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January 7th 2004
Published: December 20th 2007
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the next day, we made our way to Monaco, where there is the "Exotic"
Gardens. we walk in, and it's all catcus. What's more, it's mostly
cactus that grow in my parents back yard. the landscaping was
indeed gorgeous, but I could take a trip to Anza Borego and see most
of these very same specimens and not have to pay the 11 euro
entrance fee. so while Mom is walking around saying, "Look at these
wonderful plants!" she sees one that looked somewhat like a sea
anemone, and says, "Oh, look at this one!" and proceeds to stick her
hand right into it. After a moment, she gets this pained look on
her face and pulls her hand back, saying, "Ow! That's sharp!" Yes,
mom, it's a cactus. so I doubled over with laughter while she was
standing thewre staring at it in mixed curiosity and suprise.


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