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Europe » Luxembourg November 12th 2016

Geo: 49.6044, 6.13034After a four drive we stopped in Luxembourg. City tourThen to American Cemetery. Battle of the Bulge was the main theme. George Patton was laid to rest here.... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City August 6th 2016

Our First Night in Paris Well the morning has come its time to set our bags out side by our cabin door. Yes, we’re both sad that the cruise has come to an end. We slowly make our way to the dinning room as if this is going to prolong our time on the boat. We had a good breakfast and made ourselves our famous sandwiches for a snack latter. We even snagged a couple of hard-boiled eggs. The crew I think was sadder than Kirsten, they all hugged her as she was leaving the boat. At one point I think Arie was wiping a tear from his eye. We climbed on the bus for our ride to Luxemburg to visit the WWII gravesite where General Patton is buried. You know, I grew up at Fort ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 13th 2016

Early on the morning of December 16, 1944, some alert sentries in the American lines in the area of the Losheim Gap in Belgium heard the low roar of engines. There was some clanking of armored treads. Suddenly large searchlights from the German side were directed up into the low-hanging clouds, reflecting their light downward. In many instances, this revealed to the sleepy Americans that their lines had already been infiltrated by German infantry soldiers, and many died shortly after making the discovery. Germany's Operation Wacht am Rhein ("Watch on the Rhine") had begun, and would develop into the biggest battle the US Army has fought, known to the Allied side as the Battle of the Bulge. Anyone who is familiar with the Band Of Brothers series knows about the feats and travails of the 101st ... read more
Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial
Cleaning crosses at Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial
Grave of Gen. George Patton at Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 12th 2016

Almost all generalizations are inaccurate to a greater or lesser degree, but I have always thought of the Normandy invasion in terms of large aggregates of men engaged in fights to take it to the enemy in weather that was tolerable. I have always thought of the Battle of the Bulge as smaller units, unorganized groups of men, and brave individuals performing heroically from defensive positions against a charging, well-armed enemy in weather that was beyond awful. Today's journey was our first day in the landscape of the Bulge. But it started at the sites of lesser well known but devastating battles at Aachen and the Hürtgen Forest. The connected battles to take Aachen and the Hürtgen Forest constitute the longest battle ever fought by the US Army, lasting from September 19, 1944 to February 10, ... read more
Tank tread embedded in ground along Kall Trail
"Dragon's teeth" in the Siegfried Line
Looking upslope at Lanzerath Ridge

Europe » Luxembourg June 9th 2016

We knew tidy was going to be a long one. Up at 6 am for breakfast then off to the tunnel for athe 8:50 crossing. The ride today was 360 miles ish. The good news was it was all pretty uneventful. No real traffic hold ups, lovely warm sunny day and mostly good roads. There was a slight satnav hitch. It missed the first way point. A war memorial in Dunkirk. It took us to the town. Even showed it in the route plan. Just didn't bother with the final corner. Ho hum. France is France, Belgium was a a nice surprise. The rolling hills broke the monotony of the motorways. Luxembourg is a joy. Beautiful hills and mountains, great vistas. Julia has a new retirement plan. Viendan is a lovely town. Set in a river ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 16th 2016

We decided to get up early this morning to make our way to the Saturday morning market in Luxembourg. We had a pleasant surprise when we boarded the bus that all the buses were free on Saturday. After a quick ride, we were dropped at the market. We were immediately struck by the beautiful flowers. We wandered around and made a few purchases.Then it was a quick walk to the center of town where we selected cafe Francis for our breakfast. The breakfast was idyllic, as we watched a sleepy square wake up. We wandered around the antique market in the square before setting off to for downtown Luxembourg. We made stops at st. Michaels church, the chocolate house, and then made our way back for lunch in the same square. We chose an outside table ... read more
St.michaels stained glass
View of town
Stunning town view

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 15th 2016

We are off on another adventure today. We will spend the next 2.5 weeks in Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands. Our flight from Syracuse to Dulles was slightly delayed and so we had to run to our gate to catch our flight to Frankfort. The flight was fairly good. I watched the new movie sisters with Tina Fey, it was funny. We arrived in Frankfurt, tired but excited for the next leg of the journey. We had enough time to grab some breakfast and relax before we boarded our short 30 minute flight to Luxembourg. I was head bobbing before the flight even took off and was awakened when we landed. The Luxembourg airport was a similar size to the Syracuse airport, but very modern. We grabbed some euros and headed for the bus stop. The ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden September 7th 2015

When researching about Luxembourg, I discovered there was a small place called Vianden that was north of Luxembourg City and close to the German border. The first photo I saw of Vianden when researching was this magnificent castle on a rock, surrounded by greenery, a river and lots of houses. I was taken aback by this beautiful, peaceful looking town and there was no way that I was going to miss the opportunity to visit this place. My guidebook recommended doing 'A Tour of Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise' with the Petite Suisse meaning Little Switzerland. The book recommended starting at a small town called Echternach and ending at Vianden via Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise. The route is about 22 miles (35 km) and will take at least half a day by car or a whole day by foot. ... read more
Not a fan of heights

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 5th 2015

I was really looking forward to visiting Luxembourg because I was going to be hosted for 4 nights by Stefano a guy who I met through Couchsurfing and we already got to meet one time he was visiting London so I knew he was genuine and we got on really well. I was excited by the fact that I'd be visiting a country I had not visited before; country number 28! the rules are simple a friend recently told me, you have to at least visit the same number of countries as your age or more. That means I am 3 countries behind, so I better get planning my next couple of trips! As soon as I arrived in Luxembourg City, Stefano made me feel very welcome. He wanted to ensure my car was parked safely ... read more
Golden Lady
Selfie with Schengen
Hole in the Bock

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