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April 19th 2012
Published: April 19th 2012
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Oh goody - I can see from the comments that people are actually reading my blog. So to continue.... the weather is as expected in April- cold, showery, windy at times and occasional sun. But I am well equipped with my M+S thermal long-sleeved T-shirts and 3 more layers and a woolly hat... lost my gloves on the way somewhere - must've fallen out the car door....and of course the shops are full of sundresses and sun hats and mo gloves to be seen anywhere. So its hands in me pockets!!!

Today I have been to the Arnhem OPen Air Museum -well I just love these places - there are old codgers driving trams, boiling up tar for the boats , chiselling and scraping wood ....and old ladies with shawls and Dutch caps ( HATS!!!) spinning wool from their sheep and selling sweeties in the shop, and man-handling massive sheets in the laundry.

Yes and there were plenty windmills and different farm buildings just to show what an easy life we have now - living it up with the animals must have been rather smelly and I suppose there was no such thing as "free time". And I am so glad I have got a washing machine!!!!

A costume exhibition showed aspects of the Dutch colonialisation - Indonesia and Malucca - some fabulous costumes. And videos fo old ladies showing their different lace hats and how to wear them. Historically, costume - what and how and when you wear it showed all sorts of aspects of status and your life.

Yes it was a great day out and I won't bore you with descriptions of the various windmillls- polders, meadows,saw mills,drainage mills, flour mills, paper mills, horse driven hulling mills,oil mills - ooops sorry I said I wouldn't bore you. And of course you recognised the fact that the bridge was a double-leaf bascule bridge from Ouderkerk!!!

Some things I didn't take photos of - the street furniture which included urinals - I leave that to the imagination - and a fascinating little shed which was for TB sufferers to rest in, a finch trappers hide - poor little finches, and an exhibition showing evacuaees in WWll...and other buildings too many to mention- my book says there are 96 altogether.

Yes - it was fascinating so take a little walk with me along the byeways
At the boatyard (1)At the boatyard (1)At the boatyard (1)

Fisherman's cottage
of the Open Air Museum Arnhem.

Amsterdam tomorrow here we come.

Love to all.

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19th April 2012

nice wander- thanks lynne
peat house looks cute and very photogenic but... i'd have to go for the posh one! I too am a firm believer in comfort! did you have your ipod playing the windmills of my mind as you sauntered among them. sorry, but it's friday!
20th April 2012

Does look a little grey & cold but i miss that also.
20th April 2012

So pleased that you explained about the Dutch Caps!! Hadn't quite realised that you were away again although I s'pose I should ahve guessed - llok forward to seeing you soon. J x
22nd April 2012

Great photos!
As always Lynne - most impressed with the quality of you photos. That museum looks really interesting - I would love it! Shame about the weather but it's much the same here (M&S thermals come in handy in the UK too!)...so you might as well be there, enjoying some different sights. - Jennifer
24th May 2015

your blog about Holland
Dear Lynne, I have read your travelblog about your visit to Holland and it was very interesting! I am Dutch myself and for my Geography Masterthesis I am doing research among tourist bloggers from abroad. Your blog caught my eye because you visited some less famous places in Holland, like Arnhem. It is so interesting to find out why a part of the tourists in Holland visit those less famous places next to the highlights like Amsterdam and its surroundings. That's why I am wondering if I could ask you some questions about your visit, to complement the info in your blog. It won't be a long survey, but more of a short interview-type conversation about your experience and opinion. You would help me a lot and I am also very curious to know about what you think about Holland and the reasons why you choose to visit it. I really hope to hear from you. The interview will be used in a completely anonymous and confidential way. Kind regards, Theo van Veenendaal tvanveenendaal1986@gmail.com

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