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Europe » Liechtenstein » Mauren January 4th 2023

Dear All Greetings! This is my final entry on my two mini trips taken over the Christmas holidays, and it will write up about my lovely little time in lovely little Liechtenstein! As mentioned, my aim this winter is to cover my three remaining micro-states of Europe, and thus whilst in Austria, I hopped over the little border from Feldkirch in the very west of Austria to spend two lovely days in the tiny principality of Liechtenstein. I didn't expect it to be as big as it was if I'm honest, as after recently visiting really tiny Monaco at just under a square mile in size, Liechtenstein is actually quite a bit bigger in comparison at 61 square miles. When I told my Air BnB hostess there that I was planning to visit all three major ... read more
Schloss Gutenberg and St Nicholas Parish Church
Alpine Scenery
Me, Downhill Hike to Malbun

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz July 7th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Je vous confirme que les Suisses ne paraissent pas très concernés par les mesures de précaution contre le covid. J'ai mangé hier au soir sur le quai touristique, juste en bas de mon hôtel, sur les terrasses les tables ne sont pas particulièrement espacées, aucun serveurs ne portent de masque, le même menu pour tous les clients, et après le départ des clients, juste un coup d'éponge sur la table. Heureusement que je ne suis pas dans la psychose si non ce serait retour maison. Ici tout est allemand, même les menus, je me suis donc rabattu, sur du sûr la pizzeria, avec un menu en anglais le seul. Le français est totalement absent. Malgré la fraîcheur du soir c'était très agréable cette terrasse le long du Reuss. Apparemment très peu de touristes ... read more
la beauté du matin
Vaduz centre ville

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz October 13th 2019

Sometimes people travel to countries to add them to a list of countries seen. We usually don't visit just to add it to our list but seeing as we are in this part of the world with Liechtenstein on our route it would be rude not to visit and see what is occuring. Liechtenstein is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east and north. It is Europes fourth smallest country and just has an land area of 160 square kilometres or 62 square miles to you and me. Its capital is Vaduz and it has a Prince and a castle . It reminded me a little of a tax haven - an Andorra or a Gibraltar where you could pick up your cigarettes and petrol cheaper than in your own ... read more
High Street Vaduz style

Europe » Liechtenstein August 18th 2019

We left our hotel early and travelled the short distance to Hohenschwangau. This proved to be a great plan as the weather was amazing and the number of fellow tourists low. Two beautiful castles stood on outcrops surrounded by trees not too far apart. The walk to the larger and higher Schloss took about an hour but the views afforded by the clime were with the effort. After a couple of hours we jumped back into the Beamer to head towards our next stop in Lichtenstein. The drive was epic and hot! As we climbed up into the hills we were grateful for the slight drop in temperature. ... read more

Europe » Liechtenstein July 6th 2019

Liechtenstein! Ok I had to go, it's too much fun to say and when else would I pop over? It's only about 90min from Zurich - the train ride is gorgeous, bringing you along Lake Zurich (which isn't that vibrant, but it's more the towns and just seeing how everything is built up on the banks) and along Lake Walen (which is the classic vibrant turquoise). Lots of people out paddleboarding and kayaking today! It was super hot again (mid 30s)... this evening though it was supposed to pour rain, so hopefully the humidity will break. Anyway! Train brings you to Sargans where you then switch to a city bus. I took it to Vaduz, but then transferred to go up to Rizlina where I had my first proper "wow" moment of this trip looking at ... read more
View from Rizlina
Hi from Rizlina
Overlooking Triesenberg

Europe » Liechtenstein » Schaan September 18th 2018

We did our usual routine of cleaning up, changing clothes, packing, and away we went, to our next stop in the tiny country of Liechtenstein, about 1 to 2 hours away. After getting another 50 Euros of gas at the station in front of the hostel, we were sent by the car's navigation system down one of the streets that was closed for upcoming festivities in Innsbruck. Fortunately, after a couple of turns I made on my own, the system picked a new route and we were off. Most of the trip was on decent roads, as usual, but this time instead of one longish tunnel and a couple smaller ones like we'd gone through on our way to Innsbruck, this time it was tunnels galore, several long ones, and one that was over 10 kilometers ... read more
A very unusual fountain near the hostel
Kapelle auf Dux,Schann
Schann & Alps from Kapele

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz April 20th 2018

The Johns Family are off on holiday to Central and Eastern Europe. We caught a cheap flight from Seattle, USA and rented a car in Zurich, Switzerland to take us on a loop through Europe. The best thing about the car is we could get outside the cities and explore areas that are not as accessible. We arrived in Zurich at 6:30am so had a bonus day to visit some unplanned stops including the city of Bern that overlooks the Aare River and the walled medieval town of Murten. We found our hotel in Interlaken and stayed on the highest floor with a view out over the mountains. We went for a hike to the Unspunnen Castle ruins and found a nice tail back along the ridge. The next day we drove into the Lauterbrunnen valley, ... read more
Medieval Murten, Switzerland
Our Hotel in Interlaken, Switzerland
Ann at the Unspunnen Castle ruins

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz February 6th 2017

What is it that drives some people to explore the world, to keep pushing new boundaries when most of us would surely be sated? The thrill of visiting a new country casts a powerful spell; clearly I’m still afflicted with the travel bug that has propelled me around the world for all these years! One of the few Micro States I’ve not visited is the Principality of Liechtenstein. This landlocked country in Central Europe is surrounded by Switzerland and Austria, with German the national language. My research indicated the best way to get there is from Zurich, providing an unexpected bonus as I haven’t yet visited the financial hub and biggest city in Switzerland. The journal left off at the conclusion of a wonderful visit to Kosovo, where I boarded a direct flight to Zurich. I ... read more
Centre of Vaduz
Lovely building
Colours in the snow

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz October 19th 2016

Having walked around Innsbruckall day, I arrived late in the border town of Feldkirch. I then just managed to check in to the hostel before the reception closed but people shouldn't be made to put on sheets and duvet covers in the dark when other people in the dorm sleeping - especially for the price being paid. All you wanna do after a long day and journey is to just get into bed. The country which borders Feldkirch in the most western part of Austria is the pint-sized principailty of Liechtenstein. Like my visit to San Marino earlier in the trip, there is a fascination and novelty value about visiting curious, almost unheard of, micro-states. And like my visit to San Marino earlier in the trip, I decided to do Liechtenstein as a day trip. For ... read more
Rote Haus & Vineyard

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