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Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo May 25th 2007

Uliczkami Monaco. Wszystko przygotowane do eliminacji i GP F1.... read more
Przed kasynem

Europe » Monaco April 20th 2007

I will start this blog with my only complaint! I knew that this semester in Europe would be expensive, but I did not expect to spend as much money as I did while spending two weeks in France...but then again it is just money! (right mom?) haha...These past few weeks are some of the greatest since getting here. Everywhere I go, and all the people I meet, make this experience sooo worth it. Given, I think I ran into and spoke French with every crazy person in France and Italy, I wouldn't trade it for anything....and our trip begins! For starters, we got on the longest possible train from our city to Vienna. We have really learned to be patient travelers, and since we tend to spend the least amount of money on our transportation, ... read more
Bike tour Of Versailles
View of Ocean

Europe » Monaco April 20th 2007

MONACO 2 sq klms with a castle on 1 hill, casino on the other, and in between, lots of expensive toys - real estate, cars, boats etc. Ferraris, Porsches, Mercs, BMW, and Echos. On hearing we were coming to Monaco, we received an audience personally from Alby, Carol and Steph, but unfortunately our tight schedule didn't allow us the time to call in. We did offer the royal clan the invitation to spend a night with us in Nice but we haven't heard anything back yet. Judging by the abject poverty on display in their nation it's possible the family is a bit cash strapped and couldn't afford the tariff at our backpackers hostel. Maybe next time. We did have the chance to call up to the palace for a quick half hour to view the ... read more

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo March 5th 2007

On Friday Alberto drove us to his house in Monte Carlo. The drive there was beautiful as we drove along the cliffs down to the ocean. Alberto's apartment is on the side of the mountain overlooking most of Monte Carlo (and most of Monaco for that matter). On Friday we stayed in the apartment most of the day while some work was done on the apartment, and while that was being done I hung my two paintings that Alberto bought for the apartment. One painting is in the living room and one is in a bedroom. Saturday we drove 15 minutes where we crossed into Mentone which is the only town in France that lies between Italy and Monaco. Also Alberto’s boat is docked in Mentone. We went to see the boat and meet with Alberto’s ... read more
Alberto in his apartment
Monte Carlo near the apartment
Monte Carlo near the apartment

Europe » Monaco » Monte Carlo December 4th 2006

Valamint egyéb képek, például sirályos.... read more
Mr Papp befut
Itten az alagútban is futnak
Ebben az alagútban nem

Europe » Monaco October 24th 2006

Todays theme was "fish day." This was because we saw a lot of fish today. After taking the short train ride to Monaco, we made our way to the aquarium. We got their pretty much just as they were opening and were able to see them feed all of the fish. (it made up for the day before). My favorite to see was watching the sea horses suck up little teenie brine shrimp floating around in the water. There was also a guy trying to remove a fish that had something wrong with its eye. I only mention this because it was actually pretty interesting to watch. He had two nets but the fish always seemed to find a way around the coral structures and escape the net. It was like watching a soccer game we ... read more

Europe » Monaco October 2nd 2006

There is a feeling in the air when you arrive at the Monaco, Monte Carlo Train station. You walk down the marble hallways and sun hits you in the face as you walk onto the street. The air carries a certain aroma, it has the smell of money. Everywhere you look there are Ferrari's driving the streets, luxury yachts filling the harbour and a lot of high numbers on menus. Only a stones throw from Nice (which is isn't exactly a run down city itself) Monaco is, as they say, a playground for the rich and famous. The first thing we did was go to the Monte Carlo Casino. After our €10 entry fee, we stand at the doorway to the plush gaming room. No photos are allowed in there of course but we did play ... read more
Monaco Harbour 2
The guys checking out the Enzo
Says it all

Europe » Monaco September 19th 2006

After checking in to our hotel at Nice in the French Riviera, Jarrad drove us into the country of Monaco were you have to apply to Prince Albert if you want to be a citizen. After dinner looking over the grand prix track he took us down the starting grid and for a spin around the track. Revving it up on the starting line to the sound of Formula 1 cars revving. He can do amazing things in that bus. We arrived at the Grand Casino Monte Carlo - the minimum bet was 5 Euro's ($10) so our money didnt last too long. We did have some big winners on tour though, and overall it was a good night!... read more

Europe » Monaco August 5th 2006

Hopefully the text for this entry will appear soon.... read more

Europe » Monaco August 4th 2006

I know I have not yet posted anything on the four-country drive we undertook a few days ago, or about our stay in Cannes -- still to come. I just had to post a quick few shots I took last night coming home from sushi in Moncao... I will say that the road trip continues: today we leave Cannes (and the largest collection of D&G, Chanel and Dior Sunglasses in the world) and head back toward the UK. I am hoping we will real Lascaux tonight so we can see the caves in the morning. ... read more
Fireworks in Monaco
Fireworks in Monaco
Fireworks in Monaco

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