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Europe » Ireland » County Offaly » Tullamore August 13th 2017

Tag 326 - Deutscher Stereotyp, Mundraub & Tullamore Show Colm hatte gesagt, dass er um sieben losfahren wollte. Also hatte ich mir meinen Wecker gestellt und war pünktlich um sieben abfahrbereit – im Gegensatz zum Rest des Hauses. Die Jungs waren spät vom Feiern wiedergekommen (wie immer) und schliefen noch. Alle anderen saßen gegen sieben zumindest beim Frühstück. Lea wollte noch duschen, aber die Dusche funktionierte erst wieder nicht. Weil Bella ja auch noch im Auto war sollten Kelly und ich mit den Jungs im Auto mitfahren, und solange die nicht fertig waren, kamen wir sowieso nicht weg. Um halb neun fuhren wir dann endlich alle los. Hätte ich mir aber auch denken können, beziehungsweise hatte ich sogar erwartet. Aber naja, so hatte ich noch ein bisschen Zeit zum Blogschreiben, und Kelly war nochmal ins Bett ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly » Tullamore October 12th 2013

Thursday started out fine. Mary, Pat and I headed out to Galway for lunch at Moran' s Oyster Cottage outside of Clarenbridge. The highways in Ireland are great and we left Tullamore around 10:45 and arrived at the weir around 12:30. It was a beautiful sunny day. The cottage looked as we remembered it and we were all pleased to see them doing a fine business. The Moran family nearly lost the restaurant during the crisis due to bad investments but this season was the best ever according to the owner's wife. Pat and I had salmon and potato cakes and then steamed mussels. Outrageous, fresh and tender! Mary had a grilled sandwich that she declared delicious. We were back home by four and just chilled for the evening. Mariam stopped by and we settled in ... read more
Coeds across The weir

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly » Kinnitty October 7th 2013

BOO, not. After coffee with Mary and Mick we headed off. Monday morning traffic and road construction made the ride more stressful than on the weekend but we soon turned off the main road onto a narrow lane that was much less traveled. The sun has been trying to breakthrough but with no success. These are the roads I remember from our first trip here, barely enough room for two cars to pass, hedgerows on either side breaking for a view of cows or sheep grazing in the pasture. We reached Montrath where Mommy was born and stopped in a cafe for lunch. All I can say is too much food! Then we headed out to Kinnitty Castle. To get to Kinnitty from Montrath we head through the Slieve Bloom Mountains. Story is that these provided ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly » Birr October 4th 2013

Today Mary, Theresa, Pat and I took off for Birr for lunch and a walk around the Demesne (grounds) of Birr Castle. Birr is an up and coming town and the Loft Cafe was a great choice. It is a boutique setting with Irish made goods with a dozen small tables scattered throughout. There is a dining terrace but with the weather being what it is we sat inside. Mary wasn't hungry so she had tea and scones, Theresa had a bagel with cream cheese but Pat and I were famished and had a real meal. Pat had a lovely veg soup with a chicken salad sandwich. I had a beautiful ham, leek, small potato tart (quiche) with a lovely Waldorf salad. We also had an extraordinary Chilean Chardonnay. We walked the Main Street, window shopping ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly » Tullamore October 3rd 2013

Well the Irish liquid sunshine is still with us but not dampening our spirits. The plants and the farmers are happy. After a quiet morning Mick took us to the Offaly Historic Society located on a newly revamped canal side walkway. There were lots of books and pamphlets for sale and a research center attached for those who wished to trace their ancestry. We tiptoed through the raindrops to the Bond Store for a lovely roasted red pepper soup and brown bread with Miriam and Liam. This complex has been renovated as well and pays homage things that made Tullamore special. One of these is Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky. My father-in-law used to bring me back a bottle when he traveled here in the 60's. The current owner is building a huge distillery complex and bond ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly » Tullamore October 2nd 2013

Well the sun came out for a bit. Pat and I went for a walk, visited the church on the sight where Pat's Mom and Dad were married, stopped in Fergie's for lunch and took a nap. When we woke up it was a cloudy afternoon. Bernadette and Noel's son Ryan and his friend Adam were having a bite before heading off to Rugby practice. Ryan is a great lad and is doing very well at the sport. Mary took us for a ride out to Charleville Castle. There is a family actually living here and once a year there is a concert held here that attracts folks for all around. From there she took us out through the hedgerows to the ruins of Ballycowen Castle and the local country side. There were herds of sheep ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly » Tullamore September 30th 2013

Day one-Ireland Arrived here in the morning after a uneventful flight, full, with a group of young Irish dancers from Belfast. Was able to get about three hours sleep. After a small snafu at the airport regarding car rental insurance (had to take it) we headed out with my new best friend, my GPS buddy who I call Bridgett. She was fine on the major roads but lost her mind on the back roads. It was grand to see Mary and Theresa and after a chat we had a well needed nap. Mick came home and reminisced about old times. The home likes lovely and Mary's garden is still in bloom though the leaves are dropping from the trees. Mary prepared a light supper, chicken, salad, brown bread with a lovely Spanish Chardonnay blend. Bernadette and ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly May 21st 2012

Monday May 21 - Today we went to Clonmacnoise. While we were leaving Brian was taking out the fixings for Irish stew for supper. The weather was beautiful and we went to Clonmacnoise first. I have been there before but this was the first time I had such good weather. It’s hard to imagine that the monastery had been sacked so many times and still was rebuilt until the English garrison at Athlone totally demolished it. They even took the windows. I suppose they would have taken the hole as well if they could…… After visiting Clonmacnoise we drove over to Birr and visited Birr Castle and Demesne. It was exceptionally beautiful and we greatly enjoyed visiting the grounds. Afterwards we drove back to Ballinasloe to enjoy a large dish of Irish Stew.... read more
Round tower

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly July 20th 2011

We spent four nights in Glenarms because of the weather. At times it was blowing a F8 -9 in the North Channell and so we stayed tucked in safely in this lovely little marina. It has a resident Black Guillomot population that nest in the harbour walls and add a delightful air to the place, a fact which we were at pains to point oout to the local struggling tourist office. When we arrived in Bangor 5 Star marina a few days later they had aa whole page in their brochure about THEIR guillemots.... so Sally sent a card to the Glenarms office saying 'Check this out!' There is a delightful walled garden which is seriously overpriced at five pounds but we went in anyway. Its calm and tranquility is a wonderful balance to the stresses ... read more
Falls road
Falls road

Europe » Ireland » County Offaly July 15th 2010

We went to visit Leap Castle. This is reputedly one of the most haunted castles and places in Ireland. There are many other haunted places throughout Ireland. In fact Ireland is full of stories of spirits, ghosts, hauntings and left over vibes from its past. Most of you are familiar with the stories of leprechauns and “little people.” These are remnants of its Druidic past and even of its antecedents. Some of the stories deal with legends from pre-Christian Ireland. I researched haunted castles before we went to Ireland and found two castles that were located close to where we would stay. I opted to visit Leap Castle because it has a much more ghastly history and the haunting is said to be ongoing. We had a lovely breakfast and then headed off taking a back ... read more
Leap Castle
What's that shadow
Cheery place!

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