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After 9.5 hours travel from London, we arrived at Norman Manley airport, Kingston, Jamaica. We were picked up by my colleagues T & C, and got our first lessons in what Jamaica is like. A strange fruit was sold just outside the airport terminal, and that was a "jelly" coconut, a not yet fully matured coconut that you enjoy with a straw, and perhaps a knife, if you have somewhere to put the fruit's meat. Some five minutes away from the airport in T's car, we had our second lesson: we got hit from behind! Luckily, us Swedes had our seat belts on and it wasn't at any high speed, so no-one was hurt (but the car itself). Also, the guy who hit the car stayed at the scene, so we were soon at Rockfort Police ... read more
Coconut palm
Devon House
My bed!

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht August 7th 2009

This summer, the only holiday abroad went to the Netherlands - and I had the vacation part for myself, since my dear partner went there for a conference. For the first time (!) I went to Utrecht. This city is more or less equivalent to Malmö in Sweden when it comes to number of inhabitants, which means it hasn't got 300,000 of those yet. The city has a history from at least Roman times, when it was a part of the Northern frontier, with a fortress where the city centre is today. The city centre is very small and crowded, especially when it's summer and the city is invaded by 1,300 conference participants, but I guess it's the same when the university starts in September, since the universities in this city have some 60,000 students! As ... read more
Female statue
Nijntje Pleintje!

North America » United States » California March 15th 2009

Saturday, March 7 We got our rental car at Pershing square, and decided to leave our friends Loki, M and A to venture north. As usual, it was yours truly who had to drive in the city traffic, but with a map reader, that wasn't a big problem. We actually began by visiting LA Ink again, this time to buy Kat von D's own book, only signed by herself and not by the other TV show artists, but still. Of course neither of them were at the place, either, we assumed that they nowadays only work there on occasion, and never on weekends. Before leaving LA, it was time for some grave spotting. This time to see Bela Lugosi (and, as it turned out, also Rita Hayworth, who is buried at the same place) at the ... read more
Cows: probably mad
Holy Cross 1
Holy Cross 2

I got the reaction "LA? Why on earth are you going to LA?" when I told a friend where I was going this time. The reason was simple: my beloved got a scholarship to go there, and I could meet a couple of friends that I hadn't seen since something like 2001. Since I have been to the US (see ) before, I knew what to expect, but La welcomed me with an enormous line to get OUT (!) of the airport, but on the other hand a very nice immigrations' officer. I was met by my good friend M, and could start by seeing LA from its true side: from the freeways. This is indeed a city of cars, and more or less only in Downtown, and on some shopping streets (parts of Melrose, and ... read more
Cars and cars, cars and cars...

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland County » Lödöse December 14th 2008

Tingberg, Lödöse, Sweden Since there are so many friends asking for pictures, I might as well make a travelblog about our new home. The outdoor pictures are from October 2008 and the indoor ones from December 2008, unless otherwise stated. So what's there to say about Lödöse? A lot, if you could stay for a history lesson, but I'll stick to a few bits and pieces. There's a very good museum showing the history of the city and the region, since this was the metropolis of Western Sweden in the 12th to 14th centuries. There are only some 1,300 inhabitants in the town of today, and only about 8,000 in the whole municipality of Lilla Edet. The municipality's coat of arms is the old Lödöse coat of arms, that can be found in places like the ... read more
From garden 1

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 10th 2008

Forest walks and Conclusions of Canada We did two excursions during out stay, the first one to the ravines of Toronto. In the south of the city, there is an old ravine, that was supposed to be a new rail road, but never became a success. Nowadays, it's totally overgrown and obviously a great place to go with your dog ... but not very good if you do not want to get drooling dogs all over you. I even managed to get allergic outdoors, because almost every *** dog needed to see if we had anything to eat. But the walk was very relaxing apart from that, and it was often hard to realize that you were still in the middle of a city that size. Oh, à propos absolutely nothing but out usual wastes of ... read more
New and Old City hall
Lake Ontario
Lighthouse at the Island

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls November 5th 2008

We had not much planned beforehand, but one thing was certain: we were going to see the Niagara Falls. I've heard about this since I was very small (got a feeling it was from a children's book), so this was an absolute must. There were flyers at the hostel saying that we could go there with a bus for 45 Canadian dollars, but we wanted to check out the train option. We passed some kind of tourist office on the way to Union station, and the lady there tried to sell us a more expensive bus trip than we had seen at the hostel, so we weren't tempted. We like trains. So, the tickets weren't cheap, but we took the train anyway, since I knew I could work in peace on a train, and we wouldn't ... read more
View from River street
The inevitable sign photo
Second view from River street

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 3rd 2008

It all began with another conference. We're lucky to have all these conferences for an excuse to go to new places (and old, for that matter)! This time, it was in Canada, in the city of Toronto, and in November. Freezing, we expected, just like it had been at home before leaving. But luckily we checked the weather forecast before leaving home: 17 degrees Celsius!? For several days?? Yes, it was true. A proper Indian Summer (warmth after frost). Wonderful. We decided to stay at the Clarence castle, a nice place in a quiet park, just around the corner from the bustling King street and a couple of blocks from the shop-filled Queen street. This place was a pearl, with really nice staff and a simple but straightforward service: breakfast (cereals, bread, etc.) was included, but ... read more
Straight on
Toronto in November
Sky scraper

Europe » Faroe Islands » Suðuroy August 17th 2008

Since my last blog, we've visited Suðuroy (Southern isle) to both see the island (which is much less visited by tourists) and visit a metalhead that slept in the same cabin as Klas on the way here. It is always interesting to meet locals, of course, and this time we even got to borrow a car! So we went to see the place where they say that some "Turks" (actually people from one country or the other along the by Christians so-called Barbary Coast) were buried after they had come to get slaves from Suduroy, and then we went to Fámjin, where the first Faroese flag hangs in the church. We also got nice waffles there :-) Yesterday we went to Nólsoy with the small ferry and walked for a while up the hill, although not ... read more
Glyvraberggjógv (Suduroy)
The original flag
Nólsoy harbour

Europe » Faroe Islands » Streymoy August 14th 2008

Yes, we ended up at the Faroe Islands this year! I've been wanting to go here for quite some time, and then the occasion turned up to take the ferry from Bergen in Norway, so here we are. Today we mounted Satan. Actually, we went up the mountain Sátan, close to Leynar on Streymoy, the biggest of the Faroe islands. It's almost 666 meters high, and starting from sea level as we did, we had to climb every darn metre. But we conquered Sátan, while fending off his horned, evil, dark minions. But the day actually began with the bus to Vestmanna, which is actually named after people from the British Isles (people from Scandinavia were called Easterners). There, we bought tickets for a boat trip to the caves and mountains on the west side of ... read more
Our neighbours
Faroese magic

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