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September 22nd 2006
Published: September 25th 2006
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A city on many levelsA city on many levelsA city on many levels

The elevational spectrum was quite staggering
Luxembourg is a small country. After crossing the border (which is the type of border crossing I like, at about 130km/h) we spent the next 15 minutes getting to the centre of the country, both geographically and politically. Luxembourg City maybe the capital but it has not a large city feel. You could almost confuse it for a average town if it were not for the amazing hisotry and sights. As we drove through the city, we got to the end of the highest point of town when the land disappears and valleys carves out the skyline. As an important city in the middle ages and previous, Luxembourg was a impenetrable stronghold that is now an impressive sight. We took a walk around the Swiss Cheese like catacombs of the Luxembourg Fortress. The amount of twists, turns and spiralling staircases makes it quite forbidding experience and with some tunnels not lit, it can be rather unsettling.

Luxembourg is a quiet place. When we were walking around seeing the other sights during the middle of the day, the place never quite got busy. The hostel we stayed at was the best I have been. We took the chance to do some
Az and IAz and IAz and I

Overlooking a lower suburb of Luxembourg
washing and organise some accommodation for later. Yet the views from our windows were amazing. Mountains, the fortress and stone bridges made it a great place to stay. We loved it in Luxembourg but there is not much to say. A curious statement I suppose but true. However we did get to add a character to our list of people to which we have given nick names. Smiley: The Wet Mop was the girl who worked in bar at the hostel. She was so-called because she never smiled and had a personality like a wet mop. She joins the list with the likes of Coon Boots and Gappy Mc Gap Gap. A long story is attached to both those so best left for a later time.

We are flying around but I am taking this trip as an opportunity to catch up with family and friends. We now head to Deutschland for Oktoberfest. Until then, PEACE CAMO

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Az and MattAz and Matt
Az and Matt

Checking out the sights
The ViewsThe Views
The Views

Stone bridge, garden and our Hostel
The crewThe crew
The crew

Steve, Matt, Amanda, Az and Shane in the catacombs
Caught in a holeCaught in a hole
Caught in a hole

Me in the catacombs
Where the hell are we???Where the hell are we???
Where the hell are we???

Working out where you were was impossible

26th September 2006

great photos. The catacombs look rather claustrophobic
20th October 2006

It's always nice to see that people enjoy Luxembourg. I lived there for the best part of a decade, and have very many fond memories!

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