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Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Navan May 6th 2018

An early morning before we hit-the-sack. “McNeills on Howth” (the Top House ) where we are staying had a 5 member old blokes band (just a little younger than me but looked way older and definitely unfitter!!) playing music from the 1970’s that was loud, good rock and dance music that had us up on the floor. Jane, again was going off, cutting up the dance floor while I made sure I wiggled enough that I didn’t fall over. The sunshine had us up a little over 5 hours later that we hit the deserted streets and explored for a few hours before checking out a place for a cuppa. From there it was back to shower and head to Dunboyne to meet with Maria Farrell’s parents. Peter and Deirdre were awesome hosts. It was like ... read more
Local Fisherman's Harbour.
Lost at Sea memorial.

Europe » Ireland » County Meath May 31st 2015

May 8 - Today was my pre-booked tour of the Boyne Valley. A smaller bus with a smaller group. The Boyne Valley is such a beautiful area. If I was going to live in Ireland, this area would be my first choice. The coach didn't leave the meeting spot until 8:00 am so I was able to sleep a little later. No rain this morning but the skies are gloomy. Our driver/guide is called Liam. So far, all the drivers have played traditional Irish music. I don't know if it's a radio station or if it's recorded. All the drivers also comment on having patience with the weather. This time we don't stay on the main highway long but instead turn off into the countryside with lots of hills. First in County Meath, we arrived at ... read more
Statue of St. Patrick
The Mound of Hostages - Hill of Tara
Stone of Destiny & Liam, the guide

Europe » Ireland » County Meath April 28th 2015

Tuesday 28thApril. This morning I was going to join a guided walking tour of Derry, before heading south back towards Dublin. However, as I headed across the river into town, the rain started again, and by the time I had found my destination it was raining pretty steadily, plus it was freezing cold, so I abandoned that plan and headed south, inland. The weather improved once away from the coast. I went to the Ulster American Folk Park, which is about what life was like in Ireland in the early/mid nineteenth century, how it led to the large-scale emigration, what it was like for emigrants going to America, and what it was like when they arrived there. They have a lot of relocated buildings, both Irish and American, the original house of the emigrant family whose ... read more
The Forge
River Boyne

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Kells July 27th 2014

Geo: 53.7258, -6.87917Today, we planned way too much to do. We started, after an exceptional breakfast in the B&B, by driving first to the ruins of Dunluce Castle along the coast road. It was only seven miles away, but took about twenty minutes to get there. It rained most of the day today and had started by the time we got to the castle. Nevertheless, we paid for concession tickets, accepted the free audio guides, and went in. These audio guides were well done with just enough information at each stop to keep it interesting and keep the tour moving. The stones were wet and slick as we tried to climb up stairs and walk over cobblestones. It was not very easy to get around, but the castle is one of the more interesting ones we ... read more
On the Antrim Coast Road
Dunluce Castle
Dunluce Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Navan May 3rd 2014

Sat 3 May 2014. Barronstown, Rathkenny, County Meath. We arrived at the farm house in Rathkenny on Tuesday 29 April about 3pm. It took us about 4 hours to get here from Portballintrae, as we stopped a few times for a little look around and for lunch. On arriving here we finally got to see the new addition to the property. Chris and David have kept the new building in theme with the surrounding property and it complements the older thatch house. In saying that the new house has all the comforts of home, although no TV, so we are little behind in the news and daily event, however the peace and quiet is very serene. Anyway as I said the house has all the comforts of home, fully heated, comfortable beds and views to die ... read more
Lunch at Lil's
The new cottage

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Newgrange July 29th 2013

Most of today was a travel day leaving Callan in the South and driving north of Dublin to the Newgrange monument or passage tomb which we had read about and thought it was a must-see. After a few hiccups getting the right road off the Dublin Ring Road we arrived at the Visitor Centre and got tickets for the next tour. The site is little distance away so buses were available to take everyone to the site then get shown the tomb. Newgrange is the best known Irish passage tomb and the most impressive. I don't know the size but it's huge with huge rocks all around the base and smaller ones above forming the walls. After being rediscovered the plundered burial mound was rebuilt on the outside. The inside has remained intact for more than ... read more
New Grange monument
The full view

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Newgrange July 22nd 2012

Before you go on, Dear Reader, just be warned...this was one of the funnest days ever, so if you are feeling overly cynical, get yourself a nice cuppa or a perfect Guinness and relax. Our last full day in Ireland dawned with, what else, more clouds and intermittent sprinkles, but a nice warm temperature and lots of what we call in Oregon "sucker holes." Niamh had decided that we really needed to experience the full Irish breakfast before we left, so we sat down to eggs, rashers, sausage, black pudding, roasted tomatoes, toast, marmalade, butter, coffee, and Fea's JOOSH (translation: juice). We were almost done with this amazing meal when Niamh realized she had gotten beans and mushrooms as well but forgot to cook them...I think we did JUST FINE without. Shawn, as an employee of ... read more
Newgrange, County Meath.
On the visitor bus to Newgrange
Crazy passage mound, older than the pyramids

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Newgrange June 25th 2012

Neolithic Tombs are Awesome! We headed over to Newgrange today! This is the awesome sight of one of the biggest neolithic tombs in all of Ireland. It is a passage tomb located in the middle of hills and green pastured farmland. My first reaction to approaching the tomb was complete fascination with how green the grass was. Emerald Isle indeed! Not only was it green though but thick as well. I am used to the shabby brown dying summer grass of Texas. This is a welcomed change. They only let a few people into the tomb at a time and it can get a bit claustrophobic in there but it is well worth the visit inside. Stone monoliths line the entrance. They are decorated with swirling patterns. Once inside they do not allow you to take ... read more
Entrance to the Tomb
Cosmic Swirls

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Newgrange March 18th 2012

Louie, my shelter mutt dog, woke me up at 5am, even though it’s Saturday. This is our normal routine. I often refer to him as “Louie, the alarm clock.” He knows exactly what time he gets his twice a day treats. The treats are actually medicine conveniently hidden in a piece of hotdog. Poor Louie has seizures. Of course, if Louie gets a treat, the other 3 dogs get one too. Reluctantly, I get out of bed, stubbing my toe in the process. I arrived at the Lough Crew Cairns, Ireland about a car length before he did. Despite the empty parking lot, he chose the space right next to me, almost running over my foot as I exited my car. Irritated, I took my time gathering my things before starting up to the cairns. I ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Trim May 26th 2011

The second part of our journey in Ireland took us along the northwestern and northern coasts of the island. We started in Galway. There we saw a rock proclaiming Seattle the sister city of Galway along with a nearby monument stating that Christopher Columbus visited Galway in 1477 researching whether there was land on the other side of the Atlantic. Lastly we visited St Patrick’s Cathedral. It is the newest stone cathedral in Europe, built in the 1960’s and made of limestone. It has beautiful stained glass and mosaics including one where Jesus is serving tea to Joseph while Mary knits. It is a lovely church and since it is very modern it is easy to understand with no need to imagine what it would have looked like. That afternoon we boarded the ferry and sailed ... read more
Bleak Landscape
Seven Romans
The Cliffs of Inishmore

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