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Europe » Monaco July 29th 2006

Laura and I are still in Nice. Yesterday we travelled to Monaco and Monte Carlo. We visted the castle and saw the changing of the guard (i want to touch the cannon) and also went to a very poorly kept zoo. Colchester beats it by far but still we got to see a hippo! The train ride was absolutely beautiful along the coast, the train looks like its floating on water when you can't see over the edge! The cliffs are just amazing. We were planning on heading to Sardinia today but looking at the boat prices we are decided against the idea for now.. It is impossible to find out any trains times around Italy! So.. we went to the train station this morning and decided that the next stop will be Rome. Yes thats ... read more
Above all the rich people
tourists! NO THONGS

Europe » Monaco July 18th 2006

...(continued from the last entry) My brother had driven to Cannes, so I took the helm. The highway was great as we made our way to Monaco. It was late afternoon, and the only thing that pissed us off, was the fact that there are tolls every 5km--good thing they accept credit cards. The climb and descent into Monaco was terrific. It gets your blood pumping, as you want to take the car a bit faster around the bends, but not knowing the roads, slow it down. The streets are perfect, clean, and beautified to presicion. Trees, shrubs, and flowers are cut in excellent manner. We get out of the parking structure--underground, so as not nt clash with the high rises around--and marvel at the beauty that is Monaco. Despite all the money behind these apartment ... read more

Europe » Monaco June 26th 2006

Having planned a weekend in Paris to see the Chili Peppers and an impromptu weekend in Rome to meet up with my friend Claudia (upcoming blog), I was only left with one weekend in Nice. So, what did I do? I left Nice, of course! Well, in a different way though. I went on three day trips—Cannes, St. Paul de Vence, and Monaco (Friday, Saturday, Sunday respectively). First stop: Cannes. Four of us from school decided to go to Cannes for the day, enjoy the city and the beach, and then go out for dinner. Well, of course, every other day that week (coincidentally enough, all of the days I had classes in the afternoon) had absolutely gorgeous weather, but the afternoon I have off and the afternoon I decide to go to Cannes... cloudy and ... read more

Europe » Monaco June 9th 2006

We really wanted to go swimming in the Mediterranean, so what a better place than Monaco (actually we wanted to go to the Casino, but no one wanted to dress up!!) I found Monaco to be too densely populated, too many buildings, too many tourists...I don't think I would enjoy living in a place like this, but as visitors we had fun. We walked by the Casino (a very imposing building), ate some delicious fried calamari and prawns on the seafront and got in the water for a little while. We sort of cavorted around most of the day before taking the train back to Ville Franche for dinner. This was our last outing in the South of France, and we were already feeling a little sad. The next day we spent mostly by the pool, ... read more

Europe » Monaco May 29th 2006

Antibes and particuarly Monaco where really something else. The wealth and extravagence of the whole place was overwhelming - yes, even for me! However, I have to say that the French people in general, with some exceptions where an arrogant bunch of wankers that needed an attitude readjustment! The house in Antibes was gorgeous but stank of poo (even worse than Alicia), but we overcame all the challenges and ended up having a great time. Peter and Simone (more Dutch rellies!) joined us for a week and were great value and lots of fun. Old Antibes especially was really beautiful, with a very characteristic little village full of restaurants and cafes in really small lane ways. The Grand Prix was awesome and the atmosphere vibrant. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the trip and my expectations ... read more

Europe » Monaco May 23rd 2006

Hey everyone! We just wanted to say that the casino in Monte Carlo is sweet, and the blackjack tables are hot! In her first ever casino blackjack performance, Sara turned $25 (the smallest minimum!) into $200 real quick! Unfortunately, I only made it 4 hands. Thats enough for me, I'd rather buy more gelato! Lots of Ferraris and Bentleys and shiny happy people all around the place. Cannes was about the same and we looked up and down for Ryan Edwards, but didn't see him! I heard he is hanging out on his private island these days?? Surprisingly, we didn't see any stars in Cannes, but there were lots of photographers and stargazers at the film festival. And the yachts....oh my god. how do so many people have so much money? I would say a 75 ... read more

Europe » Monaco May 23rd 2006

I went on a hike with my friend Danica today up to a waterfalls overlooking Old Nice. We then met like 6 other American friends of ours to go to Monte Carlo and check out the billionaires. We changed our original plans and decided that instead of getting to Rome at like 10 pm, we would take an overnight train and get in at 7 am. So we had an extra day here to do stuff. Its like 5 pm Nice time, and we just got back. We saw the castle of the Prince of Monaco, the Casino, and finally we saw the city all set up for the Grand Prix of Monaco this weekend. We met a girl named Nikki from GA who was a diehard F1 racing fan, and she took us all over ... read more

Europe » Monaco May 13th 2006

Monaco is the worlds richest country, but also the 4th smallest. It's awesome!... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo April 12th 2006

The drive from Nice to Monaco is one of the most memorable drives I have ever been on. There are 3 roads into Monaco, the low, the high and the middle, and they all weave their way around the spectacular coastline and bypass the multi-millionaires luxury boats in the various marinas near Monaco. Too bad we were in a massive Contiki bus as opposed to in an Aston Martin feeling like James Bond, but it was still a fantastic drive. Once we were in Monaco, we headed to the enormous Monte Carlo Grand Casino, an incredibly pretentious place with the whole casino feeling like one big high roller room with the well dressed people looking down on us. There is a smaller casino where some of the group play some blackjack but I am happt to ... read more

Europe » Monaco April 10th 2006

WOW!! What else is there to say really? One of the most beautiful places I have ever been!!!!!... read more
Monte Carlo

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