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June 30th 2013
Published: July 1st 2013
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Friday, June 28th!

After a nice rest Thursday, I woke up Friday, June 28th ready to visit Ulcinj! I took the 9:10 bus (Budva-Ulcinj, 7 euros one way) and arrived there about an hour and a half later.

As soon as I got off the bus I was greeted by a friendly guy, Billy, who spoke English with an American accent. I soon discovered he lived in the USA for many years and returned home to Macedonia, where he has a few businesses (guest houses, bakery, etc).

I happened to be on the bus with some Norwegian tourists so Billy took us to his guesthouse where the couple got a room for a few nights. As I was only staying for a day, I didn't require housing, but Billy still took me like family.

There was a couple he was driving to Ada Bojana so I had the opportunity to tag along for the ride and check out the beach for a bit. Ada Bojana is a nice, sandy beach where nudity is welcomed but certainly not required. I opted to remain fully clothed as I witnessed all sorts of bodies wandering around!

After a brief tour of Ada Bojana, Billy and I headed back to Ulcinj, listening to some American music in his car. It felt cool singing together to American music in Montenegro!

Once back into town I was dropped off in the city center to venture out a bit on my own while Billy handled some business. As I was walking down the main cobble stone street that goes to the beach, I was greeted by a few people in English and I was met with a few phrases here and there, probably in Albanian (Ulcinj is predominately Albanian).

I ran into a guy who I met earlier with Billy. He owns a salon and apparently travels the world with Vidal Sassoon. He was sitting outside in front of his salon and asked me to join him, which I did. We discussed work, life, family, etc.

He even told me about an African model who works in Budva.

After drinking half of the sprite he offered, I thanked him and proceeded to to beach. After a few minutes walking, a gentleman by the name of Dino asked me where I was from. We chatted for a few minutes, exchanged numbers and I continued on my way.

Literally one minute after Dino and I parted ways, two guys in a large SUV spoke to me, asked where I was from (the usual) and invited me for a coffee. After initially politely declining a few times, I agreed to briefly partake in some freshly squeezed OJ!

After the OJ session, I walked across the street to head to the beach..... I was almost there until someone grabbed my hand and pretty much whisked me away to the beach. At first, I thought he worked on the beach, so I followed him to a vacant spot with two chairs. By the way, the beach was crazy crowded so I'm glad there was even a free spot. I got down to my swim, after peeling off a layer of clothing and off we went into the water. I'm thinking, "This can't be that bad, it's just some guy who finds me interesting and wants my company." Boy was I wrong......



23rd May 2014

Glad you had googd time at Ulcinj, I also like this place, greetings from Belgrade
26th May 2014

hello. Thank you for your comment. I was just in Belgrade Serbia back in September 2013. I will return to the Balkans again this summer to have a great time. Let's keep in touch. When I was a Child I always wanted to visit other countries. As an adult I've had many chances. And I'm very happy for that. talk to you later.

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