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Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem July 30th 2011

Today we drove to Arnhem, Netherlands to have a short visit with my cousin Fred Royers, his Mom, wife Krista, and sister Mona. We had never met except on Skype and it was a pleasure to meet him in person. With a population of only 150,000, Arnhem looks a lot bigger. But my Dad's Brother Jon decided to settle there after meeting "Mousie" and having three chidren Fred, Mona, and Simon. Fred now teaches kick boxing at his own studio-gym but had a career as a middleweight kick boxer. Seems like the Royers have some of that boxing talent running through the family since my Father was also a boxer, but not at the pro level. Driving in Europe (my sister Margie drove her Skoda this time) is a bit more "exciting" than in the states ... read more
My Little Sis and Me
Fred Roijers
The Other Roijers

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem July 16th 2011

Yesterday I had a ''catching up day" with two lots of cousins from my Mum's side. The Schutten sisters, a few of them live in Zutphen and the Koers sisters, some of who live in Ruurlo. We talked of our lives, and as women do, talked of love and loss and we laughed and thank God i have family!!!! Thank you Bernadet, Else, Miriam, Marian, Adelheid and Irene. Today was another wonderful day with my cousin Gerry and his wife Gerry, at whose house i have been staying at in Vorden. We went to the Openlucht Museum which is a recreated village of times gone by. Each house and shop is original and restored and has been moved to the site from parts of Holland. A tram takes you around the site and between places if ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem July 23rd 2010

Just wanted to start off by saying Thanks! to all of you who have sent comments and messages along to us! It is always nice to hear from our friends and family and we are glad you are enjoying the blog! Today we went to the Open Air Museum which was close by in Arnhem. This was a little like the Dutch version of Pioneer village but way cooler. There were homes and farms and mills and churches and a working cheese factory all around the huge property. You could walk and/or get around on these street trams, some of which dated back to early 1900s and still work. You could hop on the tram at any of the 6 stations and hop off where you wanted. We also stopped at the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek ... read more
Milking a cow
Who is thirsty?
Taking a spin on ol' Daisy

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 26th 2010

After we returned from our mini adventure we spent two days recovering from our big trip, catching up with family, and packing for our next mini trip and we rode our bikes into Nijmegan and were finally able to shop for some decent clothes - fashion at the moment includes fluro coloured jump suits....yeah no... Today (day 12) we depart Bemmel to spend the day in Amsterdam, looking at the Ann Frank house, shopping ect... before getting on an overnight bus to paris (i.e. leaves Amsterdam at 10pm and gets to Paris at 6am!) where we will stay until Wednesday night when well catch another overnight bus back to Amsterdam and a train back to bemmel. Will update then with lots of news and pictures. Hope yall are well xx love Kels + deb ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 20th 2010

Dear faithful followers, Today we visited more of mums friends, and thier entire family, 15 people jabbering away in a language i can't understand! these friends lived in elden but there was an annual bike race on through the streets which some of the familiy members where competing in so the streets were blocked off and we had to take a different approach to the house. We had to walk through a wet and muddy field, climb over an electric fence and through another hole in a fence to get to this house and mum was wearing my brand new boots! had a 'salad' for luch, i use the term loosly as their idea of a salad is somewhat differnet from ours, it was finely shredded meat (couldn't tell what) with bits of potato and gerkin ... read more
Mum + friends
Friends parents house
friends family

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 19th 2010

Dear peeps, Day four was a big one, mum and i caught the bus into Arnhem to the massive markets, they had heaps of flowers, which are really cheap here, and vegetables, all these different ones and lengths of cloth and some clothes. Mum and I have't bougt many clothes yet cos the fashion here atm is really cheap, tacky and trashy looking but well expensive! I'm hoping paris is better, otherwise i'll be coming back with a bit of money, which would be terrible... Then we cuaght another bus to Oosterbek to see an old friend of mums...for the next six hours! they were speaking dutch and talking bout people i didn't know so i went outside and took photos of flowers, played around with settings on my camera ect... For lunch we had fresh ... read more
Mum's Friends House
Mum's Friends House
Mum's Friends House

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 19th 2010

Hey hey, Thankyall for the comments - it inspires me to go on... Day five was a great day, one of the highlights of the trip so far! Mum and I went to the Openluchtmuseaum i.e. the Open Air Museam -- which is a historical recreation of farming, living and businesses over several hundreds of years in Holland! It took us 5 and a half hours to tour the whole park which is situated just outside Arnhem, next to the zoo (a trip for another day). There was so much to see, most of the park was perfectly recreated houses or workshops, with people working in them, or farmers wives making tea and tending to the fire, or weaving ect... The weather was fairly bad, we were freezing but at least most of the rain came ... read more
Old Farmhouse
Old Farmhouse
Old Farmhouse

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 18th 2010

Dear family and friends and randoms who have stumbled upon this fantastic blog, The third day of our trip found mum and I awoken at 6 by the very bright sunshine coming through two layers of curtains and loud birds, mum, impressively, went for a run, whilst i stayed home and figured out how to use the coffee machiene, the toaster and the recliner. It was a beatiful day, the sun was very warm and the wind not too bad so we sat outside and mum riet and I painted our toenails in a very fetching purple/red. mum and i were very sore from our big bike ride! I chased a cat under a bush, twice, but he ran away, then we saw some baby ducklings. Mum then took me on a dutch culinary experience, we ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 16th 2010

Dear Family and friends, Welcome to the travel blog of Deb and Kels (with kels doing all the blogging work) as we travel to three countries within Europe - Holland, Germany and France. Hopefully this blog will be updated daily with tales of our travels and any half decent photos of ourselves. As of now, we are seated at the dining table at Opa and Oma Riet's in Bemmel, having a glass of wine. We arrived today, leaving from perth at four pm and flying to singapore (5.5 hours) and then singapore to Amsterdam (15 hours with a very bumpy ride - mum was scared, lol, i was asleep). Robert, mums brother, picked us up from the airport at 7:30am local time and drove us to Bemmel (again i was asleep). The aeroplane food was exciting, ... read more
At the Airport
at the aiport

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem February 28th 2010

It's been three months. It's been easily the best winter of my life. But all good things must come to an end... for now at least... During my time here, I've helped Mirjam fix up her new house. I've grown accustomed to life here. I've also learned a great deal. Mijn nederlands is beter. My Dutch is getting better as well. I've been able to speak both long and short phrases, and hold very basic interactions in Dutch. Mirjam is impressed with my progress, I only wish I could have progressed faster. But sadly, Dutch is a language you can't directly translate into English. So it is slow to learn since a lot of words you can't associate with English counterparts. Aside from that, I'm going to miss this place. It's become my home. Mijn thuis, ... read more

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