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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City March 29th 2006

Luxembourg-ing It seems like a good idea to update this blog before I go on my next trip - or else I'll be overwhelmed by the amount of blogging I have to do! But firstly... may I present "The Day Without Water!" I woke up at 2pm today (due to my wonderful earplugs that shelter me from the boisterous fellow international students coming home between 3:30 and 5am most nights) and made my breakfast. Outside my window were some men drilling in the parking lot. I didn't think much of it and ate. I went to wash my hands in my sink after finishing and realized there was only a dribble of water coming out. Perplexed, but not surprised, I surfed around the net for a bit. Erin messaged me asking if my water was working ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City January 7th 2006

Luxembourg is a small country with a big visa stamp. Big for a country that small. Well, actually, not really. It's got a good size of a stamp, but it wasn't a proper visa. I got it at the city tourist office, so it was kind of cheating. I was ill all the way from Brussels to Luxembourg, so I can't tell you much about the drive. Whether it was scenic or not, I don't know. I would think so. Spent most of my time there at the Christmas markets which was in the main square. There was the city tourist office there, and I got my passport stamped. I say, "Bonjour!" and after that say "Merci!" and that's all the French you need around the Luxembourg tourist office to get your stamp. Heh heh. And ... read more
Market stall
Market stall 2
Antiques and junk

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 20th 2005

Well, after a lifetime of thinking that Luxembourg was the capital of Sweden or some such rubbish, I've now discovered that it is, in fact a tiny wee country stuck in between France, Belgium and Germany! It only measures about 50x20km's or something like that, and has only one city: Luxembourg! :) It's lovely, and I'm trying to get my camera to work on this @#$! computer to prove it... wait a minute... meanwhile, in other news we are currently heading to Belgium at breakneck speed (although not as breakneck as some of the cars on Ze Autobahn ya!!) and we will be back in England by Friday. I'm thinking of WWOOFing in the south until I can find a money job, which sounds like an OK plan to me... otherwise, give me some better ideas! ... read more
Agnes and The Boob
The Black Forest
Strange Enchanted Thingys

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 26th 2005

It was raining the day we arrived in Luxembourg City, and as any semi-professional world traveler would do (tongue-in-cheek, of course), we had our rain gear and made ready use of it. The city’s history dates back to the year 963, when Siegfried, Count of the Ardennes, had a castle named "Lucilinburhuc" built on a rock overlooking the River Alzette. It was the famous French fortress builder Vauban who, at the service of Louis XIV, later turned Luxembourg into one of his masterpieces, suitably known as the ‘Gibraltar of the North’ Luxembourg is the World's Only Grand Duchy, formed in 1815 by agreement of the European powers at the Congress of Vienna. It was originally ruled by the King of The Netherlands, but in 1890 official ties were severed when the King died with no male ... read more
Pont Adolphe
Beck Bastion
Bock Castle

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 18th 2004

Today I am in the quiet capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City.  It is very calm and quiet for a capital city...very nice and reminds me of Toledo in a certain way.  It is situated on the edge of cliff and there are 1000 year structures all around.  ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City February 13th 2003

Things in Luxembourg happen with a certain style. The city delivers beautiful scenery and the people know it. The little dog sitting outside the fashionable clothes store also has a certain style. If it wasn't for the tag around the neck it could easily be taken for a stray dog. But it's just sitting there. Staring at the door, as if it is waiting for someone to come out and move on. But nobody does come out of the store, and nobody shows any interest in him. The store is in fact empty, not even sales persons are in sight. Yet the dog seems to be convinced that this is his spot until given further notice. Every now and then he gives up a bark at the door. Nothing happens. He takes a few laps when ... read more

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