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February 9th 2007
Published: February 12th 2007
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Luxemburg 1Luxemburg 1Luxemburg 1

The wall with Grund, the oldest municipality.
The day started early, Julia showered first at 7:40, then Chelsea, me and finally Ross. We were quick and made our way to breakfast. We headed off on our day excursion to see the old part of Luxembourg. Outside the hostel we were immediately faced with an uphill walk (Julia would argue climb - only because she needed to rest part way up and then catch her breath at the top.) At the top is the wall surrounding the old city, which was built in 963. It is no longer fully intact but a good part of it still exists. (As can be seen in the pictures) We walked around the wall and through the town. It is not very big and we finished seeing everything we wanted to in half a day.

We decided to leave Luxemburg a couple hours earlier than planned and headed for Brussels. On the way, we tried stopping in the city of Namur. It turned out that all we could do was try because we couldn't find anything to do. So we drove around until we decided to give up and just continue to Brussels. On the way to Brussels we had a little
Luxemburg 2Luxemburg 2Luxemburg 2

View of Grund.
confusion with the hostel and our booking but it all worked itself out.

We entered Brussels differently than our directions had intended us to so it took us awhile to get our bearings and find our hostel. Again thanks to Ross and Chelsea's navigation teamwork we made it (also props has to go out to the guy at the bus stop who sent us in the right direction.) We went for dinner and then to a bar called Delirium. They had over 2000 beers (2004-I think), while Ross and I tried to drink them all, we clearly couldn't. I tasted Caves, Bush Blonde, Straffe Hendrik Blonde, Saison Dupont, Duchesse de Bourgogne and Delirium. All of which were delicious, some better than others. Ross had Moosehead, (my Wednesday night favorite at Honey's) he thought it was good saying it was "Smooth, Canuck, and 2 at a time." The girls were drinking more fruity beers; their favorite was apple with cherry coming in a close second. During the night we played the drinking game "Thumper". Two French people saw how much fun we were having and joined us. The girls left but Ross and the French couple kept going. On the
Luxemburg 3Luxemburg 3Luxemburg 3

The Wall.
way home we got a little lost and met these German guys who tried to help but couldn’t. We found our way 2 minutes later and went back to the hostel. Overall it was a great night! Moral of the night: "You can't drink em' all!"

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Luxemburg 4Luxemburg 4
Luxemburg 4

Seth, Tamara. Seth and Tamara with Luxemburg in the background.
Luxemburg 5Luxemburg 5
Luxemburg 5

Julia, Ross. Luxemburg in the background.
Luxemburg 6Luxemburg 6
Luxemburg 6

Seth, Chelsea. Luxemburg in the background.
Luxemburg 7Luxemburg 7
Luxemburg 7

Tamara, Ross, Seth, Julia. Posing outside a big door.
Luxemburg 8Luxemburg 8
Luxemburg 8

Ross, Tamara, Chelsea, Julia, Seth. At a cafe in Luxembourg.
Luxemburg 9Luxemburg 9
Luxemburg 9

Julia, Seth. Jagermeister. Point Final.
Luxemburg 10Luxemburg 10
Luxemburg 10

Ross, Seth. Riding the lions.
Luxemburg 11Luxemburg 11
Luxemburg 11

Part of the wall that no longer exists.
The CarThe Car
The Car

Ross, Tamara. Chilling in the car, eating licorice.
Driving in LuxemburgDriving in Luxemburg
Driving in Luxemburg

Yes, the car could fit through that little opening.
Fitting in the carFitting in the car
Fitting in the car

Julia, Ross, Chelsea, Tamara, Seth. Squished in the car.
The Front SeatThe Front Seat
The Front Seat

Seth, Julia.
The Back Seat SeatThe Back Seat Seat
The Back Seat Seat

Ross, Chelsea, Tamara.

Welcome to Belgique.
The People of NamurThe People of Namur
The People of Namur

The locals during our quick pee stop.
Driving in BelgiumDriving in Belgium
Driving in Belgium

This picture is no lie, the bus was actually that close to us. AHHHH!!!
Dinner in Brussels 1Dinner in Brussels 1
Dinner in Brussels 1

Seth, Tamara, Ross. At dinner.
Dinner in Brussels 2Dinner in Brussels 2
Dinner in Brussels 2

Chelsea, Julia. At dinner.

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