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Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj June 30th 2013

Friday, June 28th! After a nice rest Thursday, I woke up Friday, June 28th ready to visit Ulcinj! I took the 9:10 bus (Budva-Ulcinj, 7 euros one way) and arrived there about an hour and a half later. As soon as I got off the bus I was greeted by a friendly guy, Billy, who spoke English with an American accent. I soon discovered he lived in the USA for many years and returned home to Macedonia, where he has a few businesses (guest houses, bakery, etc). I happened to be on the bus with some Norwegian tourists so Billy took us to his guesthouse where the couple got a room for a few nights. As I was only staying for a day, I didn't require housing, but Billy still took me like family. There was ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj May 17th 2013

We did something today we haven't ever done in 41 years of marriage and travel together................we decided to share a suitcase!Now you probably don't think that this was a MAJOR decision but think about it,male stuff in with female stuff!However,we hope that the need for our winter clothes has passed with the prospect of fine ,warm weather ahead as the adventure takes us further south and there is not much point at carting in and storing those clothes as we change our accommodation.So combining the packing cells with the winter stuff into one suitcase and leaving it in the boot of the car was the obvious answer.As it turned out we were pretty much on a 50/50 basis when it came down to the space the summer clothes in their packing cells took up.So we shall ... read more
Jaz Beach,near Budva
Super yachts berths,Budva
For sale,Budva

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj September 16th 2010

Montenegro - in the mountains and along the coast We continue our story from Montenegro where we left off in the previous blog entry, with Durmitor National Park. By the way, doesn't the name "Durmitor" sound funny? It doesn't sound like the name of a national park, does it? It sounds like a lot of things but not like a national park. Allow us to give a few examples of what we mean. "Durmitor" could be an evil character from a really bad action movie from 1989. Durmitor the Evil says with a deep voice: "I am Durmitor, Master of the Universe. I hereby declare the Earth to be conquered." "Durmitor" could be a place in Lord of the Rings: Frodo: "We have to travel to Mount Doom in the middle of Durmitor because it is ... read more
View in Durmitor National Park
Tara Bridge
Tara bridge

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj August 1st 2010

O 6.00 rano wybudzila nas z gorskiej ciszy rabanka z zapamietaniem puszczana przez naszego gospodarza, ktory juz zaczal oporzadzac swoj bar. Dolina cala jeszcze byla w cieniu i na zewnatrz namiotu bylo zimniej niz w srodku. Ugotowalismy wode, zaparzylismy herbate, zjedlismy sucharki (ktore poprzedniego rana u Binaka wzbudzily zazdrosc Szwajcarow, az im musialam dac pare z dzemem) i wyruszylismy okrezna droga do Szkodry, co - wedlug roznych zrodel - mialo nam zabrac od 4 do 7 godzin. Droga - bez zadnych znakow i przyklejona do skaly - prowadzila wzdluz gorskich strumieni o blekitnej wodzie i brzegach wysypanych bialym kamieniem, przez zielony tunel drzew, male wioski, ubogie pola. Zabralismy na stopa pana, ktory w innym wypadku moglby na autobus czekac 2 dni. Caly czas bardzo trzesie i gdy dojezdzamy do miasta, mamy na jakis czas dosc off-road'u. ... read more
Elegancka sałatka.

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj April 1st 2010

ULCINJ Day 71 The next day I woke up expecting to return to the train station so that I could continue on my journey but Vjera decided to plan the day for us and that I should spend one more night before she would return me to the train station. I, again, politely tried to refuse her enormous generosity but lost again in the battle of ‘da da da… ne ne ne’. For breakfast she had made a delicious pastry, eggy, cheesy thing, which I think is called Burek. It was really good and she served me a portion the size of China. She also made me another big cup of coffee along with a giant cup of yogurt (to drink). After breakfast we loaded up in the car and drove to Ulcinj. This is ... read more
utjeha 007
utjeha 011
utjeha 017

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj March 31st 2010

BAR Day 70 This night train was a bit hectic. When I got on the train I gave the ticket man my train pass as well as my bed reservation ticket. He took them along with everyone else. In my bed area was another older women from Serbia heading down to her weekend home in Montenegro and another Serbian man going to I don’t know where. Neither of them spoke any English but I managed to chat with the women through basic words and miming. Her name is Vjera and she has a son that works in New York, a daughter that lives in Belgrade, and two grand children (my age). After miming for a while we both went to sleep to be woken by the ticket man telling me that I didn’t give him ... read more
train through black mountains 013
train through black mountains 016
train through black mountains 032

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj October 2nd 2009

I left Kotor in the rain, forgetting to visit the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, and also forgetting to take any pictures of rain and gloom. This time the views from the bus were broader, of the wider sea, not of closed-in bays. This time the bus driver really excelled - adding smoking to his multi-tasks of phoning and driving. It was another modern bus, unlike the one next to it at the bus station, which was being repaired by a man covered in grease. By the look of his tools and materials it appeared like he was repairing it with string and pieces of wood. When he closed the hood a piece of metal came off in his hand. On board my bus there was an overhead switch for a light, a switch for airconditioning, and ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj September 19th 2008

Zunächst seien an dieser Stelle noch ein paar Worte über Ohrid gesagt, denn auch wenn es bisweilen so scheinen mag, verbringen wir ja nicht die ganze Zeit im Auto und diese schnuckelige kleine Stadt, welche in einem pittoresken Bergpanorama am gleichnamigen See liegt, verdient es wahrlich, ein paar Worte über sie zu verlieren. Neben zahlreichen orthodoxen Kirchen und einer auf einem Hügel gelegenen Burg, ist auch die Altstadt äußerst sehenswert. So habe ich dann auch meine kulturdesinteressierten Mitfahrer dazu überreden können, einen ausgedehnten Spaziergang zu unternehmen, und ich glaube, sie haben es nicht bereut (auch wenn wir es, ob Stephans Weigerung Eintritt zu zahlen, beim von außen Anschauen beließen). Also Leute, fahrt nach Mazedonien, es ist eine Reise Wert und man kann für wenig Geld viel Urlaub kriegen! Der heutige Tag sollte uns einmal quer durch ... read more
Orthodoxe Kirche
Klapprige Brücke

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj November 22nd 2007

We are getting quite good at getting up when circumstances require it. We left the hotel and all too easily found the correct bus to Shkroder despite the numerous spellings of the name. The journey was forty minutes shorter than expected and we arrived in Shkoder prepared for a struggle. As we stepped off our minibus we were instantaneously confronted by a guy asking if we were heading to Ulcinj. He gave us a reasonable price and we followed him towards his minibus (or so we thought.) He stopped at an old fashioned Mercedes and we looked at each other, shrugged and got in. A hasty discussion later and we agreed that it was safe and a very good way to get there faster than we had initially intended. The driver was an eccentric older male ... read more
Bus View
Fortress In Shkoder
Bar Harbour

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