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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point September 14th 2013

Day 1 Left from Brisbane on Saturday 14th September. Lexus staff picked the car up as organised and have taken it to their storage place and will deliver it when we arrive back from overseas - what a fantastic service they provide - love it and it's free! Flight was uneventful - from Briz to LA was in Premium Economy and then we had an upgrade to Business for the last leg to New York - much nicer!! We didn't get much sleep on either leg of the trip. fortunately it was a quick turnaround from the trip to LA and then the one to NY. We were picked up by the hotel shuttle bus to take us to the hotel for the night in New York - near the airport as we were leaving again ... read more
Sign seen in Toronto

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari October 28th 2012

Sardinia, We arrived here this morning to wet weather and how clouds and debated whether to stay onboard or not.. but you only come to a place like this once so decided to head offshore and see what we could make of the place. It's like a lot of the islands which are built on the mountainsides so uphill walks... killers, and eventually you find it's all worthwhile. No protests here but the usual Morrocans selling stuff and the high end shops are around too. We walked around the old city - which is up very, very high and eventually we found a way in and thank God we found a lift on the outside so we were able to get to the heights of the old city. Again amazing views of the sea and the ... read more
Wedding in Sardinia
Old city in Sardinia
View from top of old Sardinian city

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 28th 2012

Rome, A shuttle took us from the ship in port to the main street of Citivecchia where we bought our train tickets and then a 10 - 15 minute walk to the train station. We caught the train to Rome from Citivecchia ( the Port suburb) - this also took over an hour or so. Our tickets weren't validated as we couldn't find where to do this so didn't worry about it. We sat with a couple who were also from the ship and soon discovered that they were Spanish and as we've found before, they have very little English.... seems they only know two words in English - Spain and 'little' when asked if they speak English... funny thing was on the way back they were opposite us in the train and greeted us like ... read more
Ice cream chair & table
The Pantheon
Soldier kissing Nurse statue

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples October 28th 2012

Naples - Isle of Capri. The following day we arrived at Naples and decided not to venture into Naples as we'd been there before and had also been to Pompei. So where did we go? Decisions, decisions... no not really - it was a no brainer - we chose Isle of Capri. We caught a boat across to the Isle of Capri which took approximately an hour and a half. It is a beautiful place and we saw a lot of shops and people who had chosen to go there were excited to be there. Quite by accident we found the cable car which we caught and ended up at the top section of the island - well as you can imagine - more magical views from up there over the city and the sea and ... read more
Topless taxi
Isle of Capri
Typical Shopping walkway

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Catania October 27th 2012

Catania Catania is an Italian city on the east coast of Sicily facing the Ionian sea, between Messini and Syracruse and is the second largest city in Sicily. It has one of the oldest universities in Sicily which was opened in 1434! We did a hop on hop off bus tour around the city then walked around the streets and came across a another protest, this time it was a group of people who apparently hadn't been paid for about 4 months so naturally were very angry about it. There were some older people in the protest march and we assume by the writing that they hadn't been paid their superannuation.... we think... We discovered on this day that our NAB Travellers card had been emptied! We would transfer funds across on an as needs basis ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Catania October 24th 2012

The Ship - Nieuw Amsterdam Just to fill you in about the ship. This is the newest one in their fleet of about 15 ships. It is designed for traditional cruising which suits us just fine. There are heaps of activities every day for everyone and excursions on most days offshore where you can book a tour before boarding or onboard at the desk or at a kiosk screen on the walls in some areas. Or you can make your own arrangements - taxis, buses or walking whatever you want to do or you can choose to stay onboard if you wish. The excursions are for most part - for the main part of the day with some of them for around 6 hours - think this depends on time and tide. The ship has a ... read more
on the way to wining & dining
Drinking on board ship at dinner
Towel critter

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 24th 2012

Well as you know we love Santorini and were there just for a short time this day. It's one of the two ports that we call into twice. So we added to the glass collection for the kitchen/lounge area - which will be sent home with the other purchases... for those who are curious enough to see them - you need to come and visit us! We wandered around some walkways - not to call them alleyways... seems to have a different connotation.. and looked in some jewellery and other shops and then decided it was lunch time - we stopped at a nice restaurant on the hillside but they didn't have wifi. So we went around the corner and asked the same question and they said yes upstairs.. so we trudged upstairs to find it ... read more
Aegean Sea from cliff top
Night time at Santorini

Europe » Greece » North Aegean October 24th 2012

What another magnificent Greek Island! We arrived to blue skies and sunshine which has been normal for the majority of our trip so far - beautiful balmy weather and a lovely town to visit. After ringing our mothers , to ensure they were okay plus it was nice to hear their voices again we walked about 15 minutes from the ship to the town - all souvenir shops and restaurants were open but very few other shops were... being Sunday. We saw the Bell Tower in town and apparently a lagoon - Katavos Lagoon was once a swamp swarming with mosquitoes and rife with malaria is now a healthy feeding ground for Loggerhead Turtles. John and some others saw these turtles swimming around the ship as we docked in Argostoli. To the northeast of Argostoli is ... read more
Female toilet
Typical building

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu October 21st 2012

Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea being the second largest of the Ionian Islands and very close to Albania - only 3 - 23kms away depending on the breadth of the straits. After disembarking, eight of us bargained for taxis to show us around the island - we learnt long ago to go to the back of the line of taxis as they charged much less and gave you more options and time- the front ones were assured of a fare for the day whereas the back ones weren't. Anyway we got to see some magnificent sights that we may not have seen otherwise. Our drivers were Alex - who is a singer and had the music up loud and sang along with the music and Dimitrious who was a little more laid back ... read more
Note the heart shaped cove
Our group of 8 touring Corfu
Shopping in Corfu

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik October 21st 2012

We have heard a lot about Dubrovnik and how beautiful it is and everyone was right - it was just gorgeous. It is an historic and beautifully picturesque town known mainly as a major tourist resort facing the sea at the base of the rugged limestone mountains. Its medieval double walls and fortifications make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. For the history buffs - it was founded in the 7th century by the Romans, and under the protection of the Byzantine Empire, of Venice, of Hungary until 1526, and of the Ottoman Empire until 1806, but it governed itself as an independent republic. In the 16th century, Dubrovnik had one of the greatest merchant fleets in the Mediterranean. Napoleon abolished the city-republic, and in 1815 the Congress of Vienna gave the ... read more
View of old fort from top of mountain
Dubrovnik town from cable car
Swimming cove - locals swimming

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