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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City » Walferdange September 15th 2011

I decided to come to Brugge - what a good call that was. I drove through the centre of town looking for the Bauhaus Hostel (which, incidently I booked only 40km away). I have a good feeling abou this place, I even negotiated the roundabouts without a problem!!! I arrive safely at the hostel and within minutes have met and am chatting to a fellow biking traveler from NZ, Grant you star, brilliant advice and a map that is invaluable. I had a wander into town and HELL!!! it took my breath away - Brugge is beautiful. Monday night sees me bumping into 3 lads, 1 from Turkey and two scottish lads - one from Pitlochry. Its such a small world. I went for a quick drink with them berfore getting back to the hostel where ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 14th 2011

I have never been one to go to a country to just tick it off the list but for the first time I did it. I had no real interest in coming here but since I was around the area I thought what happens if somewhere down the track I have one country left to see and I have to travel all the way from Australia to see it. I was in Germany Trier, which is an ideal place to stay overnight and do a half day trip in both places. Trier and the small European country Luxemburg. Trier was briefly the capital of the Western Roman Empire and was the most important Roman city north of the Alps. Because of this location it provides a chance to see Roman ruins in a different light and ... read more
2 - The players enterance
3 - Luxemburg City
4 - Amphitheater

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City August 10th 2011

People often ask me what my background is and I always answer that I am a mutt. This is very true since my relatives come from all over Europe and North America. The once thing that links all my backgrounds together is the Catholic Faith. One relative whose faith is still strong with me today is my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Henry Birren. Henry was born in Steinsel, Luxembourg; a small village just north of Luxembourg City, on August 10, 1812. Henry would later marry, emigrate to the US, settle and raise is ten children in Chicago. Henry was very involved in St. Michael Parish in the old town area of Chicago. In fact, a cross that he craved still adorns the steeple of the church. Having the opportunity to visit his home country and the small village ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 22nd 2011

Hicran Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu ‘nun Luxembourg Devr-i Alem Hicri Alem Hicran Çiğdem Seyahatnamesi’nden ..seyahat notlarından alıntılardır . Her hakkı saklıdır .. / Eserin tüm telif hakları H.Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu’na aittir . Eserin izinsiz kopyalanması çoğaltımı ,yayını ,dağıtımı halinde 5846 sayılı Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunun hükümleri geçerli olacaktır. LÜKSEMBURG BÜYÜK DÜKALIĞI Turuncu bir şapkanın altında,altı çizilecek esrarengiz yeni kelimelerin yada bir tik daha atılacak yeni diyâr ve coğrafyaların peşinde değil kendimin peşindeyim bir yolculukta daha . Neyin dışında olduğumuzu söylersek bir o kadar da içindeyizdir.Birbiri ile çelişmeyen fakat farkındalığı canlı tutmak isteyen önermeler bütünüdür bu akış. Başucumda yeni düşünceler ve semaya açılmış ellerim uçmaya hazır. Neye başland... read more
Cigdem Luxembourg
Cigdem Luxembourg
Cigdem Luxembourg

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 12th 2011

Many people who visited the Old Town claimed that they had traveled back in time to witness a thousand year history in about two hours by walking through the Luxembourg’s oldest quarters. It must be true because in 1994, UNESCO designated the city a World Heritage Site. The remains of centuries of fortifications by the best military engineers of the Burgundians, the French, the Spaniards, the Austrians, and the Germanic Confederation give Luxembourg an enigmatic allure. Its high position surrounded by deep gorges and rivers at the bottom enabled its military advantages and importance in its past. During its high time in the history, there were three girdles of battlements. The inner most one was fortified by bastions. The outer most one was composed of an exterior wall hewn into the rock and the wall was ... read more
Luxembourg Old Town
Luxembourg Old Town

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 10th 2011

A few people had talked to me about my planned trip to Luxembourg and had made the comment that “…everywhere in Luxembourg is hilly…” but it still took me by surprise when I arrived to see the valleys and mountains that appear to make up Luxembourg. Given that it is one of the smallest countries in Europe it sure does have a lot of damn hills!!! Leaving the train station Luxembourg looked like a normal city and then the bus headed over a bridge and suddenly you could see just how high up you were and just how low down some of those houses were. Luxembourg was really easy to get around on foot (provided you were fit!) and I found that I had visited many of the key attractions on my first day. What this ... read more
Random flowers growing out of the wall
Gorgeous views

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 8th 2011

We decided to take a trip from Wiesbaden (where I'm currently attending some classes), to Luxembourg for the day. The trip was relaxing through some very beautiful country. We walked around Luxembourg, taking in some of the sights of the city center. Outside of the Chamber of Deputies we watched a guard walking post, then stopped at a Mexican Restaurant in the city center for a bite before heading back to Wiesbaden.... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City March 16th 2011

Geo: 49.6044, 6.13034 GUN 13 GUNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA Kahvaltı saatinde uyandık. Kahvaltı bermutad çok iyi geçti fakat Kahvaltı sonrası Gorges'in atakları arttı. Bilmediğiniz bir dilde birisi size uzun uzun anılarını anlatmağa başlarsa ,ciddi sıkıntı yaratıyor. Ayşe Almanca bilmenin cezasını ağır ödedi. Ben işlerim nedeni ile yırtınca kaderi ile başbaşa kaldı. Bir süre sonra Luxembourg'a gitmek üzere yola çıktık. Yol çok rahat ve şıp diye Luxembourg'a girdik. Yolda Trier'in tepesindeki yollardan geçtik. Almanlar dehşet köprüler ve yollar yapmışlar doğrusu.. Lüksemburg ya da resmî adıyla Lüksemburg Büyük Dukalığı (Lüksemburgca: Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg, a... read more
Zafer aniti
genel gorunum

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 28th 2010

Monday morning the boys were of course off to work - and there were workmen arriving at 8.30am to work on the flat next door and to also replace a bit of under floor water pipe in A&M's flat (it comes thru form next door). As the owner of both flats Fernand explained to me, you cannot have external water pipes here as they would freeze up in the winter. The insulation here must be fab tho - I am typing this at 11pm in light jumper and thongs (to keep my feet off the floor) and its 10 deg. outside. It is just not cold inside at all - no heater on - and it does not seem that cold out either generally - altho 12 max. certainly not Blue Mountains cold. I did not ... read more
Trier - Dom + Church of Our Lady
Trier - Dom statue
Trier - Dom dome

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 26th 2010

a wee time between blogs there folks - a man hasta take a break sometimes and when you are staying with people, there is often not really the time to do it as you are otherwise engaged living the local life. Quickly to recap - back to Strasbourg. After the train delay got away on the same train at 2.45 or so, just 24 hrs late. Which did give me the opportunity to get down to the Cathedral properly and see the interior of the Musee whatever - very similar to the Musee du Moyen Age in Paris and really covering the same sort of things as that in Colmar, I had at least I had a little more time to see things. Anyway I decided that I was gunna manage a lunch at Assiette du ... read more
Strasbourg Musee ivory
Strasbourg emu egg
forbidden lovers (?!)

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