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February 10th 2007
Published: February 19th 2007
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The Morning SurpriseThe Morning SurpriseThe Morning Surprise

The car behind ours had its windows smashed and was robbed. NOT FUN!
The day started earlier for the girls than it did for the guys. Ross and I parked the car last night so this morning the girls had to move it into the lot so we wouldn't get a ticket. (While the boys slept) When we met later in the morning to put our bags in it for the day the guy next to us had his windows shattered and his stuff stolen. Not fun! We were a little sketched out to leave the car there but considering we had nothing in the car, there was little reason for someone to break into it so we left to walk around. The first stop was the main square and of course on the way we shared a waffle and chocolate. Both lived up to their reputation. Mmmm.... After the square we walked around a little more, saw Manneken Pis, ate waffles again, and went shopping.
Just before shopping we were supposed to meet up with Mike, Dan and Milo who were on their way from Amsterdam for the night. That night the plan was to stay with Mike's friends. As we waited for them we were bored so we invented a new game.
The Waffle Eating 1The Waffle Eating 1The Waffle Eating 1

Seth. First Belgium Waffle. It was very plain but extra delicious!
If anyone has a name for it then please share! You have to balance on one foot, the person still standing at the end wins. Julia and Tamara lost quickly so it was Ross, Chelsea and I left. We decided to make it a little more interesting and have a dual. Ross and I ended up double teaming Chelsea so she lost, then I outlasted Ross. After the game we went shopping and we're supposed to speak to Mike a little later to find out where his friends lived. At that point all we knew was they lived in Luven.
For some reason, our phones were giving us a hard time so it was very hard to get in touch with Mike. We didn't know where to go but decided to start driving and the worst that could happen would be going for a long dinner until we heard back from them. We stopped at the gas station to ask for directions to Luven. Guess what? There are 2 Livens, one in the Flemish part and one in the French part of Belgium. We decided to go for the Flemish one and luckily we were right! WOOHOO!
Mike's friends can party, they were crazy alright! We pre-drank at their place; I tried many new kinds of beer again. Delicious! Then we walked to the main square where all the bars and clubs were. In the end we went to 4! It was a really fun and late night!

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The Main Square 4The Main Square 4
The Main Square 4

Seth, Tamara. Just off the main square.
The Main Square 5The Main Square 5
The Main Square 5

The church just behind the square.
Manneken Pis 1Manneken Pis 1
Manneken Pis 1

Tamara, Seth, Julia. Manneken Pis Chocolate shop.
Manneken Pis 2Manneken Pis 2
Manneken Pis 2

The Pisser.
Manneken Pis 3Manneken Pis 3
Manneken Pis 3

The Pisser again.
Manneken Pis 4Manneken Pis 4
Manneken Pis 4

The Pisser peeing in my mouth.
Walk to PlayWalk to Play
Walk to Play

Tamara. At lunch sticking chop sticks up her nose.
The Waffle Display 1The Waffle Display 1
The Waffle Display 1

The Waffle Display, Hmmmm....
The Waffle Display 2The Waffle Display 2
The Waffle Display 2

The Waffle Display, (A closer look) Hmmmm....
The Waffle Eating 2The Waffle Eating 2
The Waffle Eating 2

Chelsea's banana chocolate waffle
The Waffle Eating 3The Waffle Eating 3
The Waffle Eating 3

Tamara, Julia, Seth, Chelsea. Eating our waffles!
NO Waffle EatingNO Waffle Eating
NO Waffle Eating

Some stores have no ice cream signs, some have no dogs, this one had no waffles.
The Costume Store 1The Costume Store 1
The Costume Store 1

Ross, Seth. As Kings.
The Costume Store 2The Costume Store 2
The Costume Store 2

Julia, Tamara, Chelsea. As who knows what.
Waiting GamesWaiting Games
Waiting Games

Seth, Julia, Ross. Seth and Ross refusing to give up in the battle of ONE FOOT MADNESS.

19th February 2007

Can't wait every day to check the blog. How lucky you are to be haveing such great experiences. Take it all in, you only live once--life is not a dress rehersal. All is well here. miss you.
21st February 2007

I am having so much trouble getting to finish a comment. I must be hitting a wong key and am constantly losing my place. So I will make this brief. We are delighted that you are having a wondweful time. I won't make any comment about your studies because I have great confidence in you and your abilities. Keep well and safe. Much love, Grandma Myrna

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