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Europe » Monaco January 20th 2006

Today was a very laid back afternoon followed by a great night. We spent the day at and internet cafe and then walking to the top of a hill over nice to get views of the city. We also browsed around the markets of Nice, which were really cool cause they were in small alleys and such. After that we headed to whats apparently the smallest country in Europe when we went to Monte Carlo of Monaco. So we got a look at the F1 racetrack and tehn went to the casino, where i lost 10 bucks, and justin put it all on red in roulette just before we left to win 50. Rich people at the casino, there were at least 4 ferraris and an aston martin, bentley, etc.... read more

Europe » Monaco December 11th 2005

With a lovely day in Nice behind us, our new friend made, and boundless suggestions from John Cleese (whose real name we discovered is Ouf - mad! We made a rhyming song about him later) about what we could do, we decided to hit the road and visit Monaco. Since there was (and still is apparently) a train strike on, we had to catch the bus, but the bus ride was fantastic. The Mediterranean coastline is absolutely spectacular. The ocean is soooo blue and the cliffs are white and huge: I've never seen anything like it before in my life. About half an hour of crazy French bus driving on roads perilously close to the edge of the cliffs and we landed in Monaco. We've never seen so much money in one place before! The shopping ... read more
The girls

Europe » Monaco September 11th 2005

Yeah - we went to Monaco for the night. There are Casinos.... read more
monaco day
monaco f1 tunnel

Europe » Monaco August 30th 2005

Dear reader, We are finally inserting the first part of our trip. For the moment we are including the pictures we took and with the time we will write the text. It is the case of this entry. Check regularly the website to follow our progress. Enjoy the journey, Claudio and Fernando... read more

Europe » Monaco July 29th 2005

*Mas adelante pongo la info*... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo January 7th 2004

the next day, we made our way to Monaco, where there is the "Exotic" Gardens. we walk in, and it's all catcus. What's more, it's mostly cactus that grow in my parents back yard. the landscaping was indeed gorgeous, but I could take a trip to Anza Borego and see most of these very same specimens and not have to pay the 11 euro entrance fee. so while Mom is walking around saying, "Look at these wonderful plants!" she sees one that looked somewhat like a sea anemone, and says, "Oh, look at this one!" and proceeds to stick her hand right into it. After a moment, she gets this pained look on her face and pulls her hand back, saying, "Ow! That's sharp!" Yes, mom, it's a cactus. so I doubled over with laughter while ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 30th 2002

Eurorail 2002 - Photos from: Monte Carlo and Barcelona. A 3 week escapade on Eurorail and night trains beginning in Amsterdam, then journeying through Paris to Lyon. After that, onto the Cote d'Azure through Marseilles to camp (and enjoy the "tent fever") in Antibes, Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo before riding the North Mediterranean coast to Barcelona. After that, a mother of a train ride through France and Belgium to land just back across the Southern border of the Netherlands again to revisit an old stomping ground: Breda. From there, a penultimate jaunt up to Bruges then home from Brussels.... phew!!... read more
At Nou Camp, Barcelona
Returning From Olympic Village, Barcelona
Barcelona Fountains

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo June 29th 1998

Helen and I visited the Monte Carlo casino for a night of dressing up and gambling and glitter... read more

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