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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 16th 2006

Woke up and spent the day relaxing, reading, playing soccer in the backyard, watching some music videos, and then got back on the hooligan juice. We trained into town at night and were walking into town, when I didn’t see a raise in the concrete and pretty much face planted, lucky there weren’t too many people around to see it, Kenji was laughing his ass off. We went back to the Temple Bar, and found a pub to our liking. It was crazy busy as it was a Saturday. We started talking to a couple of local girls, (Lyndsay & Christine) who we ended up meeting up with later on. Before we met up with them again we saw some bizarre sights, whilst walking down the road we saw two girls having a fight which had ... read more
The Kenji Taka Haka

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway September 16th 2006

Arrived at Dublin airport and got picked up by Em in her work provided BMW (beats a work van!). We got back to where she lives at Portarlington and headed straight for her local pub. I've been dying for a real Guinness so they went back very smoothly and quickly. Em was happy to see someone that could keep up with her, but disappointed that she was now the second fastest drinker. The next morning after a sleepin, we headed out on our calender pub crawl. For those who don't know, Alex a friend of ours, challenged Em to visit every pub on an Irish pubs calender she bought a year or two ago. By the time I'd arrived, she had visited 2. Our first stop was Cork, in South Ireland where we could not find ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 15th 2006

So dawned our last full day in Ireland (sniff sniff). Jenn and I didn’t have to catch our bus to Dublin til 11:30, so we lazed around this morning, trying to get some food into our hungover bodies and listening to some Counting Crows while we packed up and got ready to head out. We called a cab to take us to the bus/rail station - this cab only cost us 4 euros, and the one the night before that had taken us a much shorter distance had cost 7 euros. Hmmm. We had a bit of a wait at the station, but boarded our last bus of the trip to Dublin, with help from some French guys also travelling on the bus. They eagerly put our luggage in the storage under the bus for us, ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 15th 2006

I got into Dublin at around midnight, and met up with Kenji. It was great to catch up seeing I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years. Was excellent to reminisce about uni, soccer and all the crazy stuff we used to get up to when flatting together. He is working as a field engineer at Intel in Leixlip, just out of Dublin. Leixlip is where the original Guinness factory was, apart from that it’s pretty small. He is staying at a Bed & Breakfast and was able to get me a room for 50 Euros for the week. That first day, he was working because it was a Friday so I had a decent sleep in and then did a massive load of washing. He came home for lunch so we went to the ... read more
Kenji in front of Intel
Irish countryside
Dublin spire

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 14th 2006

Back from my 10-day All-Ireland Paddywagon trip, and it was a bit of an up-and-down kind of affair. Unlike in Scotland, our tour bus was huge - being end of season they were combining the 3, 6 and 10 day tours together so we ended up with almost 30 people on board. Not the most condusive to getting to know people, especially when half the people you befriend end up leaving the trip a few days down the road. Our first tour guide, Joe, was spectacularly bad. He was completely uninterested in giving us any information, herding us in and out of the bus like one of those 'follow-the-red-umbrella' tours. I later learned it was because his wife had caught him out cheating and he was having a bit of a rough time at home. And ... read more
Giant's Causeway
Giant's Causeway

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny September 14th 2006

Not wanting to repeat our mistake of the day before, we had arranged for a cab to take us to the bus stop in nearby Carlow Town, so we could catch our quick half hour bus to Kilkenny. We related the ‘Len’ story to the cab driver and he chuckled and said “Ah sure, I know Leonard.” After dropping us off, the cabbie honked and waved goodbye before pulling away. I felt like my dad had just dropped me off at a high school dance - except my dad never charged me $25. This was the first place we’d been to that didn’t have an actual bus station where we could buy tickets and ask questions at a kiosk, so a nice local made sure we got on the right bus and indeed told us where ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 14th 2006

Deedle-ee-dee in Dublin - Having a great time in Ireland...Josh and i never cease to be amazed at all the rich history all across the UK... A few days ago we left good ol' land of the Scots, but not before trying some Haggis, Neeps and Tatties...sheep innerds, boiled in sheep stomach, with turnips and mashed tatters. least we can say we had it. We had a quick flight over to Ireland and found our lovely little b & b without too much the Irish hospitality. Our host's husband greeted us smelling of a wee bit o' Guiness talking of his sailin' on the 'roof' seas (i think that meant rough seas) and called us both Fella's. hmmm...very very nice though. The next day we were out nice and early to see the Dublin ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kildare » Castledermot September 13th 2006

We had to check out early this morning, because we had a long day of bussing ahead to get to our next destination - Castledermot, County Kildare, where we were to stay in Kilkea Castle. Sadly, that meant no free breakfast at the B&B, so we dined on chips and chocolate from the bus station instead. Woohoo! Our bus ride to Cork went off without a hitch (we had to backtrack a little because we had decided on Killarney AFTER we’d already booked our Cork stuff, but it was only 1.5 hours, so not too bad. Plus, it was nice to be back in one of our favourite spots, even if it was only a half hour at the bus station). At Cork, we boarded the bus to Waterford with no problems and both of us ... read more
Jenn at Kilkea
View from our window
View of the gardens from our window

Europe » Ireland » County Meath September 12th 2006

Mardi 12 septembre : encore une semaine de passée, je suis en week-end, tout baigne comme on dit. Samedi, j’ai sauté avec Magic. C’était plus du travail sur le plat que du saut. L’exercice consistait à s’arrêter avant et après l’obstacle pour qu’il apprenne à ne pas accélérer en voyant les barres. Bref, il y a du boulot encore. Mais il a déjà beaucoup progressé puisqu’il est en place au trot et reste au petit galop de travail sur les lignes droites. (Petites news pour les fans de Magic). J’ai encore eu des compliments de Grace et Lesley a confirmé en disant que j’étais très calme et douce ce qui permettait à Magic de se décontracter et de canaliser son energie dans le travail. J’ai également eu des remarques positives de Joanna. Elle était impressionnée par ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin September 11th 2006

pictures of everything... read more

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