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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 23rd 2006

Oioi! I ventured into town today with my mate Erik who is over from Holland for two days. His mother agreed to drive me to the Russian embassy. This became a bit of a mission, as the embassy is actually an old country manor hidden away in a wooded area right on the edge of town. When we got there it was closed. A brief conversation with the embassy staff in a sort of franco-russian via the gate-phone informed me that the embassy opened for an hour every day - if they felt like it. So, my first experience of Russian beaurocracy! While shopping in the city for shoes and some new jeans, I managed to put down the envelope containing my passport, student papers and "priglashenye" - an invitation required to visit Russia that can't ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Nommern June 21st 2006

So here I am, finally out of the UK! I had a very pleasant week in Devon and managed to meet up with Seb, a housemate from uni, in Slapton for some drinking by a fire on the beach. Very chilled, despite staying in the student bunkhouse overnight and trying not to get noticed... Life here on the campsite is still quiet as the tourists won't be arriving for a few weeks yet. The weather isn't exactly stunning either, but at least it all gives me time to settle in befor eI start work in a few days. I have my eyes on a caravan that I've found out is empty in a quiet patch of the site and I've managed to pursuade the boss that it is not fair that I should have to do ... read more
The fire on Slapton Sands

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 21st 2006

First we found that our booking was only for two nights and not three. It actually worked out because we had to take a night train down to Barcelona. So, our half day was spent searching for food. And lo...we broke down and had Pizza Hut. It counts as an eat in restaraunt doesn´t it?!? There were already festivities on the stages set up all around the city. We caught some of the Luxembourg Philiharmonic Orchestra and a gospel choir in seperate parts of town. The next day was the big celebration/all night party. Amie was feeling a little under the weather so no excessive drinking for anybody that night. The fireworks put our Canada Day ones to shame. I couldn´t believe the amount of explosive that had to be on that bridge to carry on ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 19th 2006

Luxemburg. Boy, I am so far behind with the blogging. I went there over 3 weeks ago! And here's my usual line... My original plan was: When I was still in Germany and planning my trip to Lux, I thought hm, it's not that big, looks like 20 miles across, wouldn't it be cool if I WALK my way across the whole country??!! How many people can say they've walked across a whole country? Well, ok, my friend Ryan who walked from Florida to California, but he doens't count, he's probably crazy. So with that in mind, I figured 3 days should be enough for me to walk across the country and when I get to the other end I can just catch a bus to come back. Pretty good idea, eh? Then... My revised plan ... read more
What I got for 60 Euros/Night
My dinner
My breakfast

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 16th 2006

Hi guys, So we eventually made it to Luxembourg after our 1st breakdown. We left the campsite in Holland on schedule at 9am, only to get 1km down the hill and Fred died!!!!!!! We thought it might be petrol so walked to petrol station to get a jerry can and fill it up. Filled Fred up and he still wouldn't start. So Pete took the back off to check for loose wires......and there it was daggling from the coil. So it was ragz to the rescue (H8TR, my dads not a mechanic but I can still fix cars, ha ha ha xx). And then we were off!!! We arrived at the campsite after a lovely scenic journey through Luxembourg down to the south 18KM from the city. Camp site was a bit s**t as it was ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 26th 2006

took a day trip to luxembourg......really really pretty......none of us had been there was still really cool even though it rained ALL DAY argh......i havent seen the sun in a while......most of europe is the earth's black hole for weather imo......anyways, onto the pics:... read more
Luxembourg 02
Luxembourg 03
Luxembourg 04

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 15th 2006

Checked out of hotel and took a cab to Peugeot to pick up the car. On the way got to experience the madness of the Arc de Triomphe "roundabout" - scary stuff. Picked up our little 307, got a little weirded out by the wrong side of the car/road thing. Got to experience a mini Arc De Triomphe thing - just flew across in front of 3 or 4 cars - fun fun. Was nice and easy on the motorway. Had an early dinner at Verdun (kebabs!) and checked out Fort du Vaux and drove through the battle fields of WW1. Got a lttle lost at Louvy near the border but found our way to Luxembourg and found a room at our third hotel tried. Beer from a vending machine - woohoo!... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 3rd 2006

Hello everyone, The first thing I noticed in Luxembourg was the aerial cranes. There were ten in one direction and nine in the other. We were told that the growth rate is 4%--the largest in Europe. Unemployment is only 4.6%. Luxembourg goes back to 963. It is in the middle of three valleys, so has a natural defence. In 1867 it was declared neutral and unarmed--unless you count 1,000 volunteers and three canons. The guide said that during WWII, the Germans didn't exactly invade--it was more like they just walked in. As a result, there was no real damage done. In 1867 it also became an open city, so the fortress had to disappear. There are some remains because to eliminate all the walls and gates would cause other structures to collapse. Same problem with the ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City April 16th 2006

So after exhausting myself on the sites of Brussels I decided to spend my Easter Sunday in Luxembourg City, as a day trip from Belgium. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that Lux was three hours away by train. So that means I was on the train to and from for six hours. I only had three hours to actually explore the city. But that turned out to be sufficient. I walked down from the train station into the old center area and crossed the ravine that divides the city. It was reminiscent of Bern actually, except different. I visited the Cathedral, lit a candle and said a prayer. Sorry Dad! I then wandered up through the town and found the social heart of the city on the Place des Armes. There was a band shell and the ... read more
The cliffs around Lux City
A cute little street

Europe » Luxembourg » Ettelbruck April 2nd 2006

Day two in Luxembourg started off rainy and gray, but that’s just par for the course in this part of Europe. A friend once told me that if you wait for the rain to stop before you travel, you may not ever go anywhere. Living in Belgium I’ve learned to take this little nugget of wisdom to heart, and not let the rain stop me. So after a decent breakfast in the hostel we made for the train station to do a little exploring. Now, Luxembourg has a really nice deal for traveling within the country. For five euros you can purchase a ticket that will give you unlimited use of trains and busses for 24 hours. The CIA World Fact Book describes Luxembourg as being slightly smaller than Rhode Island, so you won’t be traveling ... read more
On the Train to Ettelbruck
The Memorial to Gen. Patton

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