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Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney April 14th 2020

When planning my trip to Ireland I didn't want to just go to Dublin, I wanted to visit a small town in Ireland so after some research I stumbled across a town called Killarney. Now that I knew where I was going it was time to look for a hotel to stay at. It was my mom and I going so we needed a places for both of us to stay. We came across the Park Place Apartments. It was about $80 USD a night for a two bedroom apartment, so this is the place we decided to stay at. We didn't know which airport we would fly into yet, since it's space available so we looked into how to get to Killarney from either airport, Shannon or Dublin. Shannon was closer but there was not ... read more
Ross Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 16th 2019

We leave Dublin today and will be traveling for the next 24 hours. Our first flight is to Istanbul, Turkey. Then on to Addis Abads, Ethiopia and then finally to Cape Town. I’ll make some airport posts if we see anything interesting.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 15th 2019

We started out the day with a visit to Dublin Castle. It’s actually the headquarters of the government. Part of it is really old and we went on a tour underneath where you can see walls built by the Vikings ca. 1035 ME. Then we went to the Archeology Museum where I finally got to see bog bodies in person (I’ve researched them in the past as I find them fascinating). From there, we lunched on Cornish pasties. I know they‘re English, not Irish but they’re irrestible. We realized that we needed to get out of the city to see the topography of Ireland so we took a 20 minute train ride out to Howth (pronounced Hoth with a long o) Howth is a fishing village located out on a narrow peninsula (see map) and we ... read more
He still has fingernails.
Bog body #2
Close up of #2.

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 14th 2019

We arrived in Dublin at 7am Dublin time (10 hours later than California time). It’s rainy and cold but hey, I like that. We rarely get this kind of weather in San Diego. We’ve checked into The Brooks Hotel, showered and now I’m trying cure myself of jet lag. There’s a Starbucks nearby so that will do the trick. Our flight from Newark was only one hour longer than our flight to Newark. We had even better seats on this flight but I wasn’t able to get any sleep despite having a down pillow, gel pillow, down comforter, a cotton blanket and eye blinders. Stay tuned for pictures of our adventures later today.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 14th 2019

It was really cold today and I’m just not used to that. I had to buy a wool sweater made in Ireland just to keep warm. We walked quite a bit, through the Temple Bar neighborhood and we also toured the Guinness Storehouse, the old brewery which is now a museum. We had fish & chips and Irish lamb stew for lunch. We are committed to staying up at least until it gets dark around here. Here are some pictures from our adventures.... read more
Coopering at Guinness.
Old beer making equipment.
An inside museum wall from the 1700’s.

Europe » Ireland September 29th 2019

On my second day, I got in the car and drove to the cliffs of moher. I took the route along the coast that involves a lot of country roads. These roads are very narrow, and the locals drive very fast on them. Most of the small towns looked very similar, with a just a main street that I drove through. When you get to the cliffs there are a couple of different options on how to see them. There is a long hike that goes from Doolin all the way south to a farm. You can park at either of these ends, and hike the whole thing. There are buses that can take you back if you don't want to do it one way. Or, you can go to main spot, on the southern part ... read more

Europe » Ireland September 24th 2019

Day 1 had me landing in Dublin around 0830. Because I don't like wasting any time, I immediately got my rental car, threw my stuff in it, and started driving. I started out slow, giving myself some time to get used to driving stick with my left hand. Getting out of Dublin was pretty easy, but getting across the middle of the country had me on a toll road. They did have open road tolling, but it was like 1 line a the toll plaza. The rest of the spots had the baskets to toss coins in, or a teller to take money. I hadn't seen toll station like this since the 90's, most everything now open road, and you just go to a website to pay it. After a slight detour because my GPS had ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Wexford » Wexford September 13th 2019

Vrijdag, 13/9/2019 – Wexford Verplaatsing van Dublin naar Wexford (160km). Door de Wicklow Gap, 100 km op regionale R... wegen. Smal, bochtig door de Wicklow Mountains en merengebied. Wel mooi. Zeker nu de zon scheen. Een toemaatje. Onze laatste camping in Ierland, is er eentje met zicht op zee. Zon en geen wind. De stoeltjes kunnen uiteindelijk eens buiten. Vrijdag de 13e. Het kan al eens meevallen. Onderweg door de Wicklovkloof, in het plaatsje Glendalough bezoek aan nog eens een ruïne van een klooster met stichting in de 6e eeuw. Zoals alle andere kloosters ook herhaaldelijk geplunderd door Vikings en de Engelsen. De in de 19e eeuw gerestaureerde gebouwen, kerkje en hoge Schuiltoren, stammen uit de 10e- 12e eeuw. Men kan het gratis bezoeken en er wandelingen maken mits 15€ parking voor de MH. Deze avond ... read more
Hoogste punt van Wicklow-gap
Beneden de Wicklow rivier
Ingang Glendalough klooster

Europe » Ireland » County Galway September 13th 2019

Lovely blue skies greet us as we take the train to Galway. A lovely lady named Berna sits beside me on the journey. She taught school for 40 years, and raised a Downs syndrome son whom she wrote a book about. Berna presented me with a copy of this booklet at the conclusion of our train trip. Galway means stony river. In 1477 Christopher Columbus visited here. On arriving, the weather changes to drizzle. We devour bowls of steaming seafood chowder at Hooked restaurant, and then stroll through Nun Island featuring canals and waterfalls. The following day takes us to the center of the city, and grand public park Eyre Square. It is sometimes referred to as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park as he visited Galway and gave a speech in the square in June ... read more
Galway Ireland
The canals in Galway
Hooked Restaurant....If you hook it....Cook It!

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin September 12th 2019

Met de Hop-on bus die om 9.30 klaar staat naar Trinity College in Dublin, waar de geboekte gewezen-student-gids zich wel excuseert om ons te laten wachten. De jeugd van tegenwoordig jammeren de gepensioneerden. Hij wou ons Vlaams gezelschap wel gidsen in het Frans, want had zes jaar in Brussel gewoond en in Parijs gestudeerd. Leuk voor hem, maar voor niemand van ons echt nodig. Uitstekende gids overigens. Trinity College werd als universiteit in 1592 door Elizabeth I van Engeland opgericht als bolwerk van het Protestants geloof. Tot 1793 Verboden voor de Katholieken, Ieren. Daarna mocht het, volgens onze gids, nog meer dan 100 jaar niet van de Paus. Deze oude universiteit herbergt wel een schat aan 200.000 historische boeken in de 'Long Room' van de oude bibliotheek, waaronder het 'Book of Kell's' een door monniken rond ... read more
Trinity College - Onze gids in zijn vroeger studentenplunje
Trinity College - De 'Campanille'
Trinity College - lange wachtrij bibliotheek en het Book of Kells

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