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Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht May 27th 2006

Actually, truth is - If you ain't Dutch, you're likely to be somewhat unattractive and probably uptight. We've all heard about what goes on this country, let's not dwell. But JOISUS. A spunkier race of people doesn't exist. They rival the guys and gals of Slovenia, that's for sure. Incredibly well dressed, fit, environmentally friendly "people" (I'm not convinced there's no genetic engineering going on, so let's just call them people for now ok?) ride around on their cute little bikes having cute little conversations with their cute little friends. Not a clog or a tulip in sight. May I take this opportunity to quote my good friend (and soon to be published author) James Purchase, as I feel he summed up the Dutch rather well. The Netherlands... "the global bastion of socially progressive thought. Everyone ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 9th 2006

Vluchtgegevens: Heen: 11 feb 2006 CX270 Vertrek 13:15 - Amsterdam (AMS) Nederland Aankomst 07:50 - Hongkong (HKG) Hongkong 13 feb 2006 CX 135 Vertrek 19:20 - Hongkong (HKG) Hongkong Aankomst 07:25 - Melbourne, Australië (MEL) Australië Terug: 11 mrt 2006 CX102 Vertrek 15:35 - Cairns (CNS) Australië Aankomst 20:40 - Hongkong (HKG) Hongkong 12 mrt 2006 CX271 Vertrek 00:15 - Hongkong (HKG) Hongkong Aankomst 06:25 - Amsterdam (AMS) Nederland ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 8th 2006

Het is al woensdag avond en ik moet nog beginnen met pakken, zucht. Ontzettend hectisch geweest de laatste paar dagen. Nieuwe baan en nu ook nog lekker weg, maar die voorbereidingen...... Heb er echt onwijs veel zin in! Rick... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht December 2nd 2005

Het is bijna zover: morgen om 7.30 uur vertrekt mijn vliegtuig en ben ik op weg naar Guatemala. Vandaag dus echt alles afronden en niet te vergeten alles inpakken! Ik heb net het eindgesprek van mijn studie gehad (voor de medici onder jullie: mijn portfoliogesprek) en nu is het echt zover: ik ben afgestudeerd! Mijn volgende berichtje zal vanuit Antigua zijn waar ik morgen om 19.30 uur locale tijd aan zal komen....... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht May 25th 2005

To watch a good soccer game is undoubtedly on of my favorite past time activities. To watch my favorite team win a title gives a satisfaction that may not last for very long, but a memory that is inerasable from the mind. After many many years the time had come when my favorite team - Liverpool Football Club - had a shot at the biggest of European titles, Champion’s League. Unable to watch the game on site, the next best thing with some atmosphere was the local Irish pub. The British team/Irish pub combination appeared to be a good scene for the battle. The opposing team - AC Milan - had a few supporters in the pub defending the Italian colors, but the pub crowd would predominantly wear the beautiful all red Liverpool jerseys. As did ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht August 31st 2004

Taking the night train home from a party in once city when you live in another city can turn out to be a total drag. May or may not give you a chance to sleep, will most certainly provide some drunken cries and laughs to prevent you from just sleeping, and may result in you finally falling asleep and miss your stop. After a nice night out in Rotterdam, the late train to Utrecht does not promise a lot of entertainment on beforehand. Two factors turned out to change this however. One; the two couples of Aussies/Kiwis sitting in the middle of the car, with no intention whatsoever of getting any sleep. Two; the guy in the tuxedo carrying his cello, sitting opposite to the two couples. As if it wasn’t obvious enough, a guy from ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht August 11th 2004

Galgenwaard is the name of the soccer stadium in Utrecht. Pronounced in the local dialect, it sounds like you’re either swallowing or spitting up something non-edible. A rather nice venue, built over half a century ago, but rebuilt to resemble a modern stadium, with a acoustic that is quite impressive. The fans of Utrecht don’t have the greatest of reputations - they are usually put into the trouble-maker category. Not very fond of fans - or players for that matter - from other cities than Utrecht, particularly not Amsterdam. When “Oranje” - the Dutch national team - for once visits Utrecht for an international match, the fans do nothing to hide their dislike for out-of-towners. Lichtenstein is visiting Holland this evening. Lichtenstein as a soccer country has experienced about as much success as Jamaica in ice ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht June 30th 2004

Late June in 2004 I left my home country Sweden and moved to the Netherlands for work. Found a job just outside of Utrecht, decided to live in the city of Utrecht. Found myself an apartment in the city on the Internet, decided to take it unseen. Had never been to Utrecht before, so an interesting adventure. By coincidence, I happened to arrive the same day that Holland was to play Portugal in the semi-final of the European football championships. Being a football fan, I found the apartment (which turned out to actually be an attic), dumped my bags, and headed out to find a place to watch the match. The caravan of people dressed in orange made it easy to find the way to town. Plenty of bars, but also plenty of people. After a ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht June 10th 2004

Holland is a great country in many ways. So great that very many people have decided to live there. Apparently it didn’t occur to all these people and all these people that Holland is quite a small country. Nor did it occur to the people who designed all the public places, public transport facilities, streets, etc. that Holland is a country of many people on a small area. This results in a country of crowds. Try shopping on a Saturday in Utrecht. Crowds everywhere. Try finding a seat on pretty much any train in to Amsterdam in rush hour. Crowds who are prepared to rip your body apart to get on that train before you do. Try making your way up the escalator when you get off the train in rush hour. Crowds, and you could ... read more

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