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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 9th 2006

Wow. That's all I can say. Yesterday we had all our orientation for the Quinn school, and I am walking on air right now. When I came, I was hoping that i'd have decent classes at least, and maybe if I was lucky have monday or friday off to facilitate my travelling desires. It turns out that I have all of my first choice classes because they gave all the American students priority. The classes are- Globalisation Business Law Entrepreneurial Management and International Business I'm incredibly excited because every single one of those classes I really wanted to take. Although class periods are 3 hours apiece, which might turn out to be a bit draining, i've got the most amazing schedule. I have NO class monday OR friday. The luck i've got is just completely flabbergasting, ... read more

Europe » Ireland September 8th 2006

Sept. 5 We got up early to go to Wicklow county. Our hostel ended up being way out in the boonies. The bus driver dropped us off at the closest town which was 14km away from our hostel. So we were a little confused as to what exactly to do. We were thinking of hitch hiking but chose not to as it looked like it may rain. So we walked around the town asking everyone how on earth to get out there, nobody really new of the best way. We finally stopped in a pub and decided to take a cab. The small town we went to was called Rathdrum. We thought it was a big hiking place which it was not. It was just a small town out in the middle of nowhere. But we ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork September 8th 2006

Well finished my 2 and a half week detox today and took the bus from Clonakilty up to Cork. Gonna totally miss the farm. Catching a express coach to London on Sunday night but that still leaves the weekend for a good time. To sum up the farm : Great food, great people and amazing scenery. Marc and Debra were the coolest people ever to work for. They were the oposite from slave drivers. It was great, I took my time getting up in the mornign and took my time wiht all my jobs. Planted a wjole crew of O'learya's (my own plant LOL). So my children will grow tall and strong. Made a beauty work bench and shelf. really nice. I was very happy to get back to some carpentry. But if ever in Ireland ... read more
O baby
The end of a good one
Me and Marc

Europe » Ireland September 8th 2006

Sept. 6 Since that town wasn't that exciting we decided to take the first bus out to Wicklow City. Good Choice!!!! It was absolutely beautiful. It is right on the east coast We did a farley long hike along the coast. There were alot of cliffs going down to the ocean and farely rocky. The hike ended at Wicklow Head where there was a huge tower an old light house and the new light house. Right in town there is a river with swans and everything is unbelievably green, tree and vines surround the river. There were also a lot of fishing boats and sailing boats. Anyhow we were exhausted after the hike and took a bus back to Dublin and went straight to bed. It was an awsome experience ... read more
Outside of Wicklow City 1
Outside of Wicklow City 2
East Coast of Ireland

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 7th 2006

Most Importantly though! I forgot that I saw Lewis Black yesterday. Of all things, I show up at UCD and there is a free Lewis black show that evening. He did a great political bit for about half an hour, then performed absolutely spectacularly in a Q&A session. The best part though was the surreal setting. I was in a room with about 40 people, max, listening to lewis black! A venue like that with a celebrity like his is so incredibly rare. But it was certainly cool. That wouldn't be enough to warrant a post though, I've finally got internet in my apartment. Here we go, i'm starting my picture collection! ciao!... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork September 7th 2006

I swear, Jenn and I came to Cork with the best of intentions. We were going to see Blarney Castle, go to the Fota Wildlife Park, maybe take a half-day trip to Kinsale or Cobh…but for some reason we did none of it. In spite of that, we loved Cork. It’s in close competition with Dublin for our favourite. Can you tell we’re city girls? I’ve read over and over that the best of Ireland is in its small towns and villages, but we fell in love with its cities. I’m sure I would love rural Ireland as well, but without a car, it wasn’t to be. Still, we didn’t feel restricted, or that we were ‘missing’ anything - we found it quite easy to talk to locals and it was always apparent that we were ... read more
The infamous Vomit Hill
Outside Sheila's Hostel
Gettin' inked

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 7th 2006

My trip to Dublin couldn’t have got off to a worse start, the taxi I was in broke down on the way to London Gatwick, they had no spare taxi so I had to wait by the side of the motorway and the breakdown down people took ages. Net Result, I missed my flight Anyway, Arrived at Dublin Airport 4 hours later and £104 odd lighter. Jumped on a bus which took me as far as Connery Train Station in the city centre where I jumped in a taxi to take me to my hostel, Abbey Court The Taxi driver started to tell me about his fear of flying and asked me to write a letter to his travel agent to cancel a flight to Orlando, which i thought was a tad weird but did it ... read more
Whiskey Tour
Clardon Hotel

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 7th 2006

We've spent a little time settling in over the last 24 hours, and the place is pretty nice! We've been placed in double rooms, which is kind of unfortunate, but it's not a terrible inconvenience for me yet, as my roomie is a Trinity student who won't move in 'til late september if not october. More importantly though, I like my bed. I spent like 4-5 hours napping there today and boy oh boy is it spectacular. This was a major concern for me, because i'm a cranky bugger when I don't get my sleep, hehe. Amusingly enough though, I didn't spend last night in that bad. Last night we met up with Andrea, my friend who is going to trinity next month, and had a few drinks at a pub. It was her first drink ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Meath September 6th 2006

Mercredi 6 septembre : Je suis allée à Dublin pour aller sur Internet et pour faire un peu de shopping. J’ai donc parcourue la rue piétonne de long en large. Puis je me suis arrêtée chez O’Briens pour m’acheter un bon chocolat chaud. Je suis ensuite restée pendant au moins trois quarts d’heure devant un musicien (pas mon genre). Ses chansons ressemblaient beaucoup à celles de James Blunt. Petit détour vers M&S pour acheter quelques cookies avant de retourner à la station de bus pour le retour. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Meath September 6th 2006

Mardi 5 septembre : j’arrive au milieu de mon stage. Je me sens maintenant vraiment chez moi, avec ma super colloque Lesley. Nouvelle journée typique : 7h50 dans la cours. Je fais une mise au point du programme de la journée avec Lesley avant de sortir poulinières et poulains. Puis, nous allons chercher les chevaux. N’étant que deux le matin, nous avons du trouver une autre technique, ne pouvant les ramener deux par deux, ce qui mettrait beaucoup trop de temps. Un seau de granulé à la main et tout le troupeau nous suit jusqu’à la grange où nous faisons ensuite le tri. Certains matins, ils préfèrent aller faire un tour au fond du champs, et évidemment ce sont les matins où il pleut des cordes. Bref… On prend notre petit-déjeuner vers 9h en regardant… Dallas. ... read more
Magic en couleur

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