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Europe » Italy June 8th 1988

Our next NATO Infrastructure Committees visit was to Italy. I had been looking forward to this trip ever since arriving at NATO, as Italy is perhaps my favorite country in Europe from the perspective of all its history and art, and of course the food. For the first time Linda was unable to accompany me as my parents couldn't come to babysit Tamara (2 years 4 months) and Rosanna (8 months), as my Dad's health was deteriorating, and besides, we would be taking home leave back to visit them a month later. 8 June 1988 Wednesday. The committee members and their spouses gathered as usual at Melsbroek Air Base, shared with Zaventum Airport in Brussels. We boarded an Italian military jet for the two hour journey to Istrana Air Base, just north of Venice. Upon arrival ... read more
Committee and spouses arriving at Istrana Air Base north of Venice
Assistant Secretary General de Laat de Kanter with Chairman Van der Post and Cdr. Polese, the Italian Representative
Committee visiting airfield facilities at Ghedi Air Base

Europe » Italy April 17th 1987

My parents had volunteered to babysit Tamara while we went to Portugal. We returned on a Monday and four days later the Easter holiday week began. We took this opportunity to take Mom and Dad for a nine day vacation to some of our favorite places in Europe. 17 April 1987 Good Friday. We drove from Brussels to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. On the way we drove down the Rhine River from Coblenz to Bingen to see the many castles that dotted this most interesting stretch of the Rhine before returning the the autobahn to Rothenburg. We arrived at Rothenburg about 3 pm. We stayed with our farmer friends in their zimmerfrei, the couple we had first stayed with some ten years earlier when we lived in Germany. We talked with them a bit before heading ... read more
Castles on the Rhine

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 15th 1983

One exception to the norm of taking long weekend trips to Switzerland and the French Riviera from Stuttgart was the trip to Rome. My Mom flew to Rome from Thailand, and her psychiatrist friend Mary, who had previously traveled to France and Switzerland with us in 1978, flew into Rome from the States. Friday after work, we took the normal transportation for a weekend trip to a distant destination, the overnight train with reservations for two couchettes. The train departed Boblingen about 6:30 pm and went directly to Rome...quite convenient. We shared the six-bed couchette compartment with two older German couples. They were on their way to Ischia off the coast of Naples. Normally one sleeps in their clothes in the couchette compartment as you are usually sharing it with strangers. However, our new German friends ... read more
Spanish Steps
Linda and Bob at the Trevi Fountain
Pantheon - a 2000 year old Roman Temple converted to a church

Europe » Italy » Veneto May 28th 1982

In the summer of 1982 Linda and Bob took a trips with Steve and Kay and their boys to northern Italy over an extended Memorial Day weekend. 28 May 1982 Friday. After work Linda and Bob drove to Oberammergau where we spent the night with Steve and Kay and their boys. 29 May 1982 Saturday. The next morning all of us drove in separate cars to Innsbruck, Austria and then over the Brenner Pass to Lake Garda, driving along the western lakeshore until we reached Sirmione. This town is on a peninsula jutting up from the southern shore. We checked into our hotel and then walked around the town and out the peninsula to the ruins of a Roman palace. It was a perfect day with a blue sky and lake with snow capped alps at ... read more
Kay, Linda, David, Steve, and Stevie in the far table ordering lunch in Sirmione
David and Stevie in Sirmione
Linda and Kay at Roman Palace in Sirmione

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan July 10th 1979

Geo: 45.4637, 9.188131st trip... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Tirrenia July 8th 1978

In July 1978 I had a business trip to Camp Darby, Italy near Pisa and Livorno to inspect and accept 77 ammunition bunkers into the Air Force inventory. I decided to take Linda along and add a few days vacation to the trip. We drove down on Saturday, stopping just south of Lucerne, Switzerland at a nice hotel on Lake Luzern. Then it was over the Alps to Lake Como and Pisa, Italy where we climbed the Leaning Tower. We arrived at Camp Darby on Sunday afternoon. There we met my Corps of Engineers counterpart, Mike and his wife Betty. We would become lifelong friends. Most of the weekdays were spent on the job, but in the evenings we enjoyed going to restaurants on the beach in Tirrenia. The first evening we ordered pasta, and were ... read more
Going over the Alps to Italy
Approaching Lake Como
Lake Como

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Acireale August 14th 1977

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples September 28th 1974

Day 16 Saturday Patricia Dorsey Murphy Pisa Italy & Nice, France Went to Pompeii first thing in the morning and walked with the Italian guide. Went to a cameo factory and headed off. Stayed in a crummy hotel …Shared bath with Mother and Daddy Dianne Dorsey Parker Gilbreath Place: Pisa, Italy Weather: good - clear Left Sorrento early in AM and headed to Pompeii. This was unbelievable - Beautiful city that was completely covered by eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Went to Cameo Factory at foot of mountain where cameos are made. Then had a very long drive on to Pisa. The country was beautiful. The Appies Mountains were beautiful with Mediterranean Sea on other side and mountains on other. When we arrived in Pisa, we had the loudest hotel so far. Boy! Shared ... read more
Pompeii Ruins

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 27th 1974

Day 15 Friday Patricia Dorsey Murphy 27 Sept 74 Sorrento, Italy Nice Drove from Rome to Naples. Traffic rotten. Got on a hydrofoil to Capri. Rode on a wild bus up to Annacapri and looked at the beautiful sight. Quite a place. Made one shot of the sea. Took a steamer back to Sorrento and staying in the Grand Rivera. Nice hotel. Ate dinner and went to town for a couple of hours..bought an inlaid box and ring. Leave for Pompeii and Pisa tomorrow. Dianne Dorsey Parker Gilbreath Place: Naples & Sorrento, Italy Weather: good - warm & clear Left Rome early and arrived in Naples about noon. Traffic is crazy here and always backed up. Finally arrived at port and boarded hydro foil and went to the Isle of Capri. Trip over made me a ... read more
Post Card-Patty

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 26th 1974

Day 14 Thursday Patricia Dorsey Murphy Rome Nice cool We went to a "hot springs" restaurant to have dinner, Very nice. Baths of Caracals. Then after we went to the Roman Forum and the Pantheon and other ruins. Had my hair done...nice Dianne Dorsey Parker Gilbreath Place: Rome, Italy Weather: good - clear This was free day. It started with Patty & Mother going to a beauty parlor & Daddy and I headed downtown on the bus. Got down there fine. Went to Obelisk (oldest statue in Rome from Egypt 1st century). Met Mother & Patty & went to ruins and walked all over town. It was nice. Our last night in Roma was spent at a famous Opera House. Ate and drank a lot of wine while singers sang. Goodbye Roma…. ... read more
Fairwell Rome

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