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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 20th 2007

We picked up a rental car (Peugeot 207) in Cologne and took the Autobahn south-west towards Luxembourg. For the 5 days we were driving around Luxembourg and Germany, we didn’t have any hotel reservations. Not having any reservations gave us some flexibility in this portion of our trip which was good because we were indecisive about exactly where we wanted to go. We drove for a few hours and stopped in Echternach, a town just across the border from Germany. We looked at a couple of hotel rooms and chose the less smoky smelling one, the Hotel des Ardennes. We think we may have been the only people staying in the entire hotel that night and our room looked like it had its last renovations in 1972, but otherwise it was a pleasant stay. Echternach ... read more
View over Luxembourg City from casemates
Our ride

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 10th 2007

My first couple of days in Luxembourg have been quite nice. Unfortunately I have the memory of a small, irritating house fly and haven't been able to remember all the names of places I've been, but I do know that the first night we went to a town called Echternacht....I think. It was this delightful old town and we got these massive ice creams. When I say massive, I mean massive. They are in these huge martini type glasses with large heart shaped waffle cookie dealies. Luxembourg is apparently the richest country in the EU, and because of it have exceptional food and cars all around. Some of the cars are part of the interesting sites to see, and just like a boy, Tobias feels it is not only his duty, but privelege to point out ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 8th 2007

Backtracking to two countries ago... I did *not* in fact get to go the Guinness Factory. I thought I'd be able to swing it before the airport, but I did the math in my head and there was no way, as it was I barely made it to the airport...mostly because I ran down the street to buy a pretty Claddagh ring. Necessary!!!! I flew to Paris with no mishaps. I read my French guide just about the whole way there and practiced ways to ask where my train and hotel were, which proved unnecessary. Unnecessary!!! When I got to the immigration guy I had a big ol' smile on my face when I salut!ed at him and he wasn't entirely impressed. He checked my picture with my still ever smiling face and handed it back ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » La Rochette May 23rd 2007

Neatly tucked between France, Belguim and Germany is one of Europes (and the worlds) smallest soverign countries. Im talking about Luxembourg (or the official name - Grande Duche de Luxembourg). With a total territory of 2,585 sq kilometres (or 1000 sq miles) it is about the 20th smallest country in the world. A founding E.U. member, the official language is Luxembourgish. But hey, French or German are fine. And while it can be a bit harder to find someone, English should get you around reasonably OK. Just be aware, most people in ticket booths, retail or hospitality can't speak English very well once you get of Luxembourg City, so if you need to get off at a stop write down any directions or place names as this will really help. One thing you notice pretty ... read more
Luxembourg city
La Rochette Castle
Cake Shop

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 2nd 2007

...Beautiful long weekend trip by car to Luxembourg....we took another couple of friends with us and met another couple at the spot...really chilled out place, no rush, no city like scenes and amazing views on the way.... The highlight was probably Vianden Castle where some big screen films were was almost surreal as it stands at the hill with it's towers just like in children ferry tales;-) again views and scenery around are amazing, at the foothill of the castle there are some small coffee shops and ice cream parlous;-) Could be ideal few days out for many families... ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 12th 2007

Driving into Luxembourg we didn't really know what to expect. We arrived at the campsite and were pleasantly surprised. The campsite was beautiful. It reminded us of the campsite we stayed in at the Blue Mountains. It was so well maintained, with beautiful green manicured lawns to park on, lovely forest surrounding, and fantastic amenities. These toilets/showers were the cleanest public amenities I have ever seen, including AUST. You could eat off the floor they were so clean, they were heated, and even played Celine Dion music in the background. Our first evening in our campervan was great. We hung our Aussie flag on the outside of our van, and despite the camp being virtually empty, one other group saw our flag and come over - Kiwis! We met Tony and his wife Jenny, who ... read more
working working
petite dejuner

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 11th 2007

Finally after taking 3 hours to give us our campervan (we had to do paperwork, watch a 'how to' video and then get everything explained again in person and then inspect the vehicle for damage) we finally drove off and were lost in 5 mins! Driving around backtstreets and trying to find the main road again, whilst trying to get use to driving on the right hand side, and trying not to turn windscreen wipers on instead of indicators- there were a few profanities being thrown around in the those first few minutes. But finally once we were on the main road, and then on the autobahn for the first time, we were right! Our new best friend, TomTom guided us all the way and it was brilliant. In around 2 hours we would be ... read more
Craig camper
Kellie camper
Craig in his element

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City March 2nd 2007

Lux was one of the coolest cities i've ever been to. it was surrounded by castels and beautiful bridges. Honestly I was a little hung over so I didn't enjoy it as much as i shuould have. But i went with Tim, Sarah Jo and Bobbo. We had a great time looking at the city and seeing the castle and city lit up at night was breath taking. We also visited a pub that reminded me of Duffys in Chico. The pubs here are so neat. They are like little duffy's all over but bigger and with better beer. It is a small but interesting counrty. The people were also moslty speaking french which was nice to hear a different language besides german. Other than that not much about it besides a cool place to see. ... read more
so cool
messing around
a piece of the castle

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City February 9th 2007

The day started early, Julia showered first at 7:40, then Chelsea, me and finally Ross. We were quick and made our way to breakfast. We headed off on our day excursion to see the old part of Luxembourg. Outside the hostel we were immediately faced with an uphill walk (Julia would argue climb - only because she needed to rest part way up and then catch her breath at the top.) At the top is the wall surrounding the old city, which was built in 963. It is no longer fully intact but a good part of it still exists. (As can be seen in the pictures) We walked around the wall and through the town. It is not very big and we finished seeing everything we wanted to in half a day. We decided to ... read more
Luxemburg 2
Luxemburg 3
Luxemburg 4

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City January 19th 2007

Yazmayalı, uzun zaman oldu. Büyük bi değişiklik yok ama, aslında her gün yeni bişey oluyo. Bazılarınız bildiği üzere, bizimkiler (anne-baba) uzun bi süredir Hollanda'dalardı. daha çok dayımda kaldılar ama bize de geldiler. Neyse, onlarla bi ufak Luxemburg turu yapalım dedik. Eindhoven'dan arabayla yaklaşık 2 saatte ulaştık. Bu arada arabayı ben sürdüm... Henüz oturum kartım çıkmamıştı, Hollandayı terketmem yasak yani:)) Allah korudu. Virajsız, dümdüz, sıkıcı yolculuktan soora Luksemburg'a vardık. Ufacık biyer, nüfusu da baya az. Bir sürü şehir var ama hepsi köy büyüklüğünde... araları da 5er 10ar km. En güzel tarafı ise inanılmaz bi doğası war. Her taraf dağ tepe orman çayır... Hollanda'dan soora insana cennet gibi geliyo. Virajlardan tırmanıp ormanın içinden inişe başladığınızda karşınıza yemyeşil vadi içinde bi köy (aslında şehir) ve filmlerde gördüğümüz kocaman şatolardan çıkıyo. in... read more

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