Lyn Barker & John Mitchell


Lyn Barker & John Mitchell

Our travels over the years have been fantastic and we want to share them with our family and friends who, we hope enjoy reading about our escapades and the accompanying photos.

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 10th 2014

Sunday morning up bright and early to depart the lovely apartment we were staying in at Costa del Sol to go to the airport to fly to Seoul at lunchtime. Thank you so much Julie & Roddy from Scotland – we loved it. We arrived at the airport far too early – check in wasn’t for almost 2 hours!! Could have stayed in bed longer… was pretty tired. Then, the plane to Rome from Malaga was delayed for about an hour and a half. Ugghhhh. When we arrived in Rome we had a few hours stopover so that was Sunday and arrived in Seoul on Monday at 3.30pm. As we got off the plane and onto the bus to take us to the terminal we noticed that one of the passengers had a dog with him! ... read more
Road crossing
Plane taxiing on the runway
The third tunnel

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol September 6th 2014

Hola everyone, Wednesday – we toddled off to Marbella to check out some places on a list that a golfing mate of John’s gave him - this time it was the Orange Square. We weren’t sure what it was, well I wasn’t anyway so we went there and were completely charmed by the whole area. It is a square in an older part of Marbella with many restaurants surrounding it, plus gardens and beautiful flower pots on the apartments above the restaurants etc. Also close by in the side streets were many shops… and this was before Siesta time – certainly timed it well today!! John bought a shirt and I bought a dress, very nice, have resisted buying clothes this time and have stuck to shoes and bags… am hoping to lose some weight when ... read more
Cable car ride up to the top of the mountain
John cooking dinner
Golf Club Flamingos

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol September 2nd 2014

Hola everyone, Well yes we’re still here in Costa del Sol and feeling like locals now – people are recognising us… must be time to move on.. Saturday night we left early for Mijas, a town up in the hills, to have an early dinner before we went to a show in the local auditorium. We also wanted to get there to get a car park and check out where the auditorium was as we hadn’t seen it on previous visits. We arrived there about 6pm – just to find that all the restaurants were closed until 7.30pm! However, we were able to have a drink while waiting so it wasn’t a totally lost cause and obviously a good time for weddings in the park nearby as there were two while we were there. We have ... read more
Mijas restaurant
Benalmadena Beach
Puerto Marina

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol August 30th 2014

Hola! A much better day today than the foggy day it started off with yesterday. We couldn't see the sea from here and just as we thought it was dissipating, it came back for awhile. Foggy but no wind and very still. Yesterday we went to a place called Mijas (pronounced Meehaa) - a lovely town nestled in a hillside with stalls and a few tourist attractions etc and of course, the usual tourist type shops with all their wares. This place reminded me of a Spanish version of Hahndorf in some ways. It had some amazing views from up there and you could see down to the sea - although still a little foggy. We managed to find a car park - that was fun. Car parking here is similar to some other European cities ... read more
Taxi cab in Mijas
Santuario de la Virgen de la Pena
Outside of the old church

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella August 27th 2014

Hola everyone! A few things we have noticed on this trip in Europe is that dogs are allowed in shops, restaurants and buses. Some girls copy the Paris Hilton's of this world and carry their small dogs under one arm..... We're really getting the hang of an afternoon siesta after a great lunch and some wine - finding it very easy to do.. On Monday we did some stuff around the house, had lunch and pretty much relaxed at home during the day. Yesterday we decided to go to the Rock of Gibraltar and check out one of the golf courses we'd been advised to go, thought we might go there for lunch. Well, we travelled for ages and could see the Rock in the distance and followed signs, as it turned out - the wrong ... read more
John having his lunch
Massage parlour
Part of an old fort

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella August 25th 2014

Hola! Well here we are in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain. Such a different place with amazing scenery. Hills and barren mountains in the background, with very lush green golf courses and the Mediterranean sea on the other side - can see it out of my window as I do this blog. So let's go back a few steps first. We caught the train late in the day to Rome, strangely enough our tickets weren't even checked so wonder how many people get a free ride? There is a machine that you put your ticket in to but we didn't as we didn't have the usual type of ticket that it takes. A non Italian speaking man told people around him that they were on the wrong train - a group of chinese girls in particular. ... read more
View from La Cala (not Santa Maria)
View from La Cala golf resort
Saw this one in a window

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence August 21st 2014

Bongiorno, We have wandered around Florence and have seen all the medieval attractions and the magnificent shops too.... We found the market at St Lorenzo and it's truly amazing much better than ours in Australia - almost matches the one in Barcelona. It is very well set out and upstairs there is restaurants and bottle shops and butcheries etc - it's an amazing place to visit - so many choices. One thing we can't understand is the almost obsession about Nutella - they have it with ice cream, gelato, on crepes (lots of creperies in Paris) and on almost anything. I understand there is the standard one and a chocolate one - haven't been game enough to try it though. There is even a recipe book on all things Nutella! We had lunch and went on ... read more
Uffizi Gallery
Looking over Firenze from opp.side
Welthy part of town example of buildings

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence August 21st 2014

Hi everyone, Again sorry for the delay in writing the blogs - after arriving at the magnificent Pensione Bencistà up in the hills overlooking Florence, we have been quite busy checking out Florence itself and all it has to offer, plus two full days traveling to places such as Cinque Terre, San Gimignano and Chianti, another day doing the hop on and hop off bus and a wee bit of shopping - can't do much as we're limited as mentioned before but if we weren't we certainly would be!!!! Staying in the Tuscany area and visiting it has been an eye opener and we have loved being here very much. Life is quite simple and easy going with most people growing their own produce and just enjoying themselves. Okay it took us a few hours traveling ... read more
Pensione Bencista

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence August 17th 2014

Bon giorno! Left Paris on a cool morning and got on our train - great seats and very comfortable. We spent about 5 hours on the first train to Torino - didn't feel that long at all - lots of great scenery to look at, chat and reading etc. However, when the conductor came around to check the tickets, one guy apparently boarded the train without a ticket. He refused to move and there was a scuffle between the two of them. People nearby scattered and were yelling at this guy.... in either French or Italian. At the next stop the conductor told him to get off and he absolutely refused to. Down the track, some casually dressed but armed police came on board - about 6 of them and tried to talk to this guy ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France August 16th 2014

Last day in Paris: Late start to the day - had breakfast and then went for a wander and had a coffee at our new found coffee place and then bought tickets for a boat cruise and a Paris by night tour. Did the midday boat cruise and saw Paris, old and new, and then went for a pizza lunch in an area new to us and found heaps of places that we hadn't found before - such an amazing array of shops and restaurants!! Back to the hotel for a nanny nap and hoped the rain would hold off for the night - Packed our bags ready for our train trip the next day to Florence. No such luck - it absolutely poured down so went for a drink at the local pub while waiting ... read more

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