! holland is great so far! its still gonna take some gettin used to since its of course VERY different than canada. i think im really gonna like it here tho... its so pretty and the people are great! and i already see there is more to this country than the windmills, tulips, cheese, wooden shoes, and soft drug laws! my trip here went quite smoothly and i arrived at schipol airport wide-eyed and beyond tired! I got picked up by martijn, who is dutch and lives in a small villiage here in holland. we drove there in about 20 mins which looked SO far away ... read more
Enjoying some Dutch snacks
Downtown Utrecht
My room!!

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht November 12th 2006

Yesterday morning I woke up around 9am, bundled up and headed to the train station to meet a group of fellow international students to embark on a day trip to Utrecht. A little bit of history/facts thanks to wikipedia and me asking questions: Utrecht... is the 4th largest city in The Netherlands has a major central train station that goes pretty much anywhere in the country has about 280,000 inhabitants is older than Amsterdam. Utrecht was first built by the Romans in 47 A.D.! one of the windiest cities in The Netherlands The facts go on and on since this beautiful city is submerged in history. Pre-Utrecht Of course, it was raining so when I got to the train station, I was soaking wet. I locked my bike at the station and as I walked away ... read more
Fellow Foreigners
Look out kayakers!
MMmm.. indian food

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht November 2nd 2006

Wow so much time has passed since Rome. Classes started and in between that and having the time of my life I have not had much time. Luckily I only had to take 2 classes that met 4 days a week. Other friends that I have take 4 classes that meet all 5 days and are up to their ears in homework. I took an Introduction to Celtic Studies course which took aspects of linguistics and archeology and classical literature rolled up into one stupendously hard final exam. My second class was called Present Day Dutch Society, which was basically entirely made up of foreign exchange students. It dealt with different aspects of the Dutch culture ranging from the typical stereotypes of the Netherlands to the actual drug laws, to political history, to government make up ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht October 25th 2006

We bought our Around the World ticket !! One World: 4 continents (europe - south america - Pacific - Asia) Starting in Brazil, Argentina, Easter Island, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Australia, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht August 24th 2006

I have come to realize that time moves much faster in Europe than back in the states. Whenever I sit down to write, someone barges in and says that a couple people are going to a museum in Rotterdam, or play futbol in the park. Although the Netherlands is a small country, the cities have such a different and unique feel to them. We went to a mordern art museum in Rotterdam last week, and it was nothing like any other museum I had seen. Back in World War II, Rotterdam and its huge shipping port was completly destroyed by the Germans. The buildings in the City Center now are very modern and huge which contrasts every other building I have seen. The past few days I went with some friends to Amsterdam. I thought that ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht August 12th 2006

Hey allemaal de reis is goed verlopen ondanks enkele vertragingen i.v.m. london. mathijs is weer de oude en iedereen voelt zich goed. veel groetjes ivo... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht August 2nd 2006

Wow, Im finally here and have two seconds to sit down and take a breather. Ever since my plane landed I have been going full steam ahead with little consideration to how little sleep I have been getting. The plane ride was pretty ridiculous. The airline over booked my seat, so I immediatly think I am getting upgraded to first class. I dont. Instead, about 30 minutes into the flight, the stewardess brings 3 cribs for babies and distributes them all within 10 feet of me. From there, the flight went down hill in a hurry. The movies wernt worth watching, and if the battery on my ipod died and i had to listen to crying babies, my sanity would have jumped out the plane. Suprisingly, I made it without problem to my hostel in Utretch ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 16th 2006

Hey allemaal, We zijn druk bezig met in pakken van al onze spullen. Dit zijn er niet zoveel omdat we alles moeten dragen. Morgen gaan we met een Boeing 777 naar Nairobi in Kenia. Vanuit daar gaan we onder andere naar de beroemde Ngoro Ngoro Krater. We zullen uit eindelijk uitkomen in Dar Es Salam in Tanzania waar we nog een halve week ongeveer zullen doorbrengen met Thomas en Marian, oude vrienden van Marion. Groetjes van Ivo... read more
Flamingo's in de Ngoro Ngoro krater

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