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March 19th 2012
Published: March 19th 2012
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Have you ever had a day where you just need supervision? I feel as though my whole day can be described in two words, "oops!" and "lost!" I somehow managed to get lost looking for the train station in Nijmegen (according to the map, it's only 3 turns from Sarah's apartment!), but stumbled across it on accident. From there, the day continued going downhill. My new word in Dutch today is "Zuid" which means "south." I accidentally got off the train at the wrong Arnhem stop - I got off at Arnhem Zuid, rather than Arnhem Centraal. Ultimately, after consulting a map and realizing it was a 5 kilometer walk, I decided to wait for the next train to travel the one stop over. From there, the central train station in Arnhem has 2 exits...of course I picked the wrong one. I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out where the "centraal" was, and finally went back into the train station, down to the tracks, and realized there was another exit. Arnhem itself was okay, some great architecture, and not so exciting shopping. I spent about 2 hours walking around, taking pictures, and exploring. The highlight of my day was the "yarn bomb" I found in front of a craft shop. A "yarn bomb" is when somebody knits or crochets a decoration for a bench, lightpole, garbage can, etc. The train ride back to Nijmegen was uneventful, and I had a few hours until 5 pm so I decided to wander around the centraal and check out the market that is open on Mondays. I got terribly lost again, and it took about an hour to figure out where I was going. It's 7 pm, and I am done for the night...I also don't know if my allergies are bad, if I'm getting a cold, or if I'm still wonky from jet lag because I've definitely not been 100% today. Tomorrow's adventure - Utrecht.

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