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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 27th 2015

We finally made it! After two days of traveling and the best luck possible we have made it to Dublin! We had a 12 hour layover in Charlotte, NC, but it was all made better when we found out that we were flying first class to Dublin. The flight was incrediable and I never wanted to get off the plane. There were so many buttons that alloweded us to watch movies, TV or play video games. Then we could sit up, recline or lay fully down, needless to say I never slept so great on plane before. Right away we were handed a full menu and chamgane for our journey. We were given two drinks and a four course meal! I really don't think that it could have gotten much better. Once in Dublin as you ... read more
The Rough Life
First Class

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry May 23rd 2015

We left this morning at 9:15 to head to Tralee where we are to catch a train to Dublin. On the way we stopped at a small waterfall where some of the group hiked to the top of the small rocky hill. There was a lake at the top of the hill. From there we went to Glentinassig Park that had 2 lakes we hiked around. On the way into the park we saw signs for a missing dog and we were on the lookout the whole time. Once we got back to the van, one of our group spotted “Bonnie”. The chase ensued. Dan the football player ran on got on one side of Bonnie and chased her back towards the group. Bonnie ran under the van where Mary got her in her arms. Once ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 22nd 2015

Galway is a very nice city and the hostel we were staying in was really good. It is called Savoy Hostel and we were in a four bed dorm with two Americans. It had a huge shower in the ensuite bathroom. The common room was awesome with a nice kitchen and TV and pool area. Most importantly it was very clean and had free breakfast. First night we went on a pub crawl and met some new people. It was heaps of fun and the highlight had to be wiping the floor with two obnoxious New Zealanders in a game of beer pong. The next day we got up bright and early for a day tour around Burren National Park and the Cliffs of Moher. The national park is a UNESCO world heritage site and a ... read more
Portal Tomb
Irish Beauty

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle May 21st 2015

Today started with Horseback riding on the beach. Shelly decided not to go but i went anyways. Nicky and Tim also didn't go. It was fun. We used English saddles which I've never used before. I actually think they are more comfortable. One lady (not in our group) fell off her horse. Luckily it was on the beach and not in the mud, the road or the prickly bushes we also road near. The van picked us up and we then drove around Dingle peninsula. Unfortunately the weather of yesterday was not today. It started raining. oh well. We stopped at a place where they had the old beehive style stone houses and the lady that owned the land was there and invited us in her house. She had a picture taken with Tom Cruise when ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Portmagee May 20th 2015

We were supposed to take a boat over to the Skellig islands this morning where the 600 - 1200 ad monastery is located. There are 600 steps up to it. Well, the seas were too rough and it was cancelled. Instead we went to the telegraph point (where the first trans Atlantic cable arrived in Europe and hiked up to the point house. We could get a view of Skellig island from there but it is still 8 miles away. Still, the views were great. Next we went to the Skellig Museum in town and got more information on what we were supposed to see. From there we drove to an old abandoned castle that we got to climb thru. We could see the kill hole where they could drop stuff in on invaders, we saw ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Portmagee May 20th 2015

Tuesday morning we drove to the Killarny National Park in Southern Ireland where we did a bike ride around one of the lakes. Oh my, it was beautiful. The ride had slight hills and we stopped a lot to have the local wildlife explained to us, to walk thru a cave (and Yes, Shelly did it) and to see the sights. BTW, we are in County Kerry (Keri) and if we went on the longer trip we would go to County Claire. So after today I now know why there is Irish green. Everything here is green and I mean, green, 100’s of shades of green. Then it did the typical weather, rain some, sun some, rain some while the sun is out. – lots of rainbows. Then there is the “Ireland” you see. Rock walls ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare May 19th 2015

Well Shelly woke up early and headed out for a hike. I fell back to sleep especially since I didn't sleep well. After a couple quick pictures and breakfast we all hoped into the van and headed out to the park near the hotel. We got there and hike a short bit by a waterfall/stream up to a viewpoint to see the whole valley. ok, I heard short walk so I didn't wear my hiking shoes... I survived but the shoes did get muddy. I did retrieve my hiking shoes before getting back in the van so that I wouldn't have any more mud the rest of the day... next we headed down the road and stopped at several areas for pictures and short hikes. Along the way we really started to see sheep. So how ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork May 18th 2015

Today was a long driving day and Tim and I were relegated to the back seat. There were 2 other people back there with us. We had a lot of driving but we did stop at some neat places along the way. They did a game where everyone had to come up with an adjective that starts with their first letter (of their name) and their name. Tim was Thick Tim (inside joke from college for Nicky and Tim). Nicky was Nice Nicky. Shelly was smiling shelly and I was Cool Claire. But, I remembered 10 other names. I really liked the game. We have a cool group of folks on the trip. All but 1 is from the states, Eva is from the Netherlands. Our first stop is St Patrick's Rock in Cashel. It's an ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin May 18th 2015

Off to Ireland. We left Friday afternoon for Ireland with a 6 hour layover in Atlanta. I almost left our good camera in the ILM airport. Luckily they let me back off the airplane to retrieve it and they closed the door behind me. The 6 hour layover wasn't too bad. I finally figured out my crazy problem at work, during the time. I was very happy as it would have bothered me the whole vacation. We get to the gate and just before boarding they called my name - I was upgraded. :-) Shelly wasn't. :-( I did enjoy the upgrade but neither of us got much sleep. Dinner wasn't served until close to 11 and then we had a wicked tail wind so we arrive 1 hour early. Oh well, taxi to the hotel ... read more

Europe » Ireland May 16th 2015

Were to being with this blog, after 15 days of Ireland and 1700 words that have been lost before my blog was published. I find myself redoing my blog as it just deleted and went into cyber space and its lost forever. Arriving in Northern Ireland, Belfast. Picking up our hire car we drove into the city via Crumlin Road. Crumlin and Shankhill roads the centre of the "troubles" in Belfast as you travel down Crumlin Rd you notice the tall walls with wire running the top and the Murals which are painted on the ends of house of streets. Paintings of what has happened in history of Belfast and Crumbling Jail which is now a museum, and the actual real jail which is at the rear.We decide that we will check out the city centre. ... read more

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