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Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari August 2nd 2018

31st July Cagliari One last push Our fourth port in four days and I think we might be getting a little jaded. Still onward and upward, literally, Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, and sits in the Gulf if Cagliari. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. Our walk took us up to the heights of the Elephant and St Pancras Towers. Both towers dominate the city, the Tower of St Pancras has massive white masonry whist the Tower of the Elephant still has its battlements and portcullis intact and has become a symbol of the cities past glories and achievements. A lot of renovations being done and coupled with the number of tourists make it a very busy place. Our goal was the Roman Amphitheatre, elliptical in shape, set in a ... read more
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Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari April 7th 2014

Bastione Bacione - Cagliari 2014 (ATL) Ty Dolla $ign fr. B.o.B. - Paranoid Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown - Show Me Calvin Harris - Summer Trevor Jackson - Drop It (Remix) Major Lazer ft. Sean Paul - Come On To Me Y.G. ft. Drake - Who Do You Love? DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down For What B.O.B. - We St... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari February 11th 2014

Sogni d'Oro - Cagliari 2014 Sogni (canzoni per la spiaggia) 1) John de Sohn - Under the Sun (Where We Belong) 2) Mystery Skulls - Ghost (Viceroy Remix) 3) Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say 4) Jutty Ranx - I See You (Bit Funk Remix) 5) The XX - Chained (Panic City Remix) 6) Airwolf - Hanging On 7) Denzal Park - url= read more
Poetto Beach
Molentargius Saline Park
Cafe Lifestyle

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari October 28th 2012

Sardinia, We arrived here this morning to wet weather and how clouds and debated whether to stay onboard or not.. but you only come to a place like this once so decided to head offshore and see what we could make of the place. It's like a lot of the islands which are built on the mountainsides so uphill walks... killers, and eventually you find it's all worthwhile. No protests here but the usual Morrocans selling stuff and the high end shops are around too. We walked around the old city - which is up very, very high and eventually we found a way in and thank God we found a lift on the outside so we were able to get to the heights of the old city. Again amazing views of the sea and the ... read more
Wedding in Sardinia
Old city in Sardinia
View from top of old Sardinian city

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari September 14th 2012

Sardinia The weather today is perfect, 72 degrees with a fresh breeze and no humidity. We docked in Cagliari, waited for the early rush ashore to end and hopped a bus to the Castello area of the city. It dropped us off near the Cittadella dei Musei, a museum complex that is home to the National Picture Gallery, the Narional Archeological Museum and Communal Arts Gallery and the Regional Ethnographic Museum. All were closed. Bummer! This is the highest part of the town and there are still some of the old walls left. The views from here were wonderful. What was supposed to be a hop-on-hop-off bus never made its appearance so we left the bewildered and disgruntled tourists and decided to walk back to the port. I love looking at the old buildings, most kept ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari August 31st 2012

Sicily to Sardinia – the Hunt for Auntie Sally (Cameron) Dolphins: I was down below deck having a snore zzzzzz when mum shouts “dolphins!” I walked up on deck like a dozy teenager like when teenager’s mums say “get up you lazy boy”. Then I walked up as if I was an old man, and I saw two dolphin’s one baby one mum or dad they played and played and played as if there was a sign saying come here dolphins they then played at the bow and jumped and then when life itself seemed not to get any better they went. It was like “come on time for tea” like it had never happened but by the next day it was as if the latest film had just come out. Night watch: On ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari September 29th 2011

Im just going to set a new entry, because then its more new than just updating the other, of course i am also going to try to just list them all in one in case you want to look at them all at once, which is for me to the point already really exciting how many people i am really meeting, and furthermore making new friends. Sooooo.... i am going to start for Italy 1. Thomas (The Driver to Italy) - Yeah im going to start with him because he picked me up in zürich but he drove me to Italia, so that counts for meeting him FOR Italia! He is a very nice guy who is down to earth and really friendly, we had a nice time travelling with nice conversations and italian and other ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari September 12th 2011

We were Cagliari for a few hours apparently, I don't really know because I slept the whole time! Mummy and daddy didn't really like the city, mummy was a bit annoyed about that because she's been to another part of Sardinia and absolutely loved it. Mummy wanted to take me to the beach again but instead we came back to the boat early and I splashed about in my pool. It was really hot in Italy.... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari October 11th 2009

Hello, after ages I finally managed to sit down and write a travel journal again. At least something like it. After a lot of things happened previously it was great to go travelling on my own again and getting a break. I flew into germany as my dearest and very much loved granddad passed away on 9/9/09. What a date it was. I received the call while I was at work. However during the day I knew he was going to leave. Actually work has been a great therapy and distraction so since the day he deterioated I threw myself into work working mad hours. My soul needed it, my bank account as well did... So I went to germany for a few days for the funeral which tore the heart out of my chest but ... read more
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Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari September 28th 2009

It has been far too long since my trip to Sardinia and I am appalled that it has taken so long to update my final destination on my 7 week backpack but I guess better late than never. After weeks and weeks of partying like no tomorrow, I left Croatia bound for Bari on the east coast of Italy via boat. I took a plunge 10 weeks earlier and booked a cabin room on the boat, which although expensive, well worth it for comfort and a chance for some catch up sleep. The boat ride was 9 hours long and after my experience from Athens to Santorini I was not going to sit on the hard floor for all that time. When I finally got to Bari I had booked myself into a very nice hotel ... read more
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Our own little paradise
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