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Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 24th 2007

Ok, so we only came for the cheap fuel, but we decided to at least stop off in the capital, Luxembourg City and see what we could. Holly had driven into town which seemed quite nerve racking for her. We had decided to do a quick self guided stroll around town. After an hour we had seen a few little public squares, the royal duchy palace plus a few look outs which had a great view down to the valley surrounding the city. Unfortunately we didn't have anymore time as we still have quite some travelling ahead of us to get down to Munich for Oktoberfest. Never-the-less it was a nice little stopover in one of the smallest countires in Europe. Cheers, Lew and Holly... read more
Grand Ducal Palace
Commanding Position
Cathedral of Notre Dame

Europe » Luxembourg » Vianden September 8th 2007

...or Day Two in a Baby Country...We all slept soundly in some very comfortable beds at the Novotel Hotel in Luxembourg City. I woke around 7:45 and went out for a quick run. I ran back down the route we took walking last night because I wanted to see the viaducts from below. There was a fog over the city but the views down there were spectacular. It was a whole new look at the city and the bridges so I cut my run short and ran UP, UP hill to get Jonathan out of bed to take some photos. He was up with the girls when I returned and he quickly showered and ended up walking down with his parents. Deb and I took the four girls to the buffet breakfast. I knew full well ... read more
Vianden Town Hall
Castle in Vianden
The Family

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City September 7th 2007

Being two Eliza is obsessed with all things "baby" (or baba as she says). She likes to use baby forks and spoons. She loves pointing out the small cars ("Auto baba!") and this weekend we did the ultimate in European touring and went to a "baba country": Luxembourg! The best laid plans. We had ambitions to rent cars and do Luxembourg one day and the Netherlands another day so that our visitors could "pin" two more countries. However after wrestling everyone out of bed at 6am and packing up for our first day trip Jonathan and his father had the fun task of discovering that Hertz had overbooked car rentals across Belgium. We were able to salvage our day with a trip to Brugges, but it made the double country pin virtually impossible. After our long ... read more
Bock Casemates
Kids in the Casemates
Emma in the Casemates

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City August 24th 2007

It is now 01:28 in the morning..... Just talked to Emma who is taking the psycho Malaria tablets LARIUM - so we really don't have to worry about snakes and spiders! It transpired while Emma listed all the things that I should have in my bag including my passport that she doesn't have hers.... Hopefully she's left it at work and we will be seeing her at the airport in Caracas tomorrow - Bit worried about the green button, red button thing going through customs when you arrive...if its red you get hauled into a room to have your baggage checked appartenly.... OK well hopefully it will be plain sailing from now on - just a question of getting there so we have something more interesting to tell you other than bruised elbows and lost passports.. ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City August 23rd 2007

Finally finished work and now I'm on holidays - Had a glass of crémant at the Shubbie on the place de glacis and despite having fallen and nearly broken my elbow on my way into the post office yesterday (my holidays flashed before my eyes!), that freedom feeling is beginning to sink in... I'm packed, Ida and Emma are packed - we have everything that we could possibly need - I think.... Our first stop tomorrow is Caracas from there we fly to Barinas at 8:00 am aprox then Ground transfers to Hato Cedral (3 hours) where we stay until the 6th of August off to Merida after that and then we do all the trekking part...finishing up in Los Roques until the 21st. Will try and keep you informed as we go along and I'll ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 29th 2007

What can one say about Brugge? Brugge is a medievel town built along winding canals in Belgium and is fantastic. The streets are extremely hard to navigate when you have only a small map from the Lonely Planet guide or the little tourist map. After a trip around the city multiple times ( damn little one way streets!) we finally found a place to stay. Not much luck with hostels yet as eveything has been booked solid, it was another cheap hotel. Once settled we headed for the Grote Markt and to a little pub called De Garre. We tucked into a beer called Bush, Belgium's strongest beer, at 12% alcohol. We also sampled the pub's own Beer (11.5%) and before long it was happy days. Shaun was down for the count and the rest of ... read more

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 27th 2007

We left Brussels in the late morning and took a 3 hour train trip to Luxembourg, the 3rd country of our visit. We didn't have to go far to our hotel after arriving as it was located directly opposite the station with a great view of the station buliding much to Ross's delight. After we had unpacked our stuff we walked in towards the main centre of old Luxembourg, located on the top of a hill after crossing a deep gorge. Unlike the other cities where we stayed there are no trams in Luxembourg and we could really notice the difference in traffic congestion. To enter the old city we crossed a bridge across the gorge. Luxembourg is the first walled city we have visited and many of the old fortifications still remain. As the fortifications ... read more
Luxembourg Station
Kerrie in Luxembourg
Ross enjoys a drink in the main square

Europe » Luxembourg July 24th 2007

Luxembourg is a small country, so one week was great to do many things. The main one was clearly for my parents to enjoy quality time with Leslie and Tiffany. We had a great time, "Bonpapa" playing golf with Leslie, four of us going on a plane ride in France on "Bonpapa" plane. On 21st of July, Belgium national's also...way more important, Tiffany's birthday. Can't tell you how much we all enjoyed it. We also went to Han-sur-Lesse to enjoy the great caves, some of the biggest in Europe, and their nature safari, I must admit a lot less impressive. And Leslie had also the opportunity to see Christophe, his Godfather that he haven't seen for years. So a great time, and I want to thanks everybody, my parents, all my friends to have made ... read more
flying with Bon Papa
Luxembourg...Grand Duc Palace

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City July 20th 2007

We picked up a rental car (Peugeot 207) in Cologne and took the Autobahn south-west towards Luxembourg. For the 5 days we were driving around Luxembourg and Germany, we didn’t have any hotel reservations. Not having any reservations gave us some flexibility in this portion of our trip which was good because we were indecisive about exactly where we wanted to go. We drove for a few hours and stopped in Echternach, a town just across the border from Germany. We looked at a couple of hotel rooms and chose the less smoky smelling one, the Hotel des Ardennes. We think we may have been the only people staying in the entire hotel that night and our room looked like it had its last renovations in 1972, but otherwise it was a pleasant stay. Echternach ... read more
View over Luxembourg City from casemates
Our ride

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City June 10th 2007

My first couple of days in Luxembourg have been quite nice. Unfortunately I have the memory of a small, irritating house fly and haven't been able to remember all the names of places I've been, but I do know that the first night we went to a town called Echternacht....I think. It was this delightful old town and we got these massive ice creams. When I say massive, I mean massive. They are in these huge martini type glasses with large heart shaped waffle cookie dealies. Luxembourg is apparently the richest country in the EU, and because of it have exceptional food and cars all around. Some of the cars are part of the interesting sites to see, and just like a boy, Tobias feels it is not only his duty, but privelege to point out ... read more

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