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August 30th 2014
Published: August 30th 2014
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Piano accordion manPiano accordion manPiano accordion man

This was taken in a restaurant in Mijas, Spain. He plays in restaurants for 'donations.' He was good.

A much better day today than the foggy day it started off with yesterday. We couldn't see the sea from here and just as we thought it was dissipating, it came back for awhile. Foggy but no wind and very still.

Yesterday we went to a place called Mijas (pronounced Meehaa) - a lovely town nestled in a hillside with stalls and a few tourist attractions etc and of course, the usual tourist type shops with all their wares. This place reminded me of a Spanish version of Hahndorf in some ways. It had some amazing views from up there and you could see down to the sea - although still a little foggy.

We managed to find a car park - that was fun. Car parking here is similar to some other European cities where people park anyway they want to and don't

worry about blocking other cars or taking up a couple of car spaces or double parking! Interesting exercise paying the fee to get the car out of the car park as well. Hunted all over the place for the machine to pay - we were on the 6th level - IT was
Taxi cab in MijasTaxi cab in MijasTaxi cab in Mijas

People going for a ride around Mijas.
on the 10th level and without some help from some locals we would never have found it. All for 1 Euro!!

Just across the road from the car park there was an old church which was in part of a hill as were some of the shops and the ceiling of the old church was all rock - very old and a great attraction for tourists apparently - very tiny inside and a bit of gold at the font and behind it, no doubt it is replenished from time to time - no photos were allowed in the church - which is often the case in many historic places and some will allow it but without flash. John didn't let a little thing like that stop him and took a photo of it ... from the outside!

There were some leather shops as well and I bartered for a leather bag in one shop - got it at a great price, ditto with a leather jacket in another one - all those Bali trips and bartering over the years stood me in good stead. Even John said - God, you're good! Not sure how the shopkeepers felt but
Santuario de la Virgen de la PenaSantuario de la Virgen de la PenaSantuario de la Virgen de la Pena

Inside the above named church on the hill - no photos allowed. Note the ceiling is rock from the side of the mountain.
I am very happy with my purchases.

On our travels we found the Nudista beach - so guess what that would be? We saw it from the road but didn't actually see any people as we were set back a bit on the road. I guess all you would notice would be the different tans that people had.

We stopped for lunch - of course, and a man came around and played a piano accordion to the patrons of the restaurant - now you don't see many of those these days and I know my mum used to play one and probably has it still hidden in her cupboard somewhere.. John had his seafood paella - well you have to have paella when in Spain, don't you? (I had a chicken salad.)

Mijas has many burros with carts and/or as a single burro as a taxi - we noted that they had their own car park and hee hawed quite a bit. A few horses around with grander carts.. I know there is a better name for them but can't think of the proper one.

We stopped and had a look at a department store in Fuengirola but headed home and John went to the pool for awhile and later wandered around the streets of La Cala on the beachside. We came across a small Show place and so we are going to a couple of tribute nights this coming week and also going to a show at Mijas tonight to see the 4 Tops and The Harlettes. The son of a restaurant owner is in the latter group and convinced us to go and see the show and that it would be great so we checked it out online and we're off to see it tonight - should be good. Show doesn't start til nine so we have plenty of time to find a lovely restaurant for dinner. Am sure it all becomes about food as we get older... or is it just us?

After dinner last night we went along the main drag in La Cala where there is a great carnival atmosphere - sure enough there were plenty of stalls there, one with different types of owls and snakes, singers and dancers were amongst the crowd, oh yes also a juggler doing his thing. Next to all this was a very large
Bueros as taxisBueros as taxisBueros as taxis

Not burros but bueros - they have a sign on their heads - Buero taxi.
outdoor restaurant set up in the square - it was packed there with patrons and the food was being cooked on a huge open fire grill and the vegetables in the biggest pot I have ever seen. It was a beautiful warm night and just what the Spanish do very well - the ambience of it all was incredible... just loved it.

Today is an at home day tidying up and hanging around the pool and perhaps a siesta after this. Have sent a few cards off today too. The view from where I am sitting is just lovely looking at the sea and the buildings in between the views.

Additional photos below
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La Cala carnival type streetLa Cala carnival type street
La Cala carnival type street

This dancer was really shaking her booty. What a bod she has.
Biggest cook up!Biggest cook up!
Biggest cook up!

This pan is at least a metre in diameter - incredible how much food was being cooked for the outdoor restaurant patrons.
People having dinnerPeople having dinner
People having dinner

This was taken on the edge of the square, impossible to show just how many people were partaking of the feast.

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