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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno June 27th 2019

Today is a really relaxed start, as we won't be hitting the road until 9:00. So after a quick breakfast, we bid a fond farewell to Santa Margherita, and board the coach for Lake Maggiore. Lake Maggiore is in the upper northwest area of Italy near the border with Switzerland. This is a 3 hour bus ride, the longest we have some so far. So with plenty of time on the road, Anna gave us a quick synopsis of the days activities, and used the remaining time to settle up our bills for the optional excursions. With a WiFi credit card machine on the bus, it didn't take her long. As we left Santa Margherita, the mountains began to quickly subside and we were quickly in the flat farmland of the northwest. So for the next ... read more
Lake Maggiore - Farmlands of the North
Lake Maggiore - Hotel Simplon Our Room
Lake Maggiore - Hotel Simplon Our Room

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno May 30th 2014

16thMay – La Mer Méditerranée. After a few days in Aigues Mortes we moved down to the coast to a favoured spot at Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the Camargue, we have now been in France for three weeks and have managed with out any electricity, but needs must so we stopped at our first campsite and did our laundry. Unfortunately the wind which was warm and blowing from the north was a huge problem as it whipped up the dust, and soon we found the van to be full of dust. Which upset Alan as we had just spent 8 euros washing the magic bus in a fancy car wash! So having checked the weather forecast we decided to move 20-30 km along the coast on the recommendation of a lovely French man we met at a camperstop ... read more
Driving thru'Gorge Du Verdon
View from van St. Croix de Verdon
Canadair St. Croix

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno September 18th 2013

Sun 15thSept Peschiera, Lake Garda to Menaggio, Lake Como 108miles No thunderstorm but it was hazy cloud the next morning and a bit brighter so drove in early to Sirmione which is a peninsula that juts out 4km into Lake Garda. Greeted by an impressive turreted C13th castle and moat, and then walked out to the end of the peninsula, past the hot bubbling sulphur springs in the lake. The peninsula used to be a Roman settlement, set within ancient olive groves and Cyprus trees so it made a very pleasant stroll around! Massive queue of cars trying to get to the head of the peninsula as we were leaving so I’m glad we went early! By now it had clouded over and rain was threatening so we got onto the A4-E70 motorway until Bergamo and ... read more
Our derelict campsite!!
dropping down into the valley

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno September 6th 2012

It is hard to believe that a week has gone by since we left England. Where has that week gone? I know where I would rather be - italy in the rain or England - Italy wins hands down. Woke up to heavy rain this morning pounding on the roof of the van. I worked on the basis that it started before 7am and would be gone by 11am. First job was a shower and it was much enjoyed despite the showers being full of people. I wonder what the site would be like in the middle of the season when all the visitors were here . Over breakfast we watched one of our neighbours taking Pig his Peugeot scooter off the back of his van. Felt rather envious of his freedom with the scooter. We ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno August 4th 2011

On the last full day with Bruna, Mario, Gian Paolo, and Alberto, we ventured up to the top of the Mottarone. There we found beautiful views and a great place to picnic. From the top we could see seven lakes and it is said that on a clear day you can see the Duomo of Milan but we think that may be a myth. It was a great way to end my stay with them and I already miss them all desperately. I am going to venture to say I think they live in the most beautiful place I've ever visited!... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno August 2nd 2011

Italy is no longer the only country I have visited in Europe! We made the trek to Switzerland to visit ascona and buy chocolate. The Italian region of Switzerland is like Italy's richer, more modern twin. The streets are cleaner, wider, and the buildings are newer. Seeing how I love the classical architechture in Italy, this was a let down. Also, everything in Switzerland was more expensive. I'm stingy with my money and had to spend it. Swiss chocolate is worth it. I prefer Italy but am happy to be able to say I have been to Switzerland.... read more
Italian Border
IMAG0941 - Copy

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno July 30th 2011

I visited the second largest waterfall in Europe: Cascata Del Toce. My trip began by taking a train from Baveno to Domodossola without a ticket because the machine in Baveno was broken. I didn't get caught. We drove up to the waterfall and as we drove the architechture slowly became more and more Bavarian. The villages were beautiful and the flowers bloomed from every balcony. Past the waterfall is a damn on the Toce river which feeds the waterfall. We had a nice lunch in a nearby resteraunt and looked and cows and whatnot, stuff you do whilst in the mountains.... read more
The way down
Top of the Waterfall

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno July 28th 2011

We went to explore the Borromeo Islands and started our trip with Isola Bella. On Isola Bella is a huge villa and amazing garden. I cant even begin to describe its beauty. Check out the pictures!!! Another interesting thing about the island is that there are white peacocks running wild everywhere. I have never seen such creatures! They are the pigeons of Isola Bella and clean up crumbs that people drop from their tables. The garden was beautiful.... read more
Villa on Isola Bella

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno July 28th 2011

Bruna's family owns a Hinge Factory and both her and Mario work there. I was taken on a tour by Bruna's father who is 87 and founded the factory in the 60s. He was a nice man and talked a lot. He could only speak italian so that was a bit of a problem. Luckily, Alberto was there to translate. They produce 600 different shapes and sizes of hinges and make 50,000 a day. The metal starts in coils in a storage area and is taken to a machine to cut the right size and drill holes. Then the machine curls the metal to make the place for the pin to be inserted. The pins are made from metal rods and are cut by people. Then the hinges are assembled and boxed and shipped out. Not ... read more
final boxes

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno July 28th 2011

I visited Arona and the statue of San Carlo Borromeo with Davide, Bruna's nephew. He could not speak English and I could not speak Italian so it made the day trip interesting! The statue is 35 meters tall and we climbed up through an extremely sketchy ladder on the interior. It felt like being in a mine shaft!! Anyway, we survived and ended the day with gelato.... read more
Statue of San Carlo Borromeo

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