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Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 21st 2007

I'm in Kilkenny now, which is a nice small little town with about 25,000 people living here. It has been absolutely freezing though everyday, there is snow all on the hills surrounding the place so a fair bit of time has been spent in the pubs, just to keep warm though! This place is like a real old town with the main streets barely wide enough to fit two cars along with the building still the same as they were a few hundred years ago. The main thing to see here is the Kilkenny Castle overlooking the city and it is quite impressive. It was built around the 1300's I think and was ruled by the powerful Butler family for 600 years or so. This town also used to be the capital of Ireland back ... read more
St Mary's Cathedral
Butler's House
Dunmore Cave Enterance

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny November 19th 2006

Hello hello, my faithful listeners, Again, sorry that there aren't as many postings as I'd like. We left the city of Dublin two days ago to discover the countryside, and see what the less commercial face of Ireland looks like. After studying the Ireland guide that Amber and I picked up from Barnes & Noble, I decided that we should head to Kilkenny, which is in the Southeast area of Ireland, and a 2:10 bus ride south from Dublin. Kilkenny is known as the Medieaval Town of Ireland (and yes, that's how they spell medieval). The population is about 20,000, so it's about the size of my old stomping ground in Grants Pass, Oregon. On the way over, our bus driver was very talkative, and like most everyone that we've encountered here, extremely friendly. Amber and ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny September 14th 2006

Not wanting to repeat our mistake of the day before, we had arranged for a cab to take us to the bus stop in nearby Carlow Town, so we could catch our quick half hour bus to Kilkenny. We related the ‘Len’ story to the cab driver and he chuckled and said “Ah sure, I know Leonard.” After dropping us off, the cabbie honked and waved goodbye before pulling away. I felt like my dad had just dropped me off at a high school dance - except my dad never charged me $25. This was the first place we’d been to that didn’t have an actual bus station where we could buy tickets and ask questions at a kiosk, so a nice local made sure we got on the right bus and indeed told us where ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny September 2nd 2006

I'm told Ireland is famous for their people - friendly and kind to a fault. Well that may be, but their bus drivers kind-of suck. Both the one I had coming from the airport into Dublin city centre who charged me three times what I ought to have paid, and also the one from Dublin to Kilkenny who disparaged me for not having bought my ticket from inside the ticket counter ("but dude, it says right here on the printout the bus driver is supposed to give it to me"; "yeah well it always SAYS that"; "right, well that's useful then, isn't it?"). Luckily he let me on the bus anyway so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Anyway, Kilkenny. It's small and...actually I can't think of another adjective to describe it which I guess ... read more
Gardens at Kilkenny Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny August 13th 2006

When pronounced correctly with the emphasis in the right places, Kilkenny sounds like two distinct words: Kill and Kenny (because in Irish, it is two words, though the pronunciation differs slightly). As in, “Oh, my God, they killed Kenny. Those bastards!” So perhaps you can understand why the city’s name has always been a little threatening to me. Yet as I discovered during a recent daytrip to the city, Kilkenny is anything but threatening and every bit an enjoyable, captivating city. Following our arrival from Waterford, Helen and I started with lunch at Kyteler’s Inn, whose first proprietor was known for ritual sacrifices and eventually accused of practicing witch-craft waaaaay back in 1320’s. Now it’s a charming pub complete with high definition televisions to watch the footy. I can’t imagine Dame Alice Kyteler envisioned this is ... read more
The Castle and the Roses
Castle Gate

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny July 22nd 2006

Hey everyone, So this will be short but sweet becuase I am running out of time! In short, I am doing well, love Ireland as much as I thought I would and am amazed becasue it isn't raining! We are on the tour now and I have made loads of friends, have tons of awesome pictures beucase everything is beautiful and am so excited to be here! Other than that, I will write later about London and such and see you all in a few weeks! Katie :) P.S. To all the Teeuwsens in NFLD, have fun adn good luck to Yvonne in her race!... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny July 2nd 2006

Ok so I know that I haven't written in ages. It is so hard now to get to a computer and have enough time to write. This is only one of the things that I have been doing over the past month of so. I'm going to put everything in separate entrys so everyone can read something so you don't have to wait until the very end of my trip to read everything at once. The first big thing that happened to me since I wrote last was started on June 6th; I had 4 days off so I decided that I should go travel around Ireland since I haven't been able to do that much yet. I ended up going to southern Ireland starting in Kilkenny. I was only planning on spending the day here ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny February 13th 2006

This past weekend I did an exhaustive excursion of Co. Kilkenny. I started at a hostel in Kilkenny City and explored the City Centre and surrounding area. I saw I toured all the main buildings and attractions of Kilkenny City including several cathedrals and the Kilkenny Castle and art gallery. I dined at Chez Pierre French restaurant across from the hostel where I was staying. That evening at the hostel I spoke with a French girl in my room about where I wanted to travel in Kilkenny and my fascination with all the archaeology sites. We shared some cookies and wine and she told me she wants to pass an examination to lead small tours of French tourists in Ireland. She had to be familiar with the Irish sites between Carlow and Kilkenny, up through Rosscrea ... read more
Co. Kilkenny
Co. Kilkenny
Co. Kilkenny

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny September 16th 2005

It's been attempted in Colorado, but can only be mastered in Ireland. Here it is folks: THE (real) Pub Crawl 2005.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny July 11th 2005

At 9:30 this morning, I was getting cereal. This is usually an easy thing for me. But usually I don't have to weave my way in and out of the Korean students who are running around shouting and chopping vegetables for curry, or help the German women with the gas stove so they can make porridge, or avoid the Arkansas guy checking on his pizza. I also don't normally sit at a table where two Italians are in the process of repairing a bike. I love this place. It took me a while to think of it, but what it really reminds me of is the Muppet house in Muppets From Space. It's absolutely crazy, but I've met a ton of people here. The kitchen is a really social place - and it's always sort of ... read more
Dorm bunks
Top of the round tower
Dunmore Cave

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