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Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 6th 2017

Wonderful time visiting friends Leo and Ellen in the Netherlands. Spent some time at their home, as well as a day in Amsterdam. Took a canal tour and had typical Dutch food at The Pantry restaurant in Amsterdam -- very delicious! We stayed overnight at The College Hotel, run by students in the hotel business, which was very nice.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 30th 2015

.... and then they visited Portugal, the north coast of Spain, before returning for a 5 week tour of UK..... OK. I accept that this is not the most in depth description I have ever provided but have got stuck so far behind, that unless I take this move the blog will never move on. I promise that the above places will get their own blogs in the form of flashbacks or occasional reminiscence. When I can think of a plausible excuse for falling so far behind, I will let you know. Instead get ready for exciting tales from Belgium and Holland !!! G... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 14th 2014

Imagine the scene – a beautiful morning, sun shining, little wind, birds singing and a delightful little enclosed harbour in a Hanseatic fortified town called Woudrichem (not that it matters where it was), we set sail for our first full day of travelling and round the corner and there is a bride and groom and photographers and all – how pretty – and then round the next bend another bride and groom. What a start to the morning. But I get ahead of myself – we travel back to Drimmelen on Wednesday, through the Shuttle and then around Antwerp – not as easy as it sounds because there seem to be road works on all sides. But with the help of the GPS and the old fashioned paper map and courage to go across country the ... read more
Wild Flowers
Very Big Lock
Ferry on Swinging Cable

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem April 19th 2012

Oh goody - I can see from the comments that people are actually reading my blog. So to continue.... the weather is as expected in April- cold, showery, windy at times and occasional sun. But I am well equipped with my M+S thermal long-sleeved T-shirts and 3 more layers and a woolly hat... lost my gloves on the way somewhere - must've fallen out the car door....and of course the shops are full of sundresses and sun hats and mo gloves to be seen anywhere. So its hands in me pockets!!! Today I have been to the Arnhem OPen Air Museum -well I just love these places - there are old codgers driving trams, boiling up tar for the boats , chiselling and scraping wood ....and old ladies with shawls and Dutch caps ( HATS!!!) spinning ... read more
At the boatyard
At the boatyard (1)
At the boatyard (3)

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem March 19th 2012

Have you ever had a day where you just need supervision? I feel as though my whole day can be described in two words, "oops!" and "lost!" I somehow managed to get lost looking for the train station in Nijmegen (according to the map, it's only 3 turns from Sarah's apartment!), but stumbled across it on accident. From there, the day continued going downhill. My new word in Dutch today is "Zuid" which means "south." I accidentally got off the train at the wrong Arnhem stop - I got off at Arnhem Zuid, rather than Arnhem Centraal. Ultimately, after consulting a map and realizing it was a 5 kilometer walk, I decided to wait for the next train to travel the one stop over. From there, the central train station in Arnhem has 2 exits...of course ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem January 23rd 2012

So, I made this while having lots of fun and lots of booze, the owner of the animals did not fully appreciate the video, but -however- no animals were mistreated or harmed in anyway; just poor old me, instead of pubcrawling I crawled through the mud due to heavy raining during a good-old- fashioned-washed-away-summer.... Enjoy watching !... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem January 2nd 2012

After 2 very busy months it is time for a new blog entry. But...... First of al I wish you all the best for 2012!!!!! The past 2 months I've been busy with the last preparations for my trip. Had to get a visa, some vaccines and finish up my regular schoolwork. But I can finally say that I'm ready to go. I somehow managed to get all my stuff in one suitcase. Besides all the necessary preparations I took the time to search the internet for some recreational time-passing. This resulted in me buying season tickets for the Hawks (Just to make the Dutch basketball fellows jealous, January 14th Minnesota is visiting Atlanta!!!!!). I also started planning a by then well-deserved holiday in May. But more information about that later. My new year’s resolution is ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem November 7th 2011

After I got accepted in the atlantis programm I filled in the official application forms for GSU and sended them with my bank statements. These statements were hard to get. The people at the bank didn't knew what they were called (solvability statements) and by the time we figured it out it was almost to late to get them. When these statement finaly arrived it seemed they didn't fill the requirements from GSU but we sended them anyway. Today (6 weeks later) I got an e-mail that I'm officially accepted at GSU and all the paperwork (yes even more paperwork) is on its way. This means i can start the proces of getting a visa, entlist for my classes and housing, etc. Last week the inline course (international education) that I have to follow finaly started. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem October 31st 2011

Convinced Michael Scotts new book would be released earlier and I somehow forget I had subscribed for a newsletter I opened the Atlantis e-mail. This mail exceeded my expectations and I after reading it through a number of times my American dream found renewed hope. The Han-university would sent 3 applicant to the US with the Atlantis program. Al you had to do was write an easy, fill in some vague forms, do an interview and get 2 recommendations. So I decided to try-out, wrote an essay, filled in the forms, bugged some people and asked for recommendations (for which I’m still grateful) and handed over a thick envelope with paperwork. After a week or so I got another e-mail asking me to come in for the scheduled interview. So nervous and excited I hopped on ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem October 27th 2011

Well here we go, my first USA-blog, in my very best English. I guess it's good practice…… 5 months ago I went to a meeting about studying abroad with some fellow education students. It sounded interesting and I had my mind set upon going to the USA. To go to America was a wish I had since I was a little girl and that has grown stronger over the years (inspired a lot by my basketball teammates who visited basketball country number 1). At this meeting I got quite disappointed. Almost everyone seemed to be interested in studying in a third world country or in Europe. Africa and Asia were really popular and there was a lot of (very useful) information on studying here. But nothing about visiting America (or Canada which was plan B). Not ... read more

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