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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 21st 2018

It’s our last day in Luxembourg and not much is happening. Preparation for the trip to Paris, a walk in the heatwave (23°c) that Luxembourg is experiencing, and thinking about returning home are the main priorities. In the past few days we have been taking in the sights and the sites of Old Luxembourg , Vianden Castle, Clervas Castle and the Gardens Of Chateau de Ansembourg. Two days ago , Tim, Sue and I visited the old settlement in the valley surrounding Luxembourg called Pafendall. This literally means the Valley of the Monks and is the oldest residential area of the city. It dates back to the 11th Century when the Benedictines had a large monastery there and controlled most of the valley. Over the years the various occupants of the city included the French who ... read more
Retirement Home Luxembourg Style
Pafendall From The Elevator
The Glass Elevator From Pafendall.

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City March 28th 2018

We are back, sleeping on the floor again. Our foldout bed in Luxembourg is fine, but the white soft fluffy expanses of a real bed should never be underestimated. I’ve slept in the back of cars, under cars ( a story for another day), in tents, out in the open, in hostels with 60+ other people and the associated noises, and all were good under the circumstances, but at my time of life, you really can’t go past a nice firm bed, preferably made up by someone else, with fresh bedding and room to stretch out like a starfish in; it’s heaven. Day 2 in Bruge was overcast and raining but I don’t think anyone noticed. It is such a privileged experience to visit such a place, that no sun is no worries. By the time ... read more
Belfort, the Belfry Tower
Canal View

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City March 23rd 2018

Blog Post Take Two: the save function didn’t work, the internet dropped out, about 350 words down the drain. Shouldn’t really say how that makes me feel, but a bit pissed off is just scratching the surface. Deep breathe! Here we go again. The basic plan today was to visit the Duke of Lorraine‘s Castle in Sierra-les-Bains, have some lunch and a look around Thionville, and end up at a large shopping centre on the edge of Luxembourg, where Tim was having a French lesson while Sue and I shopped and waited. I’ve always found it a little unnerving being a passenger in a car, and skooting along wet roads in the grey, cold countryside of Luxembourg hasn’t helped. We were in a Nissan Micra, a car so micro that I couldn’t see the bonnet from ... read more
Cottage Window Near The Duke Of Lorraine’s Castle
View Over Sierck From The Castle
Gargoyle In The Castle

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City March 22nd 2018

Today had a quiet start and ended up with a quiet finish. It snowed heavily for a few hours early in the day, coating buildings, cars and the ground with a cold sheet of snow. Tim, Sue and I walked down to the local Portugues Bakery and had coffee and pastries, caught a bus into town (no tickets again) and wandered around the old part of town, visited the Luxembourg City Art Gallery, went to a pretty cool bar, had more coffee and pastries and caught the bus home. Luxembourg is very unique and is built on a hill surrounded by deep valleys. It was virtually impregnable and heavily fortified until 1867 when the Treaty of London was signed. Basically, all the world powers that mattered at the time forced Luxembourg to dismantle the walls and ... read more
Taking The 100 Metre Drop In The Glass Funicular ( lift).
The Funicular
The Valley

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City March 21st 2018

After a ’French’ breakfast at Port Royal, we wandered down to Montparnasse, found the local market for food, chatted to vendors, bought a beanie and took Sue to the Gare Montparnasse, the station where I last caught a train to Saint Jean Pied de Port to start the Camino. The original idea to transit to Gare de l’est was to catch a taxi but my newfound confidence in my public transport smarts had us lugging a large suitcase, 2 backpacks and a couple of smaller bags up the steps of Bus 38 for the €2 trip to the station. Sue had a seat and nursed backpacks while I wedged the case on a wheel arch and stood there protecting it. The attractive lady in the seat adjacent to Sue gestured to me with a smile, for ... read more
Breakfast at Port Royal Cafe
French Breakfast
Open Market At Montparnasse

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City August 5th 2017

An diesem Wochenende bin ich nach Luxemburg gefahren. Ich glaube, ich war während meiner Interrail-Tour 1992 zum ersten Mal einmal mitten in der Nacht auf einem Stopp zwischen Brüssel und Basel in der Stadt. Dabei bin ich mit einem Bekannten auch vom Bahnhof bis zu irgendeiner der Brücken zur Innenstadt gelaufen. Im Jahr 2000 bin ich von Hannover kommend Richtung Frankreich und zurück durch das Großherzogtum gefahren. Und 2004 habe ich von Frankfurt aus einen Tagesausflug in die Stadt gemacht. Ich habe mich danach oft geärgert, dass ich nicht das ganze Wochenende dort verbracht habe, aber jetzt habe ich das nachgeholt. Nachdem ich auf dem Weg noch in Trier Kaffee getrunken habe, habe ich heute Nachmittag die Stadt erreicht. Auch einen Parkplatz in der Nähe des Hotels konnte ich bald finden. Für mein Traumauto, den BMW ... read more
Kathedrale Notre Dame.
In den Bock Kasematten.
Der großherzögliche Palast.

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 29th 2017

Off to a leisurely start, just waited for a shower to pass before heading to bus stop a couple of minutes from the campsite. Took little umbrella but no coats. Caught our 192 bus into Luxembour centre for €2 each and got off at Minelius. Not the best spot to be introduced to the city as this is a massive building project (36,000 square metre structure will be a mixed use building). We found quite a lot of construction work in other areas too, the viaduct has a major project in progress, Road behind the Cathedral was completely dug up and we despaired for a while of finding a view not hidden by scaffolding or cranes. Must have caught it on a bad month, as we are sure that once all the scaffolding has gone it ... read more
Cathedral Notre Dame
170629 Luxembourg city (169)
170629 Luxembourg city (308)

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 28th 2017

Quite a lot of rain in the night again. Most conveniently only while we were inside Tandy and asleep – though it rained so hard for a while it was hard to sleep through it as it lands very heavily on the roof just above our bed which is at the top back above the garage. Woke to find ducks swimming on the water of the little river behind Tandy. Charming especially when we consider there are also trout in the water and birds flitting tunefully above it. Rain was pretty persistent all morning, as we packed up and left our lovely campsite. Note to self :Next time we use this campsite ask for pitch 72b again. Not much to say about the drive really as most of it was made in rain, some drizzle, some ... read more
The rain has squashed some of the crops
170628 Luxembourg city (12)
170628 Luxembourg city (29)

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 30th 2017

When I mentioned to people that I was going on a solo trip to Luxembourg city, the resounding response from everyone was 'Why...what's there', which made me all the more curious to explore this interesting city. Ever since I saw a clip of Luxembourg on The Hungry Bikers, I was quite interested in visiting and suggested it as a weekend break to my husband who also replied 'Why, What's there?'...Oh well so a solo trip it was. I was a little apprehensive about visiting somewhere alone after years of having my husband as my travel budddy- my last solo trip was a few cities in the states when I was 26 and a lot has changed since then! Anyway, off I went and after a short 55 minutes plane journey I made it into the teeny ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City February 20th 2017

Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the European Union, taking it's role in the continuation of a peaceful and cooperative future seriously. The Micro State is strategically positioned in the centre of Western Europe, sharing borders with Belgium, Germany and France. Having been in the centre of the horrors of the Second World War, Luxembourg is committed to a peaceful Europe, particularly between it’s two powerful neighbours France and Germany. Although the country is one of the smallest independent countries in the world, Luxembourg punches well above it’s weight as an influential player in post war Europe. The banking sector is one of the most powerful in the world, with a strong manufacturing and agricultural sector also playing a role in the economy. Luxembourg has one of the highest standards of living in the ... read more
Frozen waterfall
Central square
The Palace

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