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Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi September 26th 2019

What a day! Ursula and John were up early and hiked up Mount Subasio to St Francis’ summer campsite, the Hermitage, arriving around 10:00 as it opened. To get to the area where St Francis and his followers camped it was necessary to go through the monastery itself, down a set of stone stairs and through a series of rooms, each smaller than the last with a smaller doorway than the last, until you finally squeeze out onto the walkway overlooking the ravine and a small stone bridge across to niche where they set up a covering to protect themselves from bad weather. The area is extremely peaceful and as you walk further along the path you find small sitting areas and serene pathways for silent contemplation of nature. At the end of the main path ... read more

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi September 25th 2019

As usual John was up early and walking the streets looking for the perfect light. Lots of great pictures but one stood out because it was taken as the morning sun hit Perugia a lit up the entire city. Wow. So very sorry that the lens was not telephoto. Needless to say, it was quite special. John stopped on the way back to the flat for sweets which were consumed with a high level of satisfaction. And so began the day. Peggy was not feeling too well so decided to stay close to home for the day. So Ursula, Chad and John walked to San Damiano down the hill and outside the city walls. This little monastery was the place where St. Francis had the realization of his path in life, and later it became the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi July 18th 2017

July 18 Tuesday Slept in for the first time since we left England. But of course that's 7:30 for me. I took my time getting ready for breakfast and even played some Candy Crush and Fairway Solitaire for a bit. Breakfast was not ideal. No buffet. Choice of over easy, hard, or omelet for egg choices. I went with the omelette. Imagine my surprise to find french fries mixed inside the omelette. They must've used the leftover french fries from yesterday's dinner. LOL. Then they offered really under cooked bacon and long hotdog looking sausages. Once again think God for bread rolls. They had juice on the table but I didn't care for it. When I asked for water they told me I couldn't get a glass of water but I could buy a bottle. After ... read more
Ferry across the Adriatic Sea (25)
Ferry across the Adriatic Sea (26)
Ferry across the Adriatic Sea (27)

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi June 9th 2017

What a day! This morning as a group, we went to Assisi, Italy. What a beautiful town. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get there from Rome, which was nice because I got some sleep. We had to go up a steep hill, because the town is on the hill overlooking the beautiful countryside. First stop was the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. This has been one of my favorite churches that I have seen in Italy. Then, we had free time to explore the city. A group of us ended up just walking the (up hill) streets going into the shops and food places. For lunch, we stopped at I Monaci. It was good and cheap, but nothing to brag about. I have learned while traveling outside of Rome, there are more ... read more

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi April 10th 2017

Italy, Day 8, Tuesday, October 11 Assisi in Umbria. Our destination today is Assisi in Umbria. Umbria is the only region in Italy with neither a coastline nor a border with other countries, but it has beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains and iconic green valleys. It also has numerous earthquakes. An earthquake was in Umbria in August of this year that caused more damage but the last big one was 10 years ago. Note: in editing this blog I will note that a 6.5 earthquake devastated Norica in southeastern Umbria on October 30, soon after we left for home. Many agriturismos have popped up throughout Tuscany and Umbria in the past 20 years, likely influencing the farm to table movement that started in Umbria. Black celery, (a specialty of Trevi), red onions and seasonal truffles are top ... read more
Basilica of St Francis, Assisi, Umbria, Italy
Basilica of St Francis, Assisi, Umbria, Italy
Entry into the Basilica of St Francis, Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi September 10th 2015

Our ride today was a loop ride, with the planned highligh being Assisi. We leave the hotel at 9 AM, the "arrows down" time. Experience Plus sends one of the guides out early in the morning to draw chalk arrows along the route. We are not allowed to leave early because of the risk of riders overtaking the "chalk arrow drawer" (This would never be a problem in my case, but I go with the flow.) Our first stop is Spello, where I visit Santa Maria Maggiore to admire the chapel painted by Pinturicchio. I meet up with Bob and Kay from Seattle and we decide to do the extra 7 mile ride leaving from Spello around Mont Subasio to Assisi. It also promises to add some elevation gain to my day. It is a mostly ... read more
Ceramic bench in Deruta-yesterday

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi October 13th 2014

We took the train to Spello. I saw a dog that looked like my Jack Russell Terrier Shakes and his name was Spello. Spello was a neat little town. We walked all the way up another hilly village. We ended up at the winery for our wine tasting. The winery is called Enoteca Properzio. Irene Angelini and her father own this family business, The wine tasting was conducted by Irene. We tried a white and a few reds. My favorite was the Alter Ego Merlot/San Giovesse blend. We also tried 2 different olive oils. I bought a huge bottle that is supposed to last 2 years for around $35 Euro. We also stopped at Assisi along the way and got to see the tomb of St. Francis. I bought a couple of things for the parents ... read more

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi June 19th 2014

If it is Thursday it must be Assisi. We arrived last night at the Hotel Castillo about 8:30 pm, the restaurant stayed open for us. They served us a 2-course meal: 1 pasta and 2 a meat loaf with gravy and French fries. The gravy had wheat so I was given local fresh pressed olive oil. YUM. 2 of us cannot eat gluten, the other woman can’t eat lots of other things too so it makes it easy for me. The hotel is high on the hill of Assisi. I never found out if it was old or just made to look old but Assisi is old. Most of the city built in the 1200/1300’s; some older, some newer. We were dropped off next to the old city, or I should say the new-old city, ... read more
St Assisi Bassilla
View of Assisi

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi October 14th 2013

Assisi in Umbria Region Italy 13 October 2013 We arrived in Camping Village Assisi which was about 10 kms from the town Assisi. This town is perched on the side of a hill, which we saw when we approached the area. The Camping village was excellent. On the way to Assisi, we drove past Lake Trasimeno which was pretty big and picturesque, with the Appenino Umbro Marchogiano (mountain range) in the background – beautiful! After we got set up and did some WiFi work, we went to their restaurant and had a lovely meal. Tom even had Panini and truffles. Truffles are found quite readily in this area. The restaurant was very busy so people from the surrounding towns come to the restaurant as well. That night, they put on a band for the dancing – ... read more
I dont like his new hat
Assisi in Umbria Italy 12 Oct 2013 (10)
Grapa is a popular drink in Italy

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi September 12th 2013

Drew was up and showered, I was dragging from the day before. Come on dad this is the day we're going to Gubbio. Oh yea! We're going to Gubbio. The first thing Drew requested when we discussed this trip was he wanted to go to Gubbio. You ask where is Gubbio and why? I’m glad you asked; Gubbio is tightly tied to St Francis of Assisi. You know the guy in the cool robe with sandals holding the birds. Well the story has it their was a big bad wolf killing off the folks in Gubbio, so St Francis comes and takes a throne from his paw and everyone is happy including the wolf. Don’t believe me, you’re not the first, pull it up on the Internet. So Drew wanted to see Gubbio, I say ok. ... read more

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