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October 2nd 2022
Published: October 2nd 2022
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Strasbourg Cathedral Strasbourg Cathedral Strasbourg Cathedral

Built between 1000 and 1400 AD, this cathedral was the world’s tallest building until 1847. It is the sixth largest church in the world.
We slept on a fold out couch last night. Not all of us. Just Sue and me. It was better than many beds I’ve been on, so we’re rested up and heading to breakfast in the city centre. We will do the day on foot,

The apartment has a 1990s decor, combining salmon carpets, beige and cream striped wallpaper with walnut veneer cabinets but, other than no coffee or milk, it was perfect for our agenda.

Just getting a bit off track; while I think of it I’ll make an important announcement about fuelling up your car. Most of the service centres we have visited are stand alone, self serve , unstaffed stations and quiet a few wouldn’t accept my credit or debit card. The debit card is a European founded company, ING, and a Citibank credit card, so it’s not the country of origin that’s the issue. You can’t pay in cash ( no staff ) and the way it works is that you insert your card , choose your product, the machine takes a hold on 150€, yes 150€, you pump in the petrol, and your card is corrected after a few days. And that brings up
Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack

The French certainly know how to draw attention to themselves, and their business
another potential problem; you need to have access to 150€, even for smaller purchases.

My banks are aware of the countries I’m travelling through, so the problem is not from the Australian end, so I have no solution to the problem. Luckily, I’m travelling with someone who has European cards, so it’s never been an insurmountable issue.

Just a thought.

The self appointed parking attendant, a gypsy who will direct you to a parking place, in a car parking area enclosed in a small plaza, that he had commandeered for the day. After paying a small fee, you have bought the comfort and reassurance that your car will suffer no damage or scratches, if you know what I mean.

It’s a common racket, and works on the same principle as the assistance you receive at train ticket machines, and in my experience, the taxi ticket assistance you can receive at Bali Airport. Sucked in Steve.

We ate breakfast outdoors on a morning considered cool by some, but I preferred to sit outside, away from the bustle and noise. I had a plain omelet, and made the mistake of taking a risk on a cappuccino. I’m
Falling Croc Falling Croc Falling Croc

I thought someone threw a crocodile from the roof…
not sure if the French are just too lazy to pour a good one, or maybe they have no idea. Tomorrow I will walk down to Babbo’s a couple of times, and get the sort I’ve been spoilt by.

Today was a Pink Ribbon Day, and hundreds of women and men wore pink outfits, pink pigs on their heads, pink tutus, men wore multi coloured wigs, and there was a fun run with three different routes of difficulty to include the fitness fanatics who might want a challenge, and softer versions for softer people. Various avenues of moving around the town were cut off but it was for a good cause, so it’s all good.
The Australian Cricket fast bowler, Glenn McGrath , started the Pink Ribbon Foundation for breast cancer promotion and funding breast cancer nurses, and I am putting out a plea, as a fellow Australian and retired cricketer ( I was smart and retired before I began ), to organise these days for when I’m not in town. I’m all for the Foundation, but if he contacts me, I will get my people to release my calendar to him.

Strasbourg proudly promotes it‘s position as the Capital of Europe on the side of its trams, as the EU parliament sits there. It sits in France near the German border, and the architecture of the buildings built in the 1900s and earlier are heavily influenced by the German occupation of those times.
We had a couple of hours to get a feel for the city before the poor weather set in, and Natalia was our driver for the hazardous drive to Luxembourg.
I enjoyed Strasbourg, but to be honest it was a quick look; like jumping off a tourist bus for an hour, ticking it off, and then heading to the next attraction. Another time might warrant a closer look.
The next two days are in Luxembourg and I want to reduce my travelling bag A LOT before going to the Netherlands. I just take too much stuff, too many clothes, and it all lies in the bottom of my suitcase now, not to be looked at for the rest of the trip. Next time I’ll go back to my backpack; you have to make serious decisions then, about what to take and what to leave.

Dinner was smoked ribs from the local Portuguese joint.
I’m sure smoke kills off any hygiene issues, but tomorrow will tell the tale.

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It’s a long way to Santiago.It’s a long way to Santiago.
It’s a long way to Santiago.

Camino sign indicates 2340 kilometres to Santiago

The Oldest Restaurant In Strasbourg.The Oldest Restaurant In Strasbourg.
The Oldest Restaurant In Strasbourg.

It has operated as a restaurant in some form since 1320 AD
Bit of Colour Bit of Colour
Bit of Colour

It was a good variation on Pink, to brighten up a glum day

Bridge of Torture Bridge of Torture
Bridge of Torture

A law introduced in 1411 instructed those sentenced to death to be sewn up into a sack, and thrown into the water. After 1466, people were placed in a cage, abused and mocked by passers-by, and then thrown into the river, freeing themselves and swimming to the bank.Assuming you can swim , of course. Bring it back, I say !
The Fish Market Hall.The Fish Market Hall.
The Fish Market Hall.

This operated from 1356 and 1965. It now is home to a range of shops and businesses.

Entrance To The Cathedral Entrance To The Cathedral
Entrance To The Cathedral

There’s some pretty gruesome scenarios depicted on the carvings around the Gothic arch above the doors.
Looking For Sue And Natalia Looking For Sue And Natalia
Looking For Sue And Natalia

Found them in a Tourist Tack shop.
A Peaceful Cloister Behind A Wall In The Main Plaza. A Peaceful Cloister Behind A Wall In The Main Plaza.
A Peaceful Cloister Behind A Wall In The Main Plaza.

It had dead people buried there and live one’s relaxing under the canopy of the trees. Couldn’t get in but we have our ways. And that’s the unaltered colour. I didn’t realise it was so brilliant.
Portugalia Rotisserie, Esch.Portugalia Rotisserie, Esch.
Portugalia Rotisserie, Esch.

Don’t worry about the look of the place, the food is delicious. Served with rice or grease laden mushy fries.
Flames and SmokeFlames and Smoke
Flames and Smoke

It’s a comfortable place to wait. Warm with the sweet smoky pork flavour teasing your taste buds.

2nd October 2022

as a former pilgrim you know exactly what to pack! As for pink, my wife Linda had a lumpectomy on Friday and is doing well now at home. Thanks for your pink support!
3rd October 2022

Thanks Bob
All the best to your wife. I have friends who have gone through what your wife is currently. Still going well after years. The Pink nurses deserve high praise for the support that I know anecdotally they provide. Stay well and keep travelling. Your family’s history is remarkable. Cheers Steve

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