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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City January 30th 2022

The story started end of Luxembourg. That is my story...and I would be resident of the tiny Grand Duchy till I left for Asia in 1996. I may have lived there for 23 years, but most of my education has happened in Belgium. I was crossing the border at first every day till later it became once a week (boarding school and university). Most of my teenagers years in Luxembourg were actually spent at or around the golf course next to the airport. Summer time, you would find me there most days from 8am to pretty often very close to sunset! As you may guess, Luxembourg is not what you call a big country. Belgium border was 2kms from home, France is 15kms and Germany a mere 40kms away! I believe my last visit was ... read more
Grey sky, the joy of winter tourism....
Small Capital....but pretty green capital city even in winter...

Europe » Luxembourg October 1st 2019

Mention Luxembourg and what do you think of, exactly, nothing! Well except the recent gibe at it's Prime Minister by Nigel Farage!, but I digress, unfair really so some investigation needed to see what we really should see and do. The dog in some way dictates where we can go and for how long. The weather which has now turned a little bit more autumnal helps our first visit to Vianden Castle, where we are able to leave Poppy in Harvey not in fear of her over heating. The first view on the approaching road is quite tantalising so confirms our visit. With origins from the 10th century and a distinctive Romanesque style, with further Gothic trimmings it does make a statement and all so more amazing that in fact is that this castle has been ... read more
Promoting the Castle
Amazing outcrops
Casemates from within

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 26th 2019

As the title suggests, this multicultural, diverse borough in the south of Luxembourg, is considered by some to be on the fringe of what life could offer, if you had the means to escape. How wrong you can be. As a long term resident of Esch-sur-Alzette since the 19th of September....this year, my observations are fresh and unbiased about this country of highly subsidised , overpaid shiny pants bankers, whose primary function is to push and distribute wealth around the world, with the primary goal of pocketing as much as possible as it passes through. Which is fair enough. I’m looking at it from the much maligned - highly unwarranted I might add - city of Esch-sur-Alzette, the second largest city in Luxembourg. Positioned in the south east, not too far from the remarkable vineyards of ... read more
The Station.
Manicured Gardens In An Enclosed Square

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 23rd 2019

I‘m a bit out of sync due to an unreliable Wifi connection at Tim and Natalia’s place. I thought Australia‘s NBN was third world but I think we’re in a black spot here. It went out late last night and I wasn’t sitting up in the hope it recovered. As someone who is on holidays with someone else who had a heart attack earlier this year, the thought struck me that without Wifi, I have no phone, no language skills, and we’re on the third floor; keep taking the medication Sue. Here’s a catch up. Better late than never. I said yesterday that we had no travel plan to return to Luxembourg ; we’ll things have changed and the plan has evolved. We were staying in Ghent until tomorrow, but after researching the journey home and ... read more
River Cruise

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 20th 2019

After Tim picked us up from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport last night, he suggested we go to a town on the Moselle River for dinner. I’ve never heard of Bernkastel-Kues before, but dinner was dinner and we would arrive home too late to bother eating. We wound our way along dark roads in the Black Forest, and after passing through a long illuminated tunnel, we arrived at our destination. It was magical. I won‘t describe it but it really was as you’d expect a classic german village to be. Check out the pics. We parked by the Moselle River in a large car park that is located where the original railway used to be. The walk up through the town square passed immaculate restored buildings, with dark exposed timber framing highlighting the brightly coloured walls and ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette August 27th 2019

I was doing some Spanish this morning when today’s itinerary was outlined, so it was a surprise to me when we started to drive up a steep mountain. Today is Luxembourg day but it’s not without detours. We were half way up Stophanberch Mountain when I looked up from my novel when I asked Where are we headed? What started out as a novel, after leaving it on the dashboard of the car in the heat when we visited Freiburg, was reduced to the equivalent of pamphlets.The glue had broken down and each page came away as I turned it. I finished it as we approached Luxembourg so it stays here. Anyway, where are we headed? Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle. The most prominent castle in the district, it covers 1.5 hectares and is built from pink sandstone.It was ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 22nd 2019

Luxembourg has many castles Luxembourg is a relatively small country squeezed in between Belgium, Germany and France. It is one of those countries where the capital has the same name as the country. To avoid confusion we will here write "Luxembourg" when we refer to the country and "Luxembourg City" when it is the capital we are writing about. We spent three days in Luxembourg and in that time we pretty much saw everything we could come up with that we wanted to see. That gives you an idea of how small the country actually is. Now when we are writing this we can only think of one thing we wanted to see that we missed. That is the photo exhibition the Family of Man. It was closed the day we planned to go there and ... read more
Ansembourg Castle
Useldange Castle
Useldange church

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 16th 2019

Our flight to Oslo in the evening (but full daylight!) was a short hop back to city life - a fast quiet train from the airport, then a short taxi ride to our Smarthotel, which was centrally located (another thank you to Martin from Destinations Travel for his great bookings). We crashed into bed (it actually got dark for a few hours!) and had a cruisey morning before catching the Hop on Hop off bus to suss out the local sights and ended up at one of the many Maritime Museums - always lots of learn, and a couple of hours were spent amongst world class models of shipping from Viking longships to modern oil drilling rigs. Just caught the last bus back to the city, where we walked the immediate vicinity, had a meal and ... read more
Vigeland Sculpture Park.
Vigeland Sculpture Park.
Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Europe » Luxembourg September 9th 2018

My last blog finished before the end of our Scotland-East coast trip ended. I am writing this from Luxembourg so had between fill in the gaps for you!! From Fortrose we drove to Forfar, not on everyone’s’ list of destinations in Scotland but it was amazing. It is home to two awe inspiring constructions and the first are the Kelpies. Two stunning horse head sculptures, built of structural steel with a stainless steel cladding, The Kelpies are 30 metres high and weigh 300 tonnes. I had a great time taking shots with my camera and would love to return to see them at night. Our next stop was the canal to see the equally famous Falkirk wheel, a functional piece of engineering to connect two canals with a height difference of about 25 metres. We were ... read more
The Kelpies
Falkirk wheels
Aunty Amy

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