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Europe » Luxembourg September 28th 2017

28 September 2017 Luxembourg City is small for a capital with a population of 110,000. It is unusually sited on the edge of gorges of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. The campsite was in the suburb of Alzingen and it was an easy bus ride in to the centre. We spent an enjoyable day visiting the Cathedral of Notre-Dame; strolling along the spectacular Chemin de la Corniche built on the 17th century ramparts on the top of the gorge cliffs; exploring and sometimes getting lost in the underground galleries, passages and staircases of the Bock Casements fortress carved out in the cliffs by the Spaniards in the 16th century; and walking down to the area of Grund at the bottom of the gorge.... read more
Highly revered Madonna and child
Members of the royal family are buried in the crypt
The Royal Palace

Europe » Luxembourg September 27th 2017

27 September2017 Esch-sur-Sûre is another settlement with a castle on a knoll and almost completely surrounded by its river. In the morning we explored this village and were astonished as to how picturesque it was in beautiful sunny weather. We then drove 40k eastwards through beautiful wooded valleys to the town of Echernach from where we had intended to do a walk in the Müllerthal forests. However, we didn’t like the look of the campsite so instead went south to just outside Luxembourg City where we were lucky to be given the last pitch on the site there.... read more
Its church and chapel on the ridge
On the ridge
Tower and village

Europe » Luxembourg September 11th 2017

The time is ticking, my remaining hours in Luxembourg can now be counted on a single hand. I am scared but still can't wait to get on the plane. Going to miss you all. See you in April Adela... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden August 6th 2017

Heute bin ich in den Norden von Luxemburg nach Vianden gefahren. Die Autobahn dorthin war wirklich sehr schön. In der "schönsten Stadt der Ardennen" angekommen, habe ich glücklicherweise einen sehr guten Parkplatz gefunden. Danach bin ich gleich in ein empfohlenes Restaurant, wo ich eine kalte Platte mit Ardennenschinken und danach Pferdefilet mit Pommes Frites gegessen habe. Pferdefleisch hatte ich zuletzt 2002/03 regelmäßig bei Nestlé gegessen. Damals wie heute mit einer Pfeffersauce. Es wäre auch noch Käsefondue angeboten gewesen, aber das mache ich lieber selber oder esse es wie im Sommer 2014 in Zürich im Herkunftsland. Es war aber trotzdem keine leichte Entscheidung. Das Restaurant war in der Grand Rue, die auch vom Reiseführer angepriesen wurde, aber ich bin nicht diese Straße weiter ins Tal spaziert. Dazu war ich zu faul und ich habe die Straße noch ... read more
Schloß Vianden.
Schloß Vianden.
Im empfohlenen Grillrestaurant.

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City August 5th 2017

An diesem Wochenende bin ich nach Luxemburg gefahren. Ich glaube, ich war während meiner Interrail-Tour 1992 zum ersten Mal einmal mitten in der Nacht auf einem Stopp zwischen Brüssel und Basel in der Stadt. Dabei bin ich mit einem Bekannten auch vom Bahnhof bis zu irgendeiner der Brücken zur Innenstadt gelaufen. Im Jahr 2000 bin ich von Hannover kommend Richtung Frankreich und zurück durch das Großherzogtum gefahren. Und 2004 habe ich von Frankfurt aus einen Tagesausflug in die Stadt gemacht. Ich habe mich danach oft geärgert, dass ich nicht das ganze Wochenende dort verbracht habe, aber jetzt habe ich das nachgeholt. Nachdem ich auf dem Weg noch in Trier Kaffee getrunken habe, habe ich heute Nachmittag die Stadt erreicht. Auch einen Parkplatz in der Nähe des Hotels konnte ich bald finden. Für mein Traumauto, den BMW ... read more
Kathedrale Notre Dame.
In den Bock Kasematten.
Der großherzögliche Palast.

Europe » Luxembourg » Eisenbach July 3rd 2017

So as I'm getting ready to go to bed, there's a knock at the door. Here we go, time to move on, but no, it was a couple who lived in the next village, who had spotted me and so invited me to breakfast. So the next morning I cycled to theirs for a massive continental breakfast, and chatted for hours. The funny thing was Andrea was a big tour fan, but Tom couldn't care less, he wanted to go play with his focus RS round the Nurburgring. They even offered to drive me to the station with my bike, as it had been heavy rain all morning, and it didn't stop all day. But we weren't sure if there would be room for the bike on a train, as they were so busy, so I ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » La Rochette July 1st 2017

Woke to rain on the roof. Went back to sleep. Woke to rain on the roof (.....................did I just say that ?). By lunchtime abandonned all hope of a scooter ride to Beaufort to see the castles, or anywhere else for that matter so Bob loaded a bedraggled Kisbee into the garage. Nipped up to the swimming pool between showers and got properly wet then returned to Tandy for a nap (accompanied by a lullaby of "raindrops keep falling on my roof"). One bright moment. A young Treecreeper on a tree right next to Tandy posed for me. Those are the only photos you get. PS We are Not complaining about the rain. We have had 3 1/2 weeks of glorious weather. Just a little unusual to get all our month long's holiday supply all at ... read more
170701 Larochette (1)
170701 Larochette (2)
170701 Larochette (4)

Europe » Luxembourg » La Rochette June 30th 2017

Very short drive required today as moving less than 30 miles to Larochette, a village north of the city in the Mullerthal region, referred to as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. Didn’t want to take the motorway for such a short trip and neither did we fancy driving through the city (which appears to have a bit of a traffic problem) so we went East, through Syren then followed the Tomtom which took us just, but only just, round the edge of the city and onto the road to Larochette. I chose the campsite, Camping Berkelt, on the basis of its swimming pool which is covered when cold, uncovered when warm. As it is now about 15 degrees colder than this time last week a covered pool seemed like a good option. Also there are several castles in ... read more
170630 Larochette (31)
170630 Larochette (133)
170630 Larochette (58)

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 29th 2017

Off to a leisurely start, just waited for a shower to pass before heading to bus stop a couple of minutes from the campsite. Took little umbrella but no coats. Caught our 192 bus into Luxembour centre for €2 each and got off at Minelius. Not the best spot to be introduced to the city as this is a massive building project (36,000 square metre structure will be a mixed use building). We found quite a lot of construction work in other areas too, the viaduct has a major project in progress, Road behind the Cathedral was completely dug up and we despaired for a while of finding a view not hidden by scaffolding or cranes. Must have caught it on a bad month, as we are sure that once all the scaffolding has gone it ... read more
Cathedral Notre Dame
170629 Luxembourg city (169)
170629 Luxembourg city (308)

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 28th 2017

Quite a lot of rain in the night again. Most conveniently only while we were inside Tandy and asleep – though it rained so hard for a while it was hard to sleep through it as it lands very heavily on the roof just above our bed which is at the top back above the garage. Woke to find ducks swimming on the water of the little river behind Tandy. Charming especially when we consider there are also trout in the water and birds flitting tunefully above it. Rain was pretty persistent all morning, as we packed up and left our lovely campsite. Note to self :Next time we use this campsite ask for pitch 72b again. Not much to say about the drive really as most of it was made in rain, some drizzle, some ... read more
The rain has squashed some of the crops
170628 Luxembourg city (12)
170628 Luxembourg city (29)

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