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February 8th 2007
Published: February 11th 2007
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The Snow StormThe Snow StormThe Snow Storm

The view outside Ross's window on the day of the snow storm.
The day began with a snow storm. The city was covered, it was beautiful! People here were so excited. By the end of the day, the snow had stopped and our road trip was about to begin. Julia, Tamara, Chelsea came up to Ross and my room and then we left on our adventure. The road trip began 5 for 5. As we walked out, a group of people were standing and we got high fives all around, the tram, metro and train all came right away, and arriving at the airport, the door opened on the side we were standing. We picked up the car, its a little opel, so cute!!! The destination for the night's drive is Luxembourg, only 4-5 hours away. On the way to Luxembourg we stopped in Utrecht for dinner at a diner. Then continued on our way and arrived in Luxembourg around midnight. The drive was fun, we played some driving games, thanks to Chelsea and the navigation skills of the Ross and Chelsea team were the reason for our arrival. On our way into the city we came across a castle entrance. We pulled over took some pictures and looked out at the view
The CarThe CarThe Car

The car parked in Utrecht.
of the city. The hostel we stayed was an HI and was super clean.

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Dinner at the Diner 1Dinner at the Diner 1
Dinner at the Diner 1

Seth, Julia, Chelsea, Ross, Tamara. Sitting and eating at the diner.
Dinner at the Diner 2Dinner at the Diner 2
Dinner at the Diner 2

Seth, Julia, Tamara. Eating dinner at the diner.
Random Red Light ShotRandom Red Light Shot
Random Red Light Shot

The car at a random red ligt.
The Entrance to the CastleThe Entrance to the Castle
The Entrance to the Castle

The entrance to the castle in Luxembourg.
The GirlsThe Girls
The Girls

Tamara, Chelsea, Julia. The girls posing with Luxembourg in the background.
The BoysThe Boys
The Boys

Seth, Ross. The boys posing with Luxembourg in the background.
The Hostel 1The Hostel 1
The Hostel 1

Julia. Julia showing off her shower cap!
The Hostel 2The Hostel 2
The Hostel 2

Ross. Ross posing.

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