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Europe » Luxembourg May 15th 2005

Thanks to the Dykstras, way to go guys! I need some better details... ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 26th 2005

It was raining the day we arrived in Luxembourg City, and as any semi-professional world traveler would do (tongue-in-cheek, of course), we had our rain gear and made ready use of it. The city’s history dates back to the year 963, when Siegfried, Count of the Ardennes, had a castle named "Lucilinburhuc" built on a rock overlooking the River Alzette. It was the famous French fortress builder Vauban who, at the service of Louis XIV, later turned Luxembourg into one of his masterpieces, suitably known as the ‘Gibraltar of the North’ Luxembourg is the World's Only Grand Duchy, formed in 1815 by agreement of the European powers at the Congress of Vienna. It was originally ruled by the King of The Netherlands, but in 1890 official ties were severed when the King died with no male ... read more
Pont Adolphe
Beck Bastion
Bock Castle

Europe » Luxembourg June 9th 2004

Ask anyone what they know about Luxemburg and chances are all you will receive in response is a slack jaw and blank stare. After all, on most European maps the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is not even big enough to contain the letters of its own name. Tiny Luxembourg may be small but its natural and cultural beauty more then make up for its lack of size. Thinking back on the time I spent there, it was like living in a fairytale land. Hundreds of medieval castles in a sylvan setting alongside picturesque rural hamlets make Luxembourg a modern nation located in a fairy tale landscape. Despite having some of the most spectacular views in all of Europe, many tourists tend to skip this little country nestled between Germany, France and Belgium. For those who are ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 18th 2004

Today I am in the quiet capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City.  It is very calm and quiet for a capital city...very nice and reminds me of Toledo in a certain way.  It is situated on the edge of cliff and there are 1000 year structures all around.  ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City February 13th 2003

Things in Luxembourg happen with a certain style. The city delivers beautiful scenery and the people know it. The little dog sitting outside the fashionable clothes store also has a certain style. If it wasn't for the tag around the neck it could easily be taken for a stray dog. But it's just sitting there. Staring at the door, as if it is waiting for someone to come out and move on. But nobody does come out of the store, and nobody shows any interest in him. The store is in fact empty, not even sales persons are in sight. Yet the dog seems to be convinced that this is his spot until given further notice. Every now and then he gives up a bark at the door. Nothing happens. He takes a few laps when ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg June 23rd 1988

Geo: 49.61, 6.1296Sunny but cool.After a fairly early breakfast, Paul and I hopped on a crowded train to Luxembourg City. The countryside was beautiful, but, unfortunately, the train does not follow the river. It cuts instead through the hills, giving one only Hegelian glimpses of the world.We struck up a conversation with Robert, a computer science student from Stockholm. Though we originally separated when we reached our destination, we later re-encountered him and asked him to join us.It turns out that Luxembourg celebrates a national holiday for my birthday. Well, not really. The Grand Duke is Jean and today was St. John's Day, the grand duke's name day, and thus an excuse to party.The tourist office gave us a map and suggested we walk a certain route. First, up the main boulevard. Buildings, a couple of ... read more
The Valley of Luxembourg
Jean's Balcony

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 28th 1970

A visit to Luxembourg was the prelude to seeing Germany, Austria, Italy, and France in summer 1970. At that time, the cool way to travel from the USA to Europe was via Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines. Loftleidir flew from New York to Reykjavík and then on to Luxembourg, offering pioneering discount transatlantic airfares. Traveling this way, a one-night, one-day stopover visit to Iceland was added as a bonus and Luxembourg became the first country one encountered on the continent. We indeed had spent a day in Reykjavík to see the city, the geysers, and wooden churches in the countryside. And a bit of flightseeing. Then it was on to the Continent the following day, with the first stop Luxembourg--another definite bonus. I'd first known about Luxembourg through reading the book Five Little Countries of Europe. It was ... read more
Casemates du Bock
Gun Emplacement
Casemate du Bock

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