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Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny June 16th 2008

Day 5 Today we went to Kilkenny to see the Kilkenny Castle and we took the right road this time which lead us there with no problems. It’s not too far from Inistioge so that was pretty good. The castle tour was very interesting. We saw several rooms which were decorated mostly Victorian. Not many of the original pieces of furniture are there but they did a good job in finding suitable replacements. They are still refurbishing parts of the castle. The price wasn’t bad to get in (11.50eu) for the three of us. There wasn’t even a gift-shop at the end of the tour which really amazed us. Kilkenny is a very busy little town with narrow streets. We walked around a bit and visited some shops. We posed for a picture outside of Smithwicks ... read more
Inistioge Bridge
Karen at Kilkenny Castle
Kayleigh at Kilkenny Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny May 11th 2008

It’s our last day in Ireland and we’ve had simply perfect weather. It’s 25 today but it’s been in the low 20’s mostly and not a drop of rain. In fact we’ve only had a half day of drizzle during the whole trip. Must have been all the raincoats and umbrellas I packed.... read more
Church ruins

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny May 10th 2008

We met a very interesting Irish guy who told us about some untouristy places to visit and the history involved with them. This guy can talk for hours, but the stories he tells....turns out he used to be with the IRA and the Irish Gardia (police) and is now a bodyguard to people who could be under threat, diplomats, celebrities, drug lords etc. ,whenever they want to travel. He comes here to de-stress and catch up on his hobby of Irish Myths and Legends. He’s a fascinating guy and full of information (with perhaps a bit of blarney thrown in). He pointed us in the direction of an old priory where we could wander around on our own. And another small abbey with a Celtic Cross for a King that drowned in a nearby river that ... read more
Kells Priory
we had the place to ourselves
Kells Priory

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny May 9th 2008

Wow, Kilkenny Hostel is sensational. It’s a small castle with a stone wall surrounding a beautiful garden. Our room is in a little room built into the wall of the garden. Walking through arched doorways into a courtyard then into the main castle we found the dining area to be just like the dining area at Bunratty only cozier and warmer. As we climbed the spiral staircase we found a sitting room with easels and paintings in progress then further still other dorm rooms until we reached the top. We got the key to have a look at the topmost room that leads out to the rooftop. Fantastic. ... read more
Foulksrath Castle
our room
The dining room

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 21st 2008

Ireland - Kilkenny 8:00pm Sunday 16th March Jetlag caught up with us last night, and we slept on and off, despite our beds being so cosy and comfy. Both of us woke up a few times but luckily we ended up feeling quite refreshed when we got up about 6:30am. We snuggled in bed for a while then had a nice warm bath and went down to breakfast. There was already a table of American women there, visiting from Heuston, Texas and we chatted to them for a while, and Reagan got the lowdown on Disneyworld for when we visit in July. Breakfast was lovely - fruit, cereal, bacon, eggs, toast. After breakfast we met Nicola’s sweet little boy Callum, who is 1, and Reagan played with him while I packed, then Nicola offered to drop ... read more
Kilkenny 041
Kilkenny 049
Kilkenny 058

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny October 13th 2007

We left Dublin on a train from Heuston Station which took us through to Waterford which was the end of the line. Although we would have preferred to stay at Kilkenny we couldn't find anything there that was within our price range. The Waterford train was very crowded and we boarded the train in a similar manner as the train from Glasgow where everyone waited in the main concourse area until only a short time before the train was ready to depart. When we arrived at Waterford we had quite a long walk up a big hill before we could get to the hotle where we were staying which was on the edge of the town near the famous crystal factory. We also had quite a challenge finding anything decent to eat that night as there ... read more
Ross at Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny town centre

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny August 10th 2007

To make our trip to Kilkenny a little more interesting, Iz and I decided to stop off at a couple of sight-seeing points along the way. It wasn’t too long a drive to our final destination, so we could afford to take some time out from our fairly busy schedule. Our first stop was only 30-40 mins from Cork - the Mitchelstown Caves - one of Europe’s major show caves - according to their brochure. We were a little unsure of this when we rocked up - in a tiny car park in front of a dingy country house - and our opinion didn’t improve when we headed up the long drive and into a tiny shack to wait for our guide. First impression were definitely wrong - and as we entered the tiny dwarves door ... read more
Cave Entrance
Overtaking Havoc

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny July 3rd 2007

So, today we hit the Jameson’s Distillery, very nice. Boring tour, dull guide, but it was cool to see how it was made, and when you turn your one free whiskey into 4 free whiskeys, the night has promise. We hit Killkenney and took a quick tour, which wasn’t that great, but was somewhat informative. I got the chance to see some 500 year old churches and the like, which was really amazing. From there we had dinner at a 700 year old pub called Kyteler’s Inn, established in 1324. Food was ok, but honestly, in a SEVEN HUNDRED YEAR OLD PUB who cares what the food tasted like. Then we returned to our hotel and hit up the most amazing bar I have ever seen. Someone had the brilliant idea to purchase an old Welch ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny April 14th 2007

Thats right, in the small town with 10 internet cafes I am yet to find the Maccas, or the Subway or anything else that seems to spring up on every single street in every other city I've been to so far.. But this is by far the smallest town I've been to so that could explain it.. Also happy to report every pub has Kilkenny on tap! (wow this must be an exciting place! haha) which you would hope so being called Kilkenny and the beer being called Kilkenny and all.. Went and visited Kilkenny castle, could only get access on a guided tour so thats why I did, the tour guides accent was so strong everyone was struggling to understand her, but no it wasnt a strong Irish accent it was a strong Czech or ... read more
River in Kilkenny

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny April 12th 2007

Well here I am in Kilkenny, the home of Kilkenny! (the beer, Im assuming anyway, think it was named after a guy called Kilkenny who did something here in ireland but i dunno, and I think its a safe assumption that the beer is sold here, never saw it in Dublin however, weird, cos I remember having it on TAP for a while at the Windsor.. Strange that it wouldnt be here in Ireland, I will have to go looking! but no tasting! cos if its anything like that horrible stuff called Guiness.. YUCK!, ok thats enough about that now I think hehe). Anyway like I said, here I am in Kilkenny, took just under 2 hours by train to get here from Dublin, not too bad and at least it was direct not like some ... read more

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