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Europe » Luxembourg July 24th 2015

On ne va jamais aussi loin que lorsqu'on ne sait pas où on va... Christophe Colomb Et comme maintenant nous savons... il est temps de retrouver nos clés et d'ouvrir la porte de l'appartement... Merci Pollux de nous avoir fait découvrir d'autres coins de la terre... Merci Jj d'avoir fait tourner les roues de Pollux... Ce 24 juillet, après 72 jours de voyage, 12.547,9 km, 241 h et 1' de voyage, moteur en marche, avec une consommation de 8,4 L/100Km et une moyenne de 52km/h, nous voici de retour ! Ce serait à refaire, nous le referions... mais il n'est pas dans nos habitudes de nous habituer à un endroit quand il y en à encore tant d'autres à découvrir... C'est pourquoi, aujourd'hui nous aurons la joie de : retrouver un grand lit... ouvrir un frigo ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 22nd 2015

Hi Everyone, This past weekend was Luxembourg. It's a fortress city built on cliffs, so there are some spectacular views (especially with how much green space there is). Unfortunately, there's not at all that much to do. The main attractions are the views and the shopping. If you're not into shopping, you'll be done with the place pretty quickly. My recommendation would be to spend a day there and move on the following morning. Cheers, Joel... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Diekirch June 21st 2015

Geo: 50.0751, 6.04568TIME: 13:35 HOURSLOCATION: Chateau Urspelt, Clevaux Luxembourg.Weather: Grey and drizzly......SUMMARY: After battling across Central Germany on "C" Roads following a 40km tail back on the Autobahn (A6) we were relieved to reach The Hotel Panorama in Heidelberg on Friday night. Overlooking the Rhine we were within 5 mins walk of the Old Town and this was only a one night stop we just had time for dinner comprising tasty but rather anaemic looking sausages "bobbing" about in tepid water and Schnitzel. The next morning we made quick tour of the Old Town mainly involving Cathy visiting about 30 local shoe shops........Setting off at a "geriatric" 1100hrs we had a comparatively short drive (300km) to Luxembourg. After a week of dumplings, pork lardons and gherkins we were looking forward to the refined culinary d ... read more
Good Room
Sydney had his own room!

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 4th 2015

My thought about the countries so far: Scotland - Cold, windy, beautiful! Drive on the wrong side. People are friendly. Galic is weird! Really like Irn Bru soda! Neil, our guide rocks! Germany - Warmer, but windy on the Rhine. Enchanting towns. Everyone rides bicycles. Inexpensive for a tourist area. Dogs are everywhere... even restaurants, stores, and train stations! Luxembourg - It may be the country with the highest income per capita in the world, but they don't keep their streets and public places very clean! Spend some money on public maintenance! Clothing... women's at least, is expensive! Lower Luxembourg City (Base?) is quite pretty. Today we had our first breakfast experience in the hostel. Standard fare, except for the coffee/cappuccino machine. After breakfast, we bought the Luxembourg Card so we could use all the b ... read more
The train trestle above our hostel
Entering Thungen Fort grounds
Thungen Fort

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 3rd 2015

Random thoughts about countries so far: Scotland - Cold, windy, beautifuly! Drive on the wrong side. People are friendly. Galic is weird! Really like Irn Bru soda! Neil, our guide rocks! Germany - Warmer, but windy on the Rhine. Enchanting towns. Everyone rides bicycles. Inexpensive for a tourist area. Dogs are everywhere... even restaurants, stores, and train stations! Luxembourg - To be determined Auf Wiedersehen Germany, bonjour Luxembourg! After another good breakfast in the hotel, we said goodbye to hostess and headed to the Sankt Goar train station. We had wanted to buy train tickets to Luxembourg online since they were 38 Euros on special or 78 normal, but the hotel didn't have a printer, so we had to take our chances. By the way, I don't think I mentioned the cost of the hotel, Hotel ... read more
Just part of the climb up from the hostel
View of hostel area from path up
Grand Ducal Palace

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 15th 2015

After a very peaceful night we hit the road. Keeping one eye on Suzys dashboard we kept checking the fuel consumption which remained constant and the engine ticked over nicely despite the little light which kept telling us something was wrong. The motorways were quiet . It was Sunday and all the lorries were parked up on the service areas and had left the roads to us motorists. We had our bill for using the french motorways £90 for a three days travel from Calais to the Frejus tunnel. We had avoided the tolls back by using the German roads but in all honesty Glenn hated them. They were endless lines of road works. The verdict -driving through France and paying the tolls was better than driving these endless boring roads. No tolls but boring and ... read more
Luxembourg defences
Inside the casemates

Europe » Luxembourg December 24th 2014

Notre cadeau de Noël mais aussi pour beaucoup d'entre vous qui l'avez demandé, des photos de l'intérieur.... Nuestro regalo de Navidad pero también para muchos de uds que han pedido fotos del interior....... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City December 21st 2014

I woke fairly early, packed my bags and headed to the train station. I say "early" but it was really like 8 am. It was super dark, cold and lonely walking the streets to the metro station. Very strange feeling. But I made it and waited for my train platform to be announced. I have to say - I was quite sad to leave Paris. There was still so much more that I wanted to do (Eiffel Tower, Catacombs, Louvre, etc) and I truly loved the people. I had a fantastic time and this is one time I actually mean to come back and in the not so distant future. I LOVED every minute of it! I had booked a first class ticket because, you know… It was a nice, pleasant ride. I napped a little ... read more
Luxembourg Christmas Market
Esch - hot wine

Europe » Luxembourg December 21st 2014

et nous y voilà !!!! Père Noël a trouvé un parking pour Pollux... Si vous ignorez encore qui est Pollux, lisez le descriptif de ce nouveau blog sur le côté droit de votre écran... Le grand départ n'est pas pour demain car nous attendons des jours meilleurs... Par contre dès que le soleil re-pointera le bout de son nez, nous lui ferons connaître cette étoile qui plus tard nous mènera au loin. Pour aujourd'hui, faites seulement connaissance et n'hésitez pas à nous laisser vos commentaires ! Joyeux Noël... et même Bonne Année ! Aqui estamos !!! Papa Noel encontro un parking para Pollux... Si todavia no saben quien es Pollux, lean la descripcion de este nuevo blog de viaje, a la derecha de su pantalla... El gran viaje no es para mañana pues esperamos dias con ... read more
essai de l'antenne parabole - ensayo de la antena television...
preparation du baptême.... preparacion del bautismo

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 29th 2014

Hello my fellow travellers! Me and Andreas started very early today to catch a train to Brussels where we'd switch to a train bound for Luxembourg. We were in luck as the ticket we bought yesterday was valid for the return trip as well. It was easy to find the international desk at the station in Brussels and the staff was more than helpful to get us our tickets and direct us to the right track. The ticket was 40 EUR and we had about 20 minutes of waiting so we went to a small café and picked up some baguettes for breakfast. The train ride was a nice and smooth experience even though we had some delay due to works on the tracks. The train between Belgium and Luxembourg has a high standard with fold-able ... read more
Cathedral to the Blessed Virgin
Fort Thüngen
Three Towers

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