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Europe » Ireland June 26th 2007

Our last adventure was in May when Liz and I travelled with my parents to the Lakes District in Northern England, then drove up to Edinburgh and finally flew over to Cork in Southern Ireland to visit my sister Jade who now calls Ireland home. Practically everyone had told us it always rains in the Lakes District but when we set out in the morning the weather looked ok other than the standard English cloud cover. That quickly changed and for the first 2 days of our holiday it did nothing but bucket down. We refused to let it dampen our spirits and spent a couple of lovely days basing ourselves in quant Keswick. The first day we just looked around the village which featured a plethora of hiking shops. Seriously, 70% of the shops sold ... read more
Old bridge
Buttermere Valley

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin June 26th 2007

Okay, so I'm going to load some pictures now. Enjoy!... read more
Dublin Tourism
Trinity College
Lads' Lane

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin June 26th 2007

We were not sure what to expect but we thought the tour would be cheesy---it wasn't. The night begins with boarding the world's only ghost bus, affectionately known as Molly. The inside of the bus is converted and decorated to look like a dungeon and it most certainly did. The seats in the lower floor had been removed and the entire floor was in darkness, except for the glow of a lantern, which glowed with the effect of a candle. The windows were covered with thick red velvet curtains. We proceeded upstairs accompanied by dark and gloomy music. The upstairs was decorated in much the same way as the lower level and was lit up by a red light. After getting settled and taking dozens of pictures, our tour guide appears. He has black hair ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 25th 2007

So today was relatively uneventful. I went to the National Library of Ireland. It's amazingly beautiful. Mosaic floors in a beautiful pattern, corinthian columns gold-tipped at the top and a cameo-esque frieze at the top with a dusky rose background. The reading room is equally amazing with differing shades of aqua wall paint and a very ornate frieze at the top with cupids all over it, and the wood panelling is equally as ornately carved. I discovered that librarys here are very different from what we imagine as a library...closed stacks folks! I haven't looked through a card catalogue in years! But wow! There's some amazing stuff there. Then I went on my normal meandering, but it was really windy! So I went into a well-known sweater shop which has simply gorgeous stuff, by the way, ... read more

Europe » Ireland June 25th 2007

- Monday 18th June Lots and lots of driving!!! We followed the Northern coast line along and down 60kms to Londonderry commonly know as “The Walled City.” We walked a part of the only completely walled city in Ireland, built as defences for early 17th century settlers from England and Scotland. The walls are 1.5kms in circumference and form a walkway around the city. Not that awe inspiring, but insightful none the less knowing about the history of Ireland. We then drove 60kms to Portsalon, near Fanad Head, which is the second most northerly tip of land. This drive was the start of many hours navigating around the narrow, windy roads of Ireland. Our eyes were constantly scanning and working overtime taking in the spectacular views of ocean, lakes, dense forest, and hills. On this drive ... read more
Tinny Time
Em and Brooke
Whatta ewe looking at??

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin June 25th 2007

I was flying back to the states for a week and my flight left Dublin Thursday morning. I decided it would better to spend the night in Dublin Wednesday night so I wouldn't have to wake up at 3:30 am to make my flight. So, Wednesday after work I drove 3 hours north to Dublin. My trusty GPS device steered me around 400 round-abouts right to the trusty, barren TravelLodge. The GPS device had a nice soothing British woman’s voice. Every time I made a wrong turn she would say “calculating route”. If you made the correct turn, she wouldn’t say anything. I related it to a spelling bee - you don’t hear the bell you are in good shape. Well on the way to Dublin, she was constantly saying “calculating route”. At one time I ... read more
Dubin - city center
Dublin - city center #2
Methodist Church

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin June 24th 2007

(I know I am running a week behind, sorry!) Last Sunday I went on a guided tour called the Celtic Experience. I was looking forward to seeing some of the old Celtic religious sites along with newer (by newer I mean only 800-1000 years old) sites. The tour was due to leave from the city centre at 9:30 AM. I woke up on time (a miracle) and went out to the bus stop on the UCD campus. I thought it was strange as I walked to the bus stop that there were no buses there. Usually there are 3 or 4 buses parked there until the next departure time (UCD is the last stop so the buses rotate out so the drivers can have a break.). So I look at the schedule and find out ... read more
Fourknocks Sign
Fourknocks Mound
Fourknocks Entrance

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford June 24th 2007

Top o' the mornin to ya lads, After I finished my research paper for class on Saturday, I decided it was time to see some of the Irish countryside. I drove down to a small city along the coast called Tremore. It was only about a 15 minute drive and relatively easy to find. Tremore was much different than I expected. There was an amusement park and the streets were lined with arcades, games and what looked like a boardwalk. It felt like what I think Coney Island must have been like in the 1940's. It was definitely a local hangout for teens and families. The beach had some sand, but nothing like Florida. It was overcast and pretty cool so I didn't even try the water. I headed back into Waterford, had dinner at a ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 24th 2007

So, here I am back in Dublin finally. I went to Kells for two days, I intended to stay until the 27, but there was simply nothing else to do after yesterday. However, I DO have photos...below. More later...these take forever to load!... read more
Over Ireland
Ha'Penny Bridge

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney June 23rd 2007

First I want to thank everyone for their comments and emails regarding my last post. I think it is for the better to not have a child right now. One of us would have to quit school to work and we would rather finish school before we have children. Second thanks for all the compliments on my writing. I like to think I got my storytelling skills from my Grandma Coleman (if you never met her you really missed out on some great stories--she could make a trip to the grocery store sound like an epic adventure). I can't tell stories verbally like she could but I do my best to write them. ----------------------------- On Saturday the 23rd a group of us went on a tour to Cork and Blarney Castle. There were 10 of us ... read more
Blarney Stone Sign
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle and Dungeon

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