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28th August 2014
Rock of Gibraltar

Great to see you are keeping up the holiday tradition of eating and drinking!
29th August 2014
Rock of Gibraltar

Europe 2014 - off again!!
We do our best!
22nd September 2013

We will be reading and watching every day, so keep on blogging. Xo
20th September 2013

you always make me feel like I am there with you. I sure am enjoying this holiday. Thankyou and hi to John, Noveen and Ken.
19th September 2013

Helllooooooo !
where are you guys? ... how's it all going ? what's it like in the big apple ...are you there yet , are you there yet ? ha ha :-)
3rd January 2013

cruise info for europe
i am looking for the best cruises for europe with extended shore time for touring sights and exploring countryside...any length 12-18 days
6th November 2012

Hi Guys you lucky honeymooners
Hope you are having a great time Sis and brother in law. Pics say you both are. Kay and I commenced our adventures today so will send you our links once I work out how to do it all. Happy travels from your happy campers Love to you both A&K
25th October 2012

Nice review of the ship
Everything looks lovely. Hoping our Canada/New York ship is just as nice. I am sitting at work eating crackers and cheese!! Much rather being having a glass of wine on a ship! Roll on Adelaide/Bali/Canada New York etc.
26th October 2012

Hi there, Just back from Rome today - turned a bit cold - will be going to Florence in the morning for the day, then a day at sea and fly to Portugal on Monday. Where's your blog?
26th October 2012

Hi there, Yes mosaics as you probably know, play a large part of the early artworks. We're loving our trip and only a couple more days onboard before flying to Portugal for a week, then London for a few days before we head to Melbourne overnight, Ballarat and then Adelaide before heading home for a month... Love from us xxx
26th October 2012

Hi there, Just back from Rome today - turned a bit cold - will be going to Florence in the morning for the day, then a day at sea and fly to Portugal on Monday. Where's your blog?
22nd October 2012
San Marco Basilica

So glad that you are enjoying your holiday. Great photos of the various places - love the commentary for background information. Yes the mosaics do look fantastic. Our love Sue and John
22nd October 2012

Happy Days
Hi Guys Sent you a message early in the piece but I think it's in cyberspace! Trip sounds fantastic and am enjoying the holiday with you! And what a great time, catching up with all these people you haven't seen in ages and have to go o/seas to catch up with! Enjoy, be safe, and stay happy! Eva (Chris & Laura) xxx
22nd October 2012

Will pick your brains when you return
17th October 2012
A view down to the ship in the Caldera

checking up on you :-)
Hi Lyn & John ... just thought about your blog and decided to see how your travels are going... looks like you're having way too much fun as usual :-) glad you're having a great holiday .. greece looks beautiful ...and were you scared on the bike with John driving lyn ?, ha ha.. by the way I phoned security re getting plants b4 hand and they were really nice but couldn't let me in as they didn't have permission ... no worries though , can wait till you gat back ...I hope your friend has been watering your herbs Lyn ... neat you're both having such a great time ..will have a peek at some more of your travel pics later ...take care and stay safe :-) Steph x
21st October 2012
A view down to the ship in the Caldera

Hi Stephanie, Great to hear from you. We did let security know so am sorry about that. We're having the best time on this trip. See you in a few weeks. Lyn & John
13th October 2012

Hi from Brissy
Hi Lyn and John Istanbul looks great - nice sunrise photo John. We are in the process of packing leaving tomorrow morning. Not sure I am going to do such a great job with my blog as you are with yours. Lovely detail and the photos. Keep up the good work!! Love Noveen
6th October 2012

Looks fantastic
Hi guys, The pictures look fantastic, and you both look great makes me want to go back to Venice. It was my last day at work yesterday,Bali in 2 weeks, then start the big trip
4th October 2012
Lunch in Venice

Lunch in Venice
Another darned lunch with no evidence of consumption of alcohol !! What is it with you guys????.. I'll try to keep the flag raised from this end by consuming a wee bit more than my share! Enjoy
4th October 2012

Venice (Venezia)
What a wonderful start to your honeymoon. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments - they brought back memories of my stay. I'm looking forward to reading more if and when you have the time. Photos are great too. Thanks Lyn and John.
4th October 2012

Hi from Australia
Hi Lyn and John, lovely to see you have started with your blog. Venice looks great and the weather looks perfect! I was disappointed that the photo in the restaurant you did not have a glass in your hand!! Love the figurine will go well in your house. We are in countdown mode now. We are going out Sat night to Delizios to celebrate our anniversary. Will drink to you both! Cheers Noveen.
24th September 2012

Sounds like a great trip
Question please .. Is there really not that much price difference between Biz Class on Royal Brunei and Qantas Economy?
21st October 2012

That's correct - just take your own booze on board though and they're happy to serve it to you. Love Royal Brunei although has a stop over in both Bandar, Brunei and Dubai before landing in London.
14th August 2010

Keep on enjoying
We have been watching some TV shows about Ireland and we are going to get there one day. Ballarat is having a cold wet winter for the first time in 12 years like when we were young. How friendly are the Irish and do you like their accent. I think you have left Ireland and are somewhere else in Europe now and hope you are having a great time. We are all well here and G & K are up in Queensland. We will catch up when you get back.
12th August 2010

Photos have been great!!
Love the photos of the castle and surrounding areas. You must be getting sensory overload on beautiful green fields and lovely Irish pubs!

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