Hello! The Chocolate Queen is back! Yes I'm baaaaaaaaaack! I love to travel. Some would even say that I have a travel addiction. My mom tried to make me go to rehab,
but I said, "No, no no"! Ha ha! I have been to over 30 countries on 5 continents and counting. Other than traveling, I love dancing, meeting people, exchanging ideas, and living life in a laid back kind of way! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj June 30th 2013

Friday, June 28th! After a nice rest Thursday, I woke up Friday, June 28th ready to visit Ulcinj! I took the 9:10 bus (Budva-Ulcinj, 7 euros one way) and arrived there about an hour and a half later. As soon as I got off the bus I was greeted by a friendly guy, Billy, who spoke English with an American accent. I soon discovered he lived in the USA for many years and returned home to Macedonia, where he has a few businesses (guest houses, bakery, etc). I happened to be on the bus with some Norwegian tourists so Billy took us to his guesthouse where the couple got a room for a few nights. As I was only staying for a day, I didn't require housing, but Billy still took me like family. There was ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Budva June 27th 2013

After a seven and a half hour bus journey from Ohrid, Macedonia, I finally arrived in Budva, Montenegro! Upon my arrival at the bus station, I was immediately greeted by taxi drivers all willing to take me to my destination (Mojo Hostel). Instead, I opted to follow the printed map and walk to the hostel. Since the reception officially opens at around 9am, I decided to hop online for a while and explore the wonderful world of the internet! lol After sending some emails and updating my travel blog, I had a breakfast that consisted of an orange, changed my clothes and decided to head to the atm for some much needed cash, get a local sim card, and walk around the Old Town/beach area. Budva is extremely touristic compared to Ohrid. It's only June 27th ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid June 26th 2013

Around 9am, I woke up from a nice sleep. It's my last day in Ohrid and I had to check out of the guesthouse by 11am (Valentin Apartments, around $7 for a single room/shared bath). I am already feeling a bit saddened since I really enjoyed my stay in Macedonia and I greatly appreciated all the the hospitality I encountered, not to mention the country as a whole, including Ohrid, is relatively inexpensive. My bus to Budva, Montenegro does not leave until 10:40pm (around 1400 denars one way) so I have another full day to enjoy the town one more time for the road. I packed all of my bags and kept them in a friend's room and returned to the home of the family I had met the night before! While waiting for one of ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid June 25th 2013

Hello again! It has been a while since I have last typed up anything so I decided to free myself from the laziness that has been preventing me from contributing to this site! I actually landed in Skopje June 20th so I'll have to catch up on the previous days! Fast forward to June 25, 2013. After a long day in Bitola, I returned to my base of Ohrid. Feeling hungry I decided to catch a bus to town to grab a bite to eat. As I was pondering over which direction I would take I stopped in front of a house and asked two young teens in passing where I need to catch the bus. After a few hand gestures they pointed behind me (to the house I was standing in front of). Confused, I ... read more
Ohrid 2013

Hola amigos! First time to Central America. No speak Spanish. Two African American women willing to go outside of the box to explore a place called Honduras for two weeks! Excitement, tension and nervousness all run through our minds as we wonder what will become of our upcoming adventure. Stay tuned as the events of our travels unfold! My mother and I have finally arrived in San Pedro, Honduras tonight after a long day of traveling, including a 5 hour layover in San Salvador, El Salvador! We took Taca Airlines and everyone seemed very pleasant and friendly! Eventhough we ended up not being able to sit together, we both got Exit Row seats, not bad! We both immediately befriended the gentlemen sitting next to us on the plane from Washington D.C to El Salvador. One ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid May 14th 2009

Welcome back everyone! I had a much needed, quite cozy night of sleep after my arrival in Ohrid, so now I'm ready to conquer the city! I have heard so much about Ohrid and I told myself I would make sure I hit up this town during my next Balkans visit. Ohrid is well known for its famous lake, beautiful old town, and overall gorgeous scenery. I'm so ready to discover what this town has to offer and I only have one day to do it. After having some breakfast, I headed out into town. I decided to head towards the lake. The day started off grey, cloudy with a bit of light rain to top it all off. "Oh well," I thought. Rain or shine I would make the most of my time here ... read more
Lake Ohrid
View from Fortress
Lonely Dog

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid May 11th 2009

After having reached the Skopje bus station, I was immediately approached by various taxi drivers all asking me, "Hey, where are you going?". "I'll take you anywhere you wanna go." They stand outside of the bus station seeking customers left and right. I have never experienced persistent taxi drivers like I had in Skopje. Many of them even offered to drive me to Ohrid. I got price offers from as high as 80 euros to as low as 30 euros. No thanks! The bus will be just fine with a nice little price tag of around 10 euros. "But you can ride in comfort in my nice car," several of them said. "No, it's ok, I wanna experience the local buses since I'm here for the adventure," I replied. One of the more persistent taxi drivers ... read more
Skopje Bus Station/Ready to head to Ohrid!
Skopje Taxi Man, making sure I'm ok! :)
I have the whole Skopje collection of taxi business cards!

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid May 10th 2009

After a really swell day in Pristina I headed for Macedonia. My plan was to reach Skopje, the capital city and then take a bus to Ohrid. I have been pondering over the idea of hitch-hiking around the Balkans. I would not even consider doing this in the USA, but this isn't the USA. In my mind I was thinking, "Come on Gina, you only live once." I have met several fellow travelers who have successfully hitch-hiked around the world. I can also do the same, right? I have even come across and heard about solo female hitch-hikers as well. I am also a solo female traveler. The more and more I think about it, the more exciting and adventurous it sounds. The only real concern I have, except the fact of nobody actually picking me ... read more
The nice man who gave me a lift to Skopje!

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina May 9th 2009

I am extremely lazy when it comes to keeping up with my travel blogs. I apologize deeply for another delay. At this point I am basically playing catchup, but it's all good! Ok, after a night of much needed sleep my host and I decided to hang out in Pristina the following day! The weather happened to be very pleasant and sunny. This was already the first sign of a highly enjoyable day to come! Since Pristina is quite small, one full day is sufficient for a good tour of the city. Our walk through the streets remind me of my previous experience back in 2007. It has the same feel to it. A couple of things have changed since my last visit. A huge pedestrian walkway filled with cafe shops has been created. This area ... read more
Beautiful Library at the University of Kosovo!
Standing in front of the library in Pristina!
A Local Mosque!

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina April 29th 2009

Hello, I apologize for the huge delay. I have, however, been very busy with traveling, running around, unexcepted modifications to my travel plans and so on. Now I actually have some time to sit and type a brief update of my current Balkan tour. Well, I recently spent a couple of days in Nis, Serbia. I figured I would stop over here since It's on the way to Kosovo! I have been to this city a couple of times before and I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere! Moreover, I have a few good friends in Nis and we always have a great time together touring the city and having coffee by day and living it up by night! I never saw another black person at all during my recent visit to Nis. I have NEVER ... read more

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