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March 18th 2012
Published: March 18th 2012
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Yesterday went by in a blur of jetlag....but the solo flight/train trip to Nijmegen went well. I was really grateful that Sarah warned me that the train leaves the Arnhem station (ie, the station before Nijmegen) the same direction that it comes in - otherwise, I probably would have had heart failure. There's a public market in Nijmegen on Saturdays, so we explored the market and had lunch at a cafe. Sarah's been feeling a bit under the weather and i was exhausted, so we had an early night (ie, I fell asleep on the chair before 6:30 - oops). We did buy a bunch of delicious food at the market to eat for dinner - gouda, brie, focaccia bread, chocolate, macademia nuts/peanuts/cashews, and stroopwaffles (delicious waffle cookies with a syrupy goo in the middle).

Today has been a busy day! We went on a Pannenkoekenboot ride...which basically was a 2.5 hour boat ride with unlimited pancakes/toppings. After that, we walked a little bit and I was able to play with some of my new camera lenses/lens adapters to photograph the river, bridge, and a little of the town. Nijmegen is famous for being the oldest town in the Netherlands - so there is some pretty amazing architecture around here. We also went to part of a short film festival that's going on this weekend, and saw five short films. I am still grateful that they were subbed in English - so I didn't have to make up my own story about what was really going on. Now, I am planning my day trip to Arnhem for tomorrow and getting ready for bed.

Things I've Noticed so far:

- Most people speak fluent English...which is good, because the only Dutch words I know are food-related.

- There are dedicated bike lanes, and everyone rides.

- There is more litter/graffiti than I expected to see

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