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Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj July 21st 2016

I didn't learn from last time and so I spent all of my remaining Bosnian marka before leaving the country - only to realise that I had to pay for f*cking luggage again! Luckily I still had a 10KM note (about 5€) on me that I was going to use to try and change for euros but now that I had to break it, I wasn't sure if any bureau de changewould now take my Bosnian coins. FFS Derek. Again! But some blame must lie with the fact there is a luggage fee in the first place. Why not make things easier and include it in the price of the bus ticket like every other country in the world? I was on an overnight bus for a seven hour journey - so probably not long enough ... read more
Pizza & The Sunset, Ada Bojana
Perast, Bay Of Kotor
Me, Anna & Nicola

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj May 30th 2016

Maandag 30/5/1916 – Ulcinj (Montenegro) 185km Langs de schilderachtige kustweg door het prachtige fjordengebied van de baai van Kotor. De overzetbak bestaat nog, maar we reden helemaal rond de baai. Toch tijd genoeg. Regelmatig files om door de stadjes te geraken. Ook file aan de grens met Montenegro waar voor de eerste keer onze ID's en autopapieren grondig gecontroleerd werden. In Kotor aan de stadswallen lagen 3 enorme cruiseschepen aangemeerd. Vandaar de drukte warschijnlijk. Budva is ondertussen een volgebouwde agglomeratie geworden. Keken uit naar Hotel International wat 49j geleden eigenlijk nog een open werf was. Maar onzichtbaar nu. Waarschijnlijk ondertussen terug afgebroken en volgebouwd. Schiereilandje Sveti Stefan ligt er nog ongerept bij. Stoppen voor foto echter onmogelijk. Bij een stop onderweg sprong F plotseling van een wegritselende 50cm lange slangera... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj February 24th 2016

I'm little bit behind with my entries. I'll try to catch up in next few days. So after few amazing days in Budva, it was time to move to Ulcinj, my last stop before I move to Albania. Ulcinj is the southernmost major town along the Montenegrin coast before reaching the border with Albania. Around 80% of the population of Ulcinj are ethnic Albanians. Due to the town's pleasant location on the coast it is a major tourist destination of much of the Albanian population of Kosovo. My primary goal was to catch a lift from Budva to Ulcinj (65km). It took me a while till I found good enough spot to drop my backpack down at stick my thumb out. The traffic was very light and after a while I started to think that my ... read more
Fishing huts
View over Bratica village
Valdanos beach

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj June 30th 2015

MONTEGRENO 2 The French Riviera was along time ago. Ah – those balmy beaches of St Tropez Frejis and Cannes. Bodies laid out on those funny deck chairs. All in columns and rows along a rocky shore, with an azure blue sea and patches of turquoise where snorkelers swim. Well here we are at Ulcinj on the Montegreno Riviera. Not as big as the French show. Not as flash- Indeed markedly downmarket compared to Monaco– like dropping down from Little Cove Noosa to Beachmere instead. Except that Beachmere has year round warmth, grassy foreshores, and sand. Sand sand – glorious sand. No sand sighted yet on the Mediterranean, Adriatic or Ionian seas. Here at Ulcinj its big rocks, little rocks, big pebbles, little pebbles, and sharp edged grit. Not much of a surface to promenade on ... read more
 Sunset Ulcinj Montegreno 040 (1)
Sunset Ulcinj Montegreno 044 (1)

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj September 27th 2014

Geo: 41.9297, 19.2243 GÜN 03 CUMARTESİ: Bugün istikamet Budva'nın solu …Sabah erkenden uyanıp denize girdim ..Deniz kalitesi iyi ama doğrusu bu kalite kumsalda denize girmem.. Gel de memleketi anma.. Bu Adriyatik sahillerinin neredeyse tamamında denize girdim ama Allah her şeyi vermiyor..Manzara nefis ama denize girmekten mümkünse kaçınacaksın .. Bir de havuzu deneyeyim dedim ..hatta daha da ileri giderek görgüsüzlüğümün şahikasına tırmanıp Jakuzi'ye bilem daldım .. Kahvaltı da milleti bekletmemek adına tadında bırakıp odaya çıktım .. Kahvaltıda hedef her zaman olduğu gibi Halo … garibim dış mekanda kahvesini höpürdetirken Rus gülle takımına mensup 3 atlet masasına oturunca ,milletin ağzı sakız değil tabi…fotolar çekiliyor …laflar atılıyor.... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj August 26th 2013

Hello my fellow travellers! I left Cleon early this morning and I must admit that I was quite tired from all the beers last night, I'm getting old I guess. Well, I took the 7 am bus to Shkodra where I would take the 4 pm bus to Ulcinj. This plan gave me a good six hours to check out Shkodra and on the top of the list was of course the impressive Rozafa Castle located only a couple of kilometres from the city. Before I set out for the castle though I took a peek of the Great Mosque but to be honest it didn't really strike my fancy so I didn't linger there for long. It actually turned out to be quite a hike to get to the fortress anyway because the locals actually ... read more
Rozafa Castle
Rozafa Castle
Great Mosque

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj June 30th 2013

Friday, June 28th! After a nice rest Thursday, I woke up Friday, June 28th ready to visit Ulcinj! I took the 9:10 bus (Budva-Ulcinj, 7 euros one way) and arrived there about an hour and a half later. As soon as I got off the bus I was greeted by a friendly guy, Billy, who spoke English with an American accent. I soon discovered he lived in the USA for many years and returned home to Macedonia, where he has a few businesses (guest houses, bakery, etc). I happened to be on the bus with some Norwegian tourists so Billy took us to his guesthouse where the couple got a room for a few nights. As I was only staying for a day, I didn't require housing, but Billy still took me like family. There was ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj May 19th 2013

Gelato flavour of the day – Kiwi (this one not particularly true to its flavour but the right colour) For some reason we thought we had forgotten we had purchased items for our lunch today and as we needed fresh bread we planned a walk ‘down the easy road ‘to a pekara (local lingo for bakery) after breakfast. The rangy young cat that has walked by a couple of times and also last night got a couple of pieces of chicken from our dinner was back again this morning and this time with a female friend who was either his sister or mother as she had almost identical markings, a ginger head and tail with a white body except she also had a couple of ginger bits on her side. They looked well fed, in relation ... read more
Downtown beach,Ulcinj
WW2 memorial in disrepair
What will the beach look like in mid summer!

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj May 18th 2013

No gelato today but a local(yes they do make wine in Montenegro)charronday in a café overlooking the beach We knew that it would happen eventually and this morning the sun returned from a cloudless sky making the view from the terrace outside our apartment of the Adriatic just that much more beautiful.While the sky here doesn't have the bright blue we experience at home the sea is a lovely blue colour.The large swell from last night and the storm of the previous day had died away completely and we could see just gentle waves lapping onto the small beach at the bottom of the town. Our neighbours from the next door apartment who we had had a long chat to last night while enjoying a beer,had left for home in Paris early this morning.He was Welsh ... read more
Old town walls,Ulcinj
Narrow alleyways,Ulcinj
City beach,Ulcinj

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj May 17th 2013

We did something today we haven't ever done in 41 years of marriage and travel together................we decided to share a suitcase!Now you probably don't think that this was a MAJOR decision but think about it,male stuff in with female stuff!However,we hope that the need for our winter clothes has passed with the prospect of fine ,warm weather ahead as the adventure takes us further south and there is not much point at carting in and storing those clothes as we change our accommodation.So combining the packing cells with the winter stuff into one suitcase and leaving it in the boot of the car was the obvious answer.As it turned out we were pretty much on a 50/50 basis when it came down to the space the summer clothes in their packing cells took up.So we shall ... read more
Jaz Beach,near Budva
Super yachts berths,Budva
For sale,Budva

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