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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 22nd 2006

Luxembourg is a small country. After crossing the border (which is the type of border crossing I like, at about 130km/h) we spent the next 15 minutes getting to the centre of the country, both geographically and politically. Luxembourg City maybe the capital but it has not a large city feel. You could almost confuse it for a average town if it were not for the amazing hisotry and sights. As we drove through the city, we got to the end of the highest point of town when the land disappears and valleys carves out the skyline. As an important city in the middle ages and previous, Luxembourg was a impenetrable stronghold that is now an impressive sight. We took a walk around the Swiss Cheese like catacombs of the Luxembourg Fortress. The amount of twists, ... read more
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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 22nd 2006

After Brugges I caught a train to Brussels, then on to Luxembourg. There was nothing in particular I wanted to see, basically purpose of the trip was to cross another country off the list. The train ride from Brussels was quite pleasant, passing through quite a few villages along the way. It was quite cheap and took approx 2.5 hours to get there. You can easily see Luxembourg in a day. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had a great time walking around and exploring the city. I stayed overnight and what must surely be the world's cleanest hostel! When I arrived they were polishing the floors with one of those big industrial polishers and the place fair dinkum sparkled. A nice change though as I have stayed in some absolute dog boxes in ... read more
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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 11th 2006

Arrived in Brussels to a regional airport that was about an hour away from the city centre. Luckily they had a bus that ran to the city every hour. I hopped on it and made it to the centre at about 5pm. The first mission for me was to find a place to stay since i'd arrived without booking a room. Still as organised as ever. I visited the tourist office which i knew booked rooms for free, and they found a hostel for me quite easily. I found it and as luck would have it, it had its own bar. I went out for dinner and then headed for the bar. I met an American guy who was in the same room as me, so we had a few beers between us and stumbled to ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » La Rochette August 24th 2006

Long time, no write! I guess I've been caught up in the high season here. Well, that is quite definatley over now and the weather is too. We've been having positivley crappy English weather here for a few weeks now, and that has only served to shorten the season - as I write, the heavens have opened again. A lot of sitting around is being done, hence I have the will once again to write in my blog! The students I told you about in the last entry have pretty mcuh all left now and life is once again quiet. Thanks to everyone for cards / facebook messages on my birthday a few days ago. The parents came to visit on the 19th and 20th and we had a really nice day in Trier accross the ... read more
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Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden July 29th 2006

Tired and homesick after the freak storm in Blois, with both of Zak's hands now suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, plus tennis-elbow, golf-elbow, and now even claw-hand and trigger-finger in the mornings, we had decided to head home as fast as we could. We drove from Blois through to Luxembourg, hoping to make it into Germany, through ever changing weather, rain-sunshine-rain-sunshine... We had picked up a hitchhiker, a grasshopper from Blois, and Zak named him KwaiChang Caine, after the TV series of the 70s called Kung Fu, which starred David Carradine as a character who was known as "grasshopper" as a child. We were literally meters away from Germany, when we arrived in Vianden late at night, driving through misty, foggy, icy roads through winding mountain passes. It seems all the drivers there were a**-holes acting ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 28th 2006

(August 16th through the 18th 2005) I left a sunny Paris behind in the early afternoon. I was a bit excited, since this was my first time travelling by myself in a foreign land. The train ride was quiet, and went smoothly into Luxembourg. Arriving--I don't know if it was due to the dark weather outside that had change during my ride, or the environs of the train station and the buildings in front of it--I thought to myself, 'I thought I was going to Luxembourg, not Eastern Europe." Well, that soon went away as I made my way to the international youth hostel 'Auberge de Jeunesse'. The lady at the front was extremely nice. Have a conversation with her, and check into my room, all in French. The guy at the desk was not nice, ... read more
Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City

Europe » Luxembourg » Nommern July 5th 2006

Well, here we go - the High season is upon us and the madness has already begun. The site is set to go from a pretty meagre 250 people upto around 3000 within a week - that means a 1200% increase in workload for us! Pass op, mijne damen en heeren - de Nederlanders komen! I manage a bar on the campsite and, in general, the customers are pretty well behaved, save for the odd drunken scuffle or general rowdiness. That is normally the preserve of high season when we have DJs from 'the city' here and it all gets a bit mad - but two nights ago it began already when a young group (two of whom I recognised as having been thrown out of the bar by force by myself and 2 of the ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden June 23rd 2006

After a really cold morning we left La Roche heading towards Luxembourg City. via Vianden, a nice town on another river. It had a good looking castle (sorry...Chateau, as we are now in French speaking part of Belgium) but we didn't go in as we couldn't be bothered. Looks like travel apathy starting to set in. Had for lunch, (what is currently in our top 5 snacks) a fantastic pork-veal mince sausage and onion kebab which was deep fried and then covered in this tomato-BBQ sauce which was delicious. Add to that world class 'frites' and we had it made. Ended the day arriving in Luxembourg City which was OK but won't get another visit in a hurry. It’s hard for some areas to compete when they are surrounded by so many fantastic areas around them. ... read more
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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 23rd 2006

Oioi! I ventured into town today with my mate Erik who is over from Holland for two days. His mother agreed to drive me to the Russian embassy. This became a bit of a mission, as the embassy is actually an old country manor hidden away in a wooded area right on the edge of town. When we got there it was closed. A brief conversation with the embassy staff in a sort of franco-russian via the gate-phone informed me that the embassy opened for an hour every day - if they felt like it. So, my first experience of Russian beaurocracy! While shopping in the city for shoes and some new jeans, I managed to put down the envelope containing my passport, student papers and "priglashenye" - an invitation required to visit Russia that can't ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Nommern June 21st 2006

So here I am, finally out of the UK! I had a very pleasant week in Devon and managed to meet up with Seb, a housemate from uni, in Slapton for some drinking by a fire on the beach. Very chilled, despite staying in the student bunkhouse overnight and trying not to get noticed... Life here on the campsite is still quiet as the tourists won't be arriving for a few weeks yet. The weather isn't exactly stunning either, but at least it all gives me time to settle in befor eI start work in a few days. I have my eyes on a caravan that I've found out is empty in a quiet patch of the site and I've managed to pursuade the boss that it is not fair that I should have to do ... read more
The fire on Slapton Sands

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